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Lumbar Fusion

100% Patient Satisfaction based on 4 ratings

based on 4 ratings
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Lumbar Fusion Reviews (2)

Short waiting time. Questions were answered. Everyone I saw was courteous.


DR. Kruger was kind and compassionate. He lets you know exactly what is going on and guides you how to proceed. He looks you eye to eye and gives his honest recommendation. I felt very comfortable Dr Kruger and treated me as patient with that was in horrible pain from scaitica herniated disc. I had severe sciatica pain starting from my lower back to calf and down to my foot. I could not walk more than 10 minutes with this pain and had to rest each and every time. I had a huge herniation on L4/L5 that almost closed my spinal cord. He is an amazing doctor and I thank each day for giving my walking back. This is the day after surgery and I am walking with no problem and my limping went away and I am walking straight and good posture. I am only taking Tylenol and that is all I need. My son came along with me and he said Dr Kruger was an excellent doctor and he was impressed with Dr. Kruger's style, and truthfulness. He is a very talented doctor and way up on the charts with knowledge and expertise. Saint Francis has a wonderful doctor on their team. Dr Kruger got me walking again, I could not walk for three months and fixed me up. now i can walk all over now. God Bless Him.