Restylane Silk

95.4% Patient Satisfaction based on 163 ratings

Restylane Silk is an injectable filler that plumps the lips and fills in lines around the mouth. Results typically last about six months.

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Restylane Silk Reviews (69)

I love the results! Both of the procedures had a little bit of down time after, especially the Restalyn (for me - I think I'm just sensitive to that filler), but after the swelling went down, I was left with beautiful and natural looking lips! It looks very natural!


Very happy with the results of my procedure


I have always been treated nice here and all my needs have been met. My last appointment went well and i am pleased with the results.


Ashley is completely knowledgeable and I feel comfortable and she is trustworthy. I look forward to future procedures. The expectation. Ashley really gave me terrific insight as to what to expect and when. I love feeling like I know what is happening. No surprises.


I was made to feel comfortable and questions were answered Honesty of being told that the procedure would be slightly uncomfortable


I am pleased with the results. They understand what my goals are


My experience was flawless! I felt comfort and ease with Sheff! The ease of the procedure.


Yes! I was highly impressed by everything and everyone. The doctors are super nice and the staff were amazing. My lips look full but natural. I love that they do not look fake.


She knew exactly what I was asking for and helped me achieve that look. I plan to come back for more. The confidence it gave me.


Very satisfied! Will definitely be back for more! How soft my skin felt!


Everyone made me feel very comfortable. They were all extremely friendly and professional. They definitely make you feel at ease. I will definitely return for any future procedures. I saw an immediate change in the fullness around my smile lines.


Had to return for a follow up and results aren't holding up as well as I would have hoped. I think most of that is me and understand it's a learning curve, but would need to be ideal outcome to warrant highly satisfied. The moderate swelling and complete lack of bruising- swelling was, again, moderate, and lasted less than 48 hours.


I had my lips done for the first time! Kristin did an amazing job making them look very natural!


Overall, the result is very natural. I may have a small bump and need a little touch up, but I understand with under eye injections this is fairly common.


I was a little disappointed with the results, although I don't believe it was due to anything that the Provider did or had control over.


My lips don't really look any different. Didn't get the fullness I was looking for which is disappointing after spending over $500.


Instant results. No pain involved and the procedure went as described. Very professional and satisfied. Will definitely recommend and come back.


The procedure was super fast, which I have never experienced that before. Usually they ask me which filler I want or one is recommended and why. I went in to get some volume in my lips and reduce the marionette lines. Although the lines appear less noticable, I can't tell any difference with my lips.


The results were great! You cannot just easily trust anyone with lip injections, and I've seen Dr. Nease and Dr. Deal - they are both awesome! The support staff are always so sweet and welcoming as well.


My lips look natural! I was in and out in no time at all! Kristin was thorough in explaining the procedure and what to expect after. I will definitely be back!

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