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Massage Therapy

95.2% Patient Satisfaction based on 509 ratings

There are many different forms of massage therapy from: hot stone massage, deep tissue, swedish massage to name a few. The benefits of massage range from: stress relief, improved circulation, improve flexibilty and range of motion, reliefs headaches and much more.

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Massage Therapy Reviews (157)

Dan is incredible! He helped me feel so much better about my post-tummy tuck swelling. He was always professional, educational, and friendly. [Single best thing is...] Noticeable reduction in my swelling.


I appreciate Patricia very much! Manual Lymph Drainage after breast surgery was very helpful! [Single best thing is] comforting and relaxing environment!


One of the best massages I've ever received.


[Single best thing is...] I was pain free within a few days. She was extremely caring and provided me with much needed relief.


[Single best thing is...] All the little info and advice I get on products, lifestyle, ways to be. A truly excellent staff.


I didn't feel rushed by either professional. I should have asked more questions about the massage. What it was supposed to accomplish. I have another one scheduled and will be more aggressive about starting a dialog.


Michelle is the best massage therapist I've ever had. She actually pays attention to my muscles and tailors her approach based on what my body needs. [Single best thing is...] The first workout I did the day after the massage went great! I felt loose and strong!


[Single best thing is...] Kristy being able to find what needs to be worked out. I didnt realize I was so tense in certain areas. She found them and worked on them. I was very stiff and tight. Kristy was able to work out a lot of the stiffness


[Single best thing is...] Went in for lymphatic massage on my face and neck- at the time I had a broken arm & he treated that as well- very caring & generous. Very knowledgeable & very genuine!


Therapist was highly knowledgeable and skilled and gave great explanations for why he was doing what he was doing.


I was repeatedly asked if the manipulations were helping to relieve pain. This continued until all pain was addressed. I was fortunate that the pain was gone before I left the office. It is important to know that this pain emanates from the neck. Pain relief at this visit.


Dan is very talented and the time and attention he gives to the patient both for physical and mental well being is outstanding. [Single best thing is...] Feeling the tightness subside following treatment


[Single best thing is...] Felt relief post treatment. Saw Dan for 2 treatments 2 weeks post mommy makeover (tummy tuck, breast implants and lips). Left feeling great and felt like treatment relieved some discomfort. He is also very nice and personable and great at explaining the lymphatic system and treatment.


Dan is extremely professional and knowledgeable with many years of experience. Achieves results quickly.He also explains the process and how the lymphatic system works. [Single best thing is...] Knowing how it expedites and aids the healing process. Again, because Dan explains the treatment process.


Dan was very professional. He educated me on how my body would be healing


Yes! It was the best post operative treatment and made me feel so much better! Dan is very skilled in lymphatic massage and helped to eliminate the fluid that was pooling around the surgery site. I felt so much better and the swelling was greatly reduced.


Receiving a massage as part of the process of having liposuction was a treat! The massage felt good and seemed to make a difference in my healing.


Dan is a master at lymphatic drainage massage! When I arrived there I was very swollen and after his treatment the swelling subsided quite a bit !


Last visit I saw Dan in the Rittenhouse office. Dan is very professional and very good at lymphatic massage. I was having throbbing pain in my left temple from TMJ. He concentrated on my face, head and neck. I left the office in a much improved condition. And Dan is on time, no waiting! [Single best thing is...] The pain in my temple was gone!


The consistent professionalism of all of the staff and the friendly and welcoming atmosphere.