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Cosmetic Surgery:

Mole Removal

96.2% Patient Satisfaction based on 155 ratings

Mole removal is a simple procedure preformed by a dermatologist where they either cut the mole out or shave it off depending on the size and depth of the mole.

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Mole Removal Reviews (94)

Erin is friendly and very professional.


Overall a disciplined team of medical professionals.


The staff, surgical procedure, and facility met or exceeded my expectations. A 5-star office provides personalized care and attention to patients’ needs and that was my experience. Dr. Grunwald is an excellent surgeon and has an excellent staff. I am SO happy to have a number of facial moles removed. I feel better about my appearance. I don’t have to see them in the mirror every morning! My friends have also noticed and given me compliments on the improvement. As a result, I’ve changed/improved my skin care routine and am motivated to keep it up.


The physician explained very clearly what was to happen during the procedure. I will not have to worry about the area become cancerous


Great listening and explanation of the entire process and follow up. It was a melanoma so just very happy to be over with it.


Every one was very nice and helpful. The doctor explained things as they were being done and what to expect. Even at my follow up visit, he explained what to expect and if something wasn't right he assured me he would address whatever situation came up with the healing. Healing went beautifully and no scar and can't even tell where the mole used to be. Excellent job and very easy to talk to if any questions.


I have already had the surgery to remove a large, potentially cancerous mole from my cheek. Dr. Sullivan and her staff were informative, efficient and wonderfully compassionate throughout the entire process. My cheek has healed well and I would definitely recommend her to friends.


Very happy! And relieved that Kara could consult and treat at the same visit.


The stitches were so small they didn’t scar.


Very empathic treatment


Dr. Hendricks is a great practitioner. My family and I have had several appointments/procedures with him and we greatly appreciate the services and advice he has provided. We highly recommend him to others.


With the medical field being highly scrutinized that I’ve worked in on the biz side, the professionalism of all the staff was wonderful. Having family in the medical field helps with any concerns as well ahead of time.


I am completely at ease with the way the healing took place and how fine everything went. I do not have any problem with what I experienced. I just feel that satisfied expresses what I experienced.


Surgeon was very knowledgeable and helpful. He delivered results that exceeded my hopes. Everyone was very friendly and helpful No scar


100 percent satisfied with the outcome of my procedue, i had a breast augmentation in the past also done by Dr. Chen and all i can say is there is no one else i would ever trust to preform plastic surgery on me. Thank you Dr. Chen an your team!


I liked how i didn't feel pain and that there weren't any scars on my face after the surgery. Because Dr. Salazar explained really well What he was going to do With the mole on my skin before the surgery and that made me feel more comfortable


Our 15 year old had some moles removed on his face. Dr. Cusick and his staff, as well as the staff at Prairie Star were all very reassuring and made our son (and his parents) feel as comfortable as possible.


The mole I had removed was on the front of my neck. I didn't want the large scar left from the "punch" procedure used by Dermatologists. Dr. Nein removed it and sent it to the pathology lab. I received the "Benign" report from his office within 24 hours of my procedure. He used dissolving stitches so I wouldn't have to make a return appointment for suture removal. It has been 1 week and all evidence of the mole and sutures are gone. I can't see ANY visible scar! He and the staff are warm and friendly. I would recommend him to anyone wanting the best treatment for themselves or a loved one.