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LASIK is a type of refractive surgery in which a laser is used to reshape the cornea in order to improve visual acuity. For most, it eliminates the need for contacts or eyeglasses.

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LASIK Reviews (487)

I was treated like my questions, thoughts and fears mattered and the staff took the time to explain and calm my fears. I was never pushed or rushed and felt like I was in charge of when it became time for the procedure. Wonderful staff and physicians. [Single best thing is...] That I can see without needing my contacts and worrying about forgetting supplies when I travel. I now have no irritation in the eye that had the astigmatism and it was constant before.


I can see. Everything was great. From the first email to the last follow up appointment. I've already recommended many friends your way.


Everyone was very professional, competent and organized.


Every person I care in contact with from the consultation through the final procedure follow up made me feel very cared for and thoroughly explained everything in a way that I could understand. Seeing better than 20/20 is pretty amazing!


I greatly appreciated the transparency of all staff as it related to the procedure and recovery time. They made sure I knew exactly what to expect and realistic outcomes. The care and comfort I received before, during, and after the procedure was phenomenal. [Single best thing is...] Being able to see immediately after surgery! Being able to fall asleep on the couch without worrying about hurting my eyes with contacts in. Being able to wake up and see everything clearly. :)


If I were to imagine the perfect experience and outcome it would resemble very closely what happened. I was doing some research to find a good Lasik outfit in the area and put in an inquiry into the website contact form and within an hour I was contacted and had a consult set up for that same day. I ran over and had the surgery scheduled within about an hour if memory serves. The staff were so nice and on top of everything I really didn't have to think about much before, during, or after the surgery. The operation at 20/20 is a well-oiled machine and it still serves as one of the best decisions I've made in my life. The only negative has been my right eye settled out a little and is ever so slightly less clear than my left. But I would still do the entire thing over again in a heartbeat. I don't have to depend on my glasses anymore, which always made me feel a little vulnerable when driving alone or going on long hikes.


Highly satisfied. Would recommend to anyone interested in lasik.


Yes [highly satisfied]. [Single best thing is...] Seeing.


I can see without contacts or glasses! I was highly satisfied with my visit. The staff were very informative & the testing was painless. The surgery was quick but it went very well.


Very satisfied! [Single best thing is...] Immediate results after procedure


I am highly satisfied, I'm not sure on a few points in regards to surgery but I will assume for now it's no fault of the overwhelmingly kind and helpful staff but maybe the smallest bit of information missing as to the discomforts during surgery. [Single best thing is...] Driving with sunglasses. Wearing safety lenses on jobs. Not having scratches or gunk or dust ir debris on my glasses. No more contact dryness or headaches.


The staff was pleasant and helpful. They were willing to explain all the tools and steps, but the wait was very long. I was at the office from 9am until about 2pm. [Single best thing is...] The improvement in my vision.


The entire staff was warm and welcoming. Through my entire experience they made me feel at ease and comfortable so the procedure was a breeze. Improved sight was the best thing of course however, I felt completely normal post procedure as if it never happened, zero side effects.


Everyone was very helpful and understanding. There was a minimal wait time. Everything was explained as the procedure was being done. [Single best thing is...] Being able to see without assistance of glasses or contacts.


Everything was amazing - from the consultation phase through recovery! It's pretty amazing how easy the whole experience was given how life changing it is! I'll be able to see my fiance clearly as I walk down the aisle, and not worry about my contacts popping out or blurring!


I have zero complaints about my experience. It couldn't have been better.


Professionalism of the whole team. The entire process from initial consultation to procedure and subsequent follow up appointments were easy and the staff was helpful and consultative.


I was highly satisfied [Single best thing is...] To be able to see without my contacts and to wake up each day without having to put them in is an amazing experience. I hope one day we can see up close, we should be able to fix myopia too?


I can see! Better than 20/20! Top notch experience. Expert staff that attended my every question. I was impressed with the level of service I was given.

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