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91.8% Patient Satisfaction based on 34 ratings

Phlebectomy removes varicose veins that are on the surface of the leg.

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Phlebectomy Reviews (15)

Having the sore bulging veins removed and no longer being a visible eye sore. In and out in about an hour and minimal discomfort.


Wonderful job,The Doctor for me is a better.


Yes, I was extremely satisfied; this is my second time around. I recommended Dr. Almeida to my friends and my colleagues, as well.


Since my operacion I never had any contact with Dr. Almeyda. i was always se en by other member of the staff.


Top rate professionals during entire procedure. Happy with results


Excellent service, excellent treatment, excellent people.


La gran profesionalidad de todo el staff, tanto del Dr Almeida como de todo su equipo, una execelente atencion, con mucha rapidez y eficacia. Dando todo tipo de informacion sobre el procedimiento y los cuidados posteriores.


Im highly satisfied with my experience because are so profesional amI fill so confortable.


I had gone to another doctor before regarding my varicose veins and he said my legs looked normal and paid a lot Of money for that doctor visit which only took less than 15 mins. I decided to do more research and found the website for Miami vein center and dr. Almeida came out and decided to set up an appointment, even though the dr visit was expensive I still went, I was pleased that dr. Almeida looked at and examined my legs and he said that it wasn't normal that it is considered medical . I was very upset at the other doctor who I went to because I paid a lot of money for that visit and I wasted my time going there. Thanks to dr. Almeida I'm Gonna be able to get the procedure done . I know I'm still going to end up paying a lot of money because my insurance isn't the best but it's something that I really want to get done and feel good about wearing shorts again because this varicose veins have made me feel very self conscious. I hope That my procedure goes well and that it's not that painful.


Went back because I felt my foot was too swollen & painful & saw red spot on foot. I was told again (as when I had the procedure) to expect the foot to be swollen & more painful than my leg). The I was sent home with more pain melds & told to return for 1 month follow up. 4 days later (Sunday)I ended up in the emergency room & was admitted for cellulitis. I called the office to inform the doctor of my admittance with cellulitis. The big disappointment was I did not receive a return call from the Dr. Almeida or the office to check on me during my hospital stay until I had been in for over a week & called to tell them I was now scheduled for surgery to remove a hematoma that was in my foot to the right of where I had a stitch from my original surgery. Time will tell as to how satisfied I am with the procedure done on my foot. I am satisfied with the results of the procedure on my leg. Neither the surgeon who removed the hematoma nor myself feel there was negligence, but the fact that I received no call when hospitalized was EXTREMELY disappointing. When I deal with health issues I am very selective and research & find doctors who are highly recommended and often by someone who has personal experience with the doctor. Your office and doctors have high ratings and I know someone who has been there and highly recommended Dr. Almeida, she knows 3 others who also were very satisfied. I really expected a call to check on me when hospitalized because that meant I was not recovering as expected. So short and sweet it was not receiving a call that makes me highly dissatisfied, not how I was treated in the office or necessarily the procedure itself.


Every staff member from the receptionist, nurse, ultrasound technician and doctor was friendly, knowledgeable and competent! Procedure was done quickly and as painless as possible. I have not fully recovered yet, that is why I only put satisfied with procedure and not highly satisfied. I am still awaiting the "final results". I have already referred someone to your practice, which should be an indicator of how I feel about you.


The staff and Dr. Almeida were very professional, courtous, polite, pleasant knowledgeable and helpful.


Lauren and all staff were helpful and inviting the doctor was very competent and I felt very relaxed and in good hands with Dr. Almeida


Everyone was very nice, explained everything well.


Attitude of the nurse

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