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Restylane® is most commonly used for lip enhancement but it can also be used to diminish fine lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth. It can also be used to around the eyes, for crows feet, give volume under the eyes to diminish the sunken look as well as cheek volume and more. Results typically last for six months.

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Restylane® Reviews (494)

I explained what I was unhappy with- and Dr. Boynton fixed it! He did an awesome job-


Excellent experience overall. Very knowledgeable. Results are very natural.


Angie is professional, as well as, she does an excellent job with my fillers and Botox. I am confident with her treatments.


Timely and remembered details I requested - such as numbing.


Staff was helpful and knowledgeable without being pushy. I felt very comfortable and love my results.


I had a very improved look in my face. My cheeks, my mouth, and forehead were greatly improved. Before I had a tired look. I looked much more youthful and my eyes were even opened up. I felt beautiful and more youthful. People commented you have not changed a bit. Some have no idea my age. That made me feel fabulous since I am conscience of my age.


[Highly satisfied with] everything. [Single best thing is...] Dr. McGovern's expertise and artistry.


From the moment I arrived until the moment I left all the staff were very nice and professional. Dr. Sonya Merriman answered all my questions and doubts, she made me feel that I was in good hands...


Yes, Betsy is great.


Paula is very skillful as well as caring. All went well and the results were natural, exactly how I wanted it. Made a difference in my look and in a natural way. Paula makes you feel comfortable and confident.


Megan is very professional yet super friendly. She is very knowledgeable and skilled in what she does. She lets you know what you can and cannot expect from a product. I feel I don't look as tired and the darkness under eyes have diminished.


Dr. McGovern is amazing. I have been seeing her for over 10 years and I always leave her office looking like the best version of myself. I look younger and fresher but not fake or overdone.


Meredith always does a great job! It reduces lines, wrinkles and evens out my skin.


This is the second appointment with Paula within a week. I first had Ultherapy and 7 days after a small amount of filler around the mouth area. I'm highly satisfied with both experiences because Paula handled both with care and concern. She is wonderful with her hands and a pleasure to deal with. I will definitely keep returning as long as she's there. It made a big difference on my looks, in a very natural way.


Excellent service by Lauren with consultation and procedure. [Single best thing is...] Natural looking and great consultation.


The last two times I got filler it was misplaced,. I was rushed and it all pooled to one area. The first time I chalked it up to things happen, but it happened a second time and my concerns were not taken seriously nor was there an offer to take a look and fix the issue


Easy, comfortable setting. Great staff, Dr. O'Daniel is patient oriented and attends to your individual needs for treatment. I look natural, not like I'm doing maintenance.


[Single best thing is...] Treatment results-I no longer look like I have "tired eyes"! Yes. The treatment did not hurt-that much! Some scar tissue under one eye was a bit sore.


Meredith listened to my concerns about getting filler around my mouth as I mentioned photos were being taken of me for work 4 days after the injection. She decided to use a cannula so there would be less bruising. I had absolutely zero bruising!!! It was such a surprise and relief as I am usually a bruiser. Often they last close to 2 weeks. She was awesome. I love my results.

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