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Pellets (Hormone Therapy)

96% Patient Satisfaction based on 244 ratings

Pellets are compounded estradiol or testosterone that are made from organic plant materials, which have the exact molecular structure of those hormones found in the body. They are pressed into a solid compound that is about the size of a cooked grain of rice. Using a painless office procedure, they are inserted under the skin in the hip area. The pellets release small amounts of hormone directly into the bloodstream similar to that which the ovaries and testes produced during our younger adult years.

based on 244 ratings
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Pellets (Hormone Therapy) Reviews (80)

The doctor took time and made sure I was comfortable and not in pain.


I came in for a pellet and got it. I was seen rather quickly too.


The staff was very competent about my symptoms and the solution. Dr.Brady remembered me immediately even though it had been 5-6 years since we had seen each other. I appreciate the support and attention to detail that was given to all my questions. Great appointment!


Quick and painless. Love to work with Dr. Burigo.


I love that Dr. McGuirk always takes the time to check on my overall health, emotional and physical. Not many doctors take the time with their patients anymore.


Dr. Mc Bride is delightful and so knowledgeable. I had about three issues to discuss and she always listens and makes me feel better!!


Staff was professional and provided exceptional customer service. Dr. Baker was attentive, professional, answered all of my questions, addressed concerns and provided valuable and reason feedback.


Dr. Tzilinis is very skilled and caring. She has a way of calming me during the procedure and it's over before I know it. She is very thorough, which has made all the difference in tying me in the right dose and schedule.


It didn't hurt besides the shot.


Dr. Glover is very thorough in providing care. She individualizes her approach to each patient. I feel that her instructions/recommendations are based on my case alone, and that she is not following a generic standard. I also like that she devotes significant time to each appointment.


Very little wait time in lobby and very little wait time before Dr. McBride came in for my scheduled appointment.


Pleasant and professional visit from start to finish with everyone I was in contact with. Thanks.


Doctor offered two possible solutions to start minimizing hot flashes and night sweats.


The wait time is always very long. Also, I feel like this appointment could have been handled remotely as this was basically just for advice regarding hormone therapy. Seems illogical to have to come into the office to be weighed or to have my blood pressure taken; both of those things I could have handled and provided the information.


Doctor was extremely knowledgeable, understanding and genuinely wanted to help me find the right hormone balance to help me.


Very easy check-in. Fast. I was called to Dr. I very quickly. Dr. I was courteous, as always, answered all my questions.


[Highly satisfied with] The positive treatment from staff. The care & concern given.