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Obstetrical Ultrasound

92.6% Patient Satisfaction based on 99 ratings

Obstetric ultrasound uses sound waves to produce pictures of a baby (embryo or fetus) within a pregnant woman, as well as the mother's uterus and ovaries. It does not use ionizing radiation, has no known harmful effects, and is the preferred method for monitoring pregnant women and their unborn babies.

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Obstetrical Ultrasound Reviews (40)

The doctor took time to listen to my issues, she was not hurrying. She had patience to listen and answer to my questions and explained about the problems why it's happening.


Everybody was very nice and Dr. Fesenmeier was extremely great with answering and explaining every question or concern I had.


The staff is very friendly and helpful. I love how they always take care of my needs.


I was seen for my anatomy ultrasound and a heart problem was found and my husband was not allowed in the room to receive the news as I was by myself due to covid 19. Just don't understand why he wasn't allowed to come in after the ultrasound with a mask on to receive the news together.


Cheyenne was really easy to talk to about all of my questions and concerns, this was my most comfortable appt yet! Also always really enjoy the nurse that does the ultrasounds. She is easy to talk with and makes it a pleasant and fun experience!


Barely spent 5 minutes with me. Asked if "received my medication" Asked if I had any questions and said "let's schedule you for the next appointment" I asked one question and she had a very condescending attitude. Doesn't care about me or my baby.


Organized and friendly!


Everyone was so nice and answered any questions I had.


Dr. Leques is the best! She makes you feel very comfortable and has a very calm and positive demeanor.


Due to COVID restrictions my husband was not allowed to attend the ultrasound of our very first child. I was very upset about it however understood that it was for the health and safety of baby and I. However I thought I would be able to FaceTime him in so he could experience this once in a lifetime event but once I entered the room I was told I'm not allowed to FaceTime bc he could possibly record the session. Extremely upset I had to hang up the phone and lose yet another first time pregnancy experience I will never get back. I just wish I was shown a little more compassion and understanding in this very frightening time.


Yes [highly satisfied].


I was in and out very quickly. The staff was helpful and answered any questions I had.


Following good structure in line with COVID protection. Staff nice and helpful. Visit was quick.


Quick, timely, good technician who explained what was going on.


All of the doctors and technicians were very helpful and answered my questions. I just wish my husband could come. We are both heart-broken that he can't see the baby as this is our first child.


Even during these uneasy times during this pandemic everyone is extremely helpful and positive in the office! I really appreciate all of them continuing to work and making sure the office is clean and sanitized!


The care I received was great! I came in for my Anatomy Scan and had to attend without my husband, which I totally understand and complied with. What I don't understand is why I wasn't permitted to take a video recording of baby moving around to share with my husband. I am very familiar with HIPAA as part of my job and this would not be considered a violation if I shared my OWN PHI, so I'm not clear about why this is your policy. Could this policy not be temporarily revised during the COVID-19 protocols to allow expectant mothers to share that special moment with family?


I love my midwife, Erin Colston. I drive across town to see her and recommend her to all of my friends.