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based on 282 ratings
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Savings Accounts Reviews (24)

Solve my problem right away.


For Christmas I needed cash - $2,300 and the first person I spoke to a female told me she'd bring it down to the lobby and I did not want to count out money in the lobby of the Government center where someone could follow me to my car and possibly rob me. She told me to go to the Security office so I said, "I go there to count my money and if it's wrong, you've already left - not doing that. I called back and got Ramon and he met me at the door to the Credit Union and waited while I counted my money. I realize COVID puts a strain on normal business dealings but I don't know why they don't let one or two people in by appointment wearing masks. There are offices back there and they could also have used one of them for me to count my money. Doing business in the lobby of a Government Center is worse because it has more people, less privacy and more COVID risk as far as I'm concerned. Ramon was very helpful.


My need was quickly resolved with a positive outcome.


Fast and efficient services!


Very efficient and accommodating staff and services.


Because since they changed over names I cannot access my records, they don't call back and it is impossible to reach anyone.


[They] take money out of my check and I can go online and transfer it electronically.


I waited 1 hour 15 minutes to do a withdrawal. Simply ridiculous and the clock said. That is ok.


The questions I asked were answered to my full satisfaction.


I maintain an account and make deposits and withdrawals from time to time. Rather routine. Interest is minimal. It is somewhat beneficial to my managing of my very modest income status and good credit rating.


Needed to make a quick withdrawal from an IRA account due to an unexpected home repair. I called Nedra Bryant and she was able to process my request quickly and efficiently. She's always been great to work with and is very knowledgeable, helpful, pleasant and friendly.


I find the persons I often deal with to be extremely professional and pleasant. Prior to this Virus, when waiting in line, when I get to these individuals, they quickly apologize for the waiting time and are so very pleasant and ready to help!


I received an answer to my question.


Haven't had an issue.


When you go to the Credit Union, everyone is so pleasant and take their time to help you.


Don't have much interaction with the credit union other than direct deposit to my account.


Not thrilled about the format but I guess I'll get used to it.


Staff, Connie and Miranda specifically, are always pleasant, helpful, knowledgeable, efficient. I can not say enough about them.


I called in to close out a HELOC that I hadn't used in over 15 years. George Sessa took care of it in one phone call and sent me the paperwork the same day. Great service!


No need to explain. The service is top class and un beatable.