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LASIK is a type of refractive surgery in which a laser is used to reshape the cornea in order to improve visual acuity. For most, it eliminates the need for contacts or eyeglasses.

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LASIK Reviews (777)

Best decision ever. The entire process was very quick and recovery was easy. There was plenty of follow up to make me feel comfortable. [Single best thing is...] How quick it was and how quick the results were.


This was seriously life-changing for me! To not have to wear contacts or glasses and have 20/10 vision is better than I could have hoped for! [Single best thing is...] How fast and easy it was - I was seeing clearly literally right after surgery...mind-blowing!


I was highly satisfied. The process was great and very organized even during COVID times. [Single best thing is...] No contacts! I can just see!


The staff were all great, very friendly helpful. I was told clearly and accurately what to expect during and after the surgery, and given good recommendations. [Single best thing is...] Just being able to see, and no longer having to wear glasses or contacts.


Great customer service. Very professional staff. My vision is great.


Everything was totally professional, from beginning to end. At no point was I nervous, and at no point did I not trust the 20/20 Team. It was overall better than I expected, and I had high expectations. New patients will be coming your way later this year because I have spread the gospel, including my wife once our daughter is born and she recovers. [Single best thing is...] The elimination of glasses.


Very satisfied with my experience. [Single best thing is...] Not wearing glasses!


Yes I was highly satisfied with it. [Single best thing is...] My vision.


Great service.


[Highly satisfied?] Yes. The whole thing went smoothly and I felt well-informed throughout. [Single best thing is...] Perfect, above average vision.


I thoroughly enjoyed my experience this far. The doctor has me taking supplements to see if this will clear up my left eye from blurriness for a few months. I will schedule a follow up in October to have another evaluation. I'm still healing and I understand this is a process. The fact that I can walk around daily without glasses is something I haven't been able to experience since childhood.


So far so good, feel like eyes are still healing. Still have a little issue with dryness. [Single best thing is...] I can read without glasses now.


Quick, affordable, straight forward procedure


Through the whole procedure, I felt and was made comfortable. The doctor talked to me and explained everything he was doing, I would here and smell. That was satisfying and put me at ease. No down time. No discomfort, and it was so wonderful to see.


It was extremely professional, fast, and ultimately easy experience. Dr. Levine was great and it is awesome being able to see without corrective lenses for the first time in 20 years! [Single best thing is...] The ease. Lasik was so fast and easy, it was incredible.


I thought it went very well


Great result, very fast procedure.


The surgery was simple and comfortable. The results are incredible. The people are enjoyable to work with. I can see better than perfect.


Everyone and everything was very professionally done. I'm very satisfied with the outcome. The only thing is that I waited a long time for the surgery to start.


I was well informed throughout the whole process. All staff and doctors were very pleasant to work with. The facilities were excellent as well. No more glasses!!

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