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Skin Cancer Removal

96.8% Patient Satisfaction based on 345 ratings

Skin cancer removal is a procedure that removes cancer cells and a small amount of surrounding healthy skin cells to ensure that all cancer cells are gone.

based on 345 ratings
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Skin Cancer Removal Reviews (210)

Dr. Boynton is very skilled and takes very personal interest that you have the best results.


Dr. Cusick is fabulous. And the entire experience was professional and seamless. He had his own lotion ingredients and it worked great afterwards. Dr. Cusick really seems to care about how I felt and how I looked after the procedure. He seemed like he was willing to do anything to make my arm look better.


Procedure went as expected.


[Single best thing is...] NO PAIN!!!!! Not one bit of pain. Dr. Martins has the "Magic Touch." Doctors and staff are outstanding and have the patients best interest at heart. Have recommended them and Belcara many times.


Thorough exam and excellent treatment.


Staff accommodated my travel schedule. Dr. Karam great surgeon.


I’ve used Dr. Dulin several times, he’s thorough, his staff follows up post surgery to make sure everything is going as it should. Dr. Dulin offered me several options before we decided and the procedure used. I have complete confidence in his ability and will highly recommend him to anyone.


It hurt less than I thought it would. Jim and Dr. Alexander were an excellent team. The procedure was fast and it looks like there won't be much of a scar. Thanks to them. I feel that I don't have to worry anymore.


Great initial consultation. Answered all my questions and concerns . Great post operative care and excellent final result.


Dr. Hunt was very good going through the procedure I have very little scarring and it's only been four months since my surgery. [Single best thing is...] Minimal scarring.


Proximity to home, no need to travel to the city.


Once again Dr. Hunt was amazing (previous breast reduction surgery 9 months ago). The best surgeon and best bedside manner. His staff are amazing ...especially nurse Laura with her after care. I had BCC removals of face and chest area and so grateful that Doctor Hunt kept insisting I get biopsies done on them. Thank you again. [Single best thing is...] Having a surgeon I have complete faith in.


John knew how to remove my cancer spots. John made me feel comfortable during the surgery. I was told how to treat the spots after the surgery. I did not feel any pain. And he did a wonderful job. And you really cannot notice the incisions John made on my face.


Dr. Alexander is a great surgeon and very nice.


They were all nice and professional.


Dr. Sinno took a few moments to get to know me and then very calmly and thoroughly explained the procedure to take place. The procedure was a breeze and Dr. Sinno explained each step of the process during the procedure to make sure I was comfortable. The result was an essentially painless process. After a few weeks it was hard to even see where the cancer was removed. I would recommend Dr. Sinno to anyone looking to minimize scarring resulting from any wound or surgery.


Everyone was kind and professional. The experience was exceptional.


Dr. Skalicky RULES


Removal went well, skin graft blended in very well. [Single best thing is...] It's over.