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Skin Cancer Removal

96.4% Patient Satisfaction based on 198 ratings

Skin cancer removal is a procedure that removes cancer cells and a small amount of surrounding healthy skin cells to ensure that all cancer cells are gone.

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Skin Cancer Removal Reviews (103)

Overall pleased with the total process from start to finish; courteous staff; professionalism with e/one with whom we came into contact; Dr.'s were great; Surgeon an artist; reassuring; and shared important info with us to alleviate any concern re the surgery. We were statisfied with the overall experience.


Dr Brennan and his staff are very friendly and truly care about their patients Easy scheduling and availability also. Been coming to dr Brennan for 19 years Had skin cancer removed very easily by dr Brennan and the scar is barely visible.


The physician and staff at Belcara Health are so professional and the office atmosphere is relaxing, yet efficient. It's easy to make appointments (which is often not the case with dermatologists) and I've never had long wait times in the office.


Everyone in office friendly, knowledgeable, and kind.


Jennifer does everything well but I most appreciated how gentle she is during procedures.


Very professional staff with great personalities and attitudes!


Dr. Cusick is very talented and I am highly satisfied with the results of all the work he has done for me. My worry over a precancerous lesion on my face was ended after successful surgery.


Dr. Singer removed some basil cell cancer from my forehead. He patiently explained exactly what he was going to do, did everything in a timely fashion, used very competent and kind nurses and the outcome was most satisfactory. He insisted on a large number of follow up visits (far more than friends of mine who had experienced similar procedures with other plastic surgeons) and his attention to detail was remarkable.


Quick and easy. All procedures, recovery were made clear before and after.


Dr. Hall was very pleasant and ensuring during a stressful experience. He did a great job with the surgery and left minimal scarring.


Courtesy of staff and high quality of care. Had surgery for pre-cancerous growths on forehead on 3 different occasion. Today I can't even find where the removals were done.


Everyone put me at ease about the procedure. No one was aloof. The process from from the time I got there until I left was well coordinated and everything went well. It was covered in the survey questions. It was a good experience.


Simple procedure to freeze off small wart left no pain r irritation


Ease getting appointment . Professional atmosphere very focused and concerned doctor great results


Cancer removed. Because it is the truth


Fulfilled expectation of professional and expert treatment removed potentially dangerous skin problems


Everything went according to plan and schedule there were no negatives about any part of the interactions. Between the office visit and myself care is directed the results are excellent.


Everyone was so thorough, well organized and caring. God bless! My visits were to remove precancerous growths. It's reassuring to know that a good plan is in place to do further checkups, and take care of further such procedures, if needed.


Everyone & everything was pleasant from time I scheduled my first consultation appointment to follow-up & stitches removal. These people knew my anxiety level and were able to allay any fears I had. All cancerous margins and cells positively removed.


Dr. Martins explained what he was going to do, care following, and follow up requirements in excellent detail. Provides a high degree of confidence in his abilities.