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Hair Restoration:

Minoxidil Formula 82M

91.6% Patient Satisfaction based on 149 ratings

Minoxidil Formula 82M stimulates the resting and weak follicles to grow longer thicker hair over time.


based on 149 ratings
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Minoxidil Formula 82M Reviews (41)

Dr. Bauman is a caring physician I was devastated by my recent hair loss and he recommended treatments with M 82 and the laser cap and within two weeks I'm already noticing hair growth. Thank you Dr. Bauman for taking such great care of me.


Great office nice staff


I had warm welcome and each step of my visit was very profesional and satisfactory. I believe in my treatment and I am very happy to meet Dr. Alan Bauman because I have now expectations for my hair problem.


My hair growth has been really improving with the treatment .


The service is outstanding. They are always there for me and very helpfull.


The service and also I know I will see some results


I was most satisfied with the professionalism of the entire staff and their diligence and making sure that I was seeing in a timely manner and always treated with respect and courtesy. Dr Bauman himself is a phenomenal cordial guy he speaks his peace buddy now is straightforward and is very very helpful.


Very friendly staff. All were helpful in educating me to make the right decisions.


Besides my overall satisfaction, the best is that I HAVE GROWN HAIR and I look so much better and feel better too!


Hair looks MUCH better. The number of grafts is not the same on the left and right. The gentleman who did my procedure was VERY good... but while he was working, a woman technician came over and chided him for working so slowly. She then "volunteered" to help out. The side that SHE did has probably 1/2 the number of grafts on the other side. She probably thought that I was "out of it" and couldn't hear her, but I could.


No problems from beginning to end. Thanks a lot!


Still to soon to see results. May see a small amount of growth


My hair is fuller and thicker on the top. The scars left behind my head are very noticeable and frustrating, it was a technical error on the nurses, yet I have more hair on my head


Yes. I feel I got exactly what I wanted out of the visits


I'm very exited to see the result , i think still is too soon to see them.


I'm seeing small results from the treatment and I'm hopeful. I felt that Dr Bauman explained everything thoroughly and professionally. His staff are very friendly and I'm very comfortable going to them.


It is covering my bauld spot in back and hair appears thicker over all. I was satisfied. Simply put.


I was seeking information about the 82M product and had to go through a voice appointment with Dr Bauman and then found the same product locally.


My hair growth analysis was easily understood and the explanation of how to apply theM82 minoxidil was very helpful.

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