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NEXPLANON is a long-term birth control option that lasts for up to 3 years† to prevent pregnancy. NEXPLANON is an implant, not an IUD. It is a small, thin, and flexible contraceptive arm implant that is placed discreetly under the skin of your inner, upper arm by your health care provider. It is over 99% effective*—just as effective as the pill.

You may become pregnant as early as a week after the removal of NEXPLANON.

†NEXPLANON must be removed by the end of the third year and may be replaced by a new implant at the time of removal, if you wish to continue preventing pregnancy with NEXPLANON.

*Less than 1 pregnancy per 100 women who used NEXPLANON for 1 year.

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NEXPLANON® Reviews (6)

Dr. Sabin was wonderful. She answered all my questions. She was quick and precise. Very kind and personable.


Very satisfied. Staff is always prompt and professional and I've been apart of the clinic for years.


Great bedside manner!! Interested in my life and how my daughter is doing!! Phenomenal doctor.


Everything went as expected. I was told every step that was being taken before it happen. Dr. Jabin made sure to hide the needles from me as I asked because I told her I was afraid of them. She asked me many times throughout if I was ok or if she needed to stop.


Staff here is very friendly.


Dr. Gerwe made me feel incredibly comfortable during the removal of my Nexplanon. He made the entire process as painless as possible and extensively discussed my birth control options prior to the procedure.