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Obstetrical Ultrasound

91.6% Patient Satisfaction based on 192 ratings

Obstetric ultrasound uses sound waves to produce pictures of a baby (embryo or fetus) within a pregnant woman, as well as the mother's uterus and ovaries. It does not use ionizing radiation, has no known harmful effects, and is the preferred method for monitoring pregnant women and their unborn babies.

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Obstetrical Ultrasound Reviews (69)

Very pleasant demeanor; addressed my immediate concerns about viability by ordering a same-day ultrasound.


The gel used was warm and she explained in detail what I she could see.


I love everything about the office. They are such a breathe of fresh air and accept my weirdness. They also answer every question and are very comforting.


My appointment was not one of joy, and the doctor was honest and straightforward with what was going on. I never felt like she was rushing me, or not willing to answer all the questions I had. All of the doctors and staff I've worked with in this practice always feel like a partner in care and I really value that.


Dr. Kurtz is the best. She always explains everything thoroughly and is very knowledgeable about up to date research and recommendations.


Took the time to explain everything in-depth. Celebrating the growth of my baby with me and put worries at ease. Answered all questions I had.


All my questions were answered. She made me feel very comfortable.


They got some of the pictures that were needed, but they couldn't get the gender (this was the anatomy scan) and they still are lacking some of the pictures they need of the heart.


Everyone is super nice and doctor explains everything very well and answers all my questions.


Dr. Nadell was knowledgeable, professional, warm, and thorough. He answered all of my questions and made me feel at ease during my first prenatal visit as a first-time mom.


Dr. Bills is an all around nice man. He makes me feel the most comfortable in the office. This is my first time going through a pregnancy and I'm having to do it alone due to the COVID pandemic and it's nice to have a doctor who can be patient with me.


Dr. Fesenmeier was very positive, friendly, and willing to answer any questions or concerns I had pertaining to the baby and ultrasound. Overall, the entire staff is very friendly and helpful.


I got to see baby on monitor and the doctor was friendly and answered my questions.


My 3 pregnancy visits, I was brought at ease by Dr. Fong & his amazing staff. They were professional & tenderly caring.


All questions were answered and took her time talking about the pregnancy.


They young lady at check is amazing. I was in the office earlier this week and she checked me in and today. She is so sweet and helpful. I hate that I didn't get her name


Wish I would have received more information from the ultrasound tech of the wellbeing of my baby.


[Highly satisfied with] Attention of staff, bedside manner.


I was experiencing pain not knowing what was the cause of it. Cheyenne Brown figured it out and the problem was solved. They did an ultrasound to check on baby, the woman doing that was extremely kind and knowledgeable.


Dr. McCarthy is fantastic!