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SmartLipo differs from liposuction in that SmartLipo is able to liquify fat cells and can either be removed from the body or left for the body to reabsorb and get rid of naturally. With the use of the laser, recovery time is shorter with SmartLipo and tends to be less painful.

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SmartLipo Reviews (25)

It appears to have made a small difference & looks better.


Dr. Perlman is an excellent professional. He knows exactly how to perform procedures tailored to the specific individual. His staff, Debbie, Jeannie, and Holly are also excellent at what they do. The office makes everyone feel very comfortable before, during, and after a procedure. I have had multiple procedures performed by Dr. Perlman and would highly recommend him. If you are considering having a cosmetic procedure, have a consultation and decide based on the entire experience to move forward like I did. You will be beyond happy with your results. I am over the moon with the natural results!!


[Single best thing is...] So far my results look better than I expected. I still have healing time, but each day I feel better and look better. Dr. Skalicky was professional, answered my questions and I felt confident and at ease going into surgery. Post-op care was great as Dr. Skalicky and staff were attentive to my needs and compassionate.


Dr. Setty has a great understanding of the female physique and translates that into his surgical plan. He considers every aspect of aftercare needs. He advises without over selling. Giovanni is amazing and great with follow through. The surgical facilities are great.


Doctor Bridges was extremely knowledgeable and informative and made me feel at ease right away. I had been to other plastic surgeons in my area and no one gave me as much information and confidence as Dr. Bridges did. His staff was wonderful and so sweet; they even gave me their personal cell numbers as well as the doctors in case I had an emergency after my procedure. Hands down he’s the best and I’d have my next procedures done only by him! Completely worth the extra two hour drive I made and so glad with my results! [Single best thing is...] I had neck/chin lipo and the confidence I have gained back is amazing. The procedure was done in office and the recovery wasn’t bad at all. It was fast-only took a little over an hour from start to finish and the staff and doctor was so great at making me feel at ease that I was never nervous, only excited!


On time, clean, professional, friendly, reassuring, I am happy with the results of the surgery. The scar, or better yet, the lack of a scar is impressive. The only criticism I have the very end of my hospital visit the process seemed to lose its direction. I was kinda left on my own to figure out if I was finished or not. I just walked out.


Dr. Skalicky has been my cosmetic surgeon for well over 20 years - his surgical skills and patient care / after care are impressive- he genuinely cares.


Extremely professional. I felt safe, comfortable and very at ease. The aid who prepped me and was with me throughout the procedure as well, was amazing. Robbie I think her name was. It was like having a mother figure present throughout the process, which made all the difference to me. During the procedure his team made me feel very relaxed, we joked and chatted throughout the procedure which made some of the more painful moments quite bearable. Robbie (forgive me if I'm spelling her name incorrectly,) rubbed my head and held my hand during those more painful moments. Even bringing me something to squeeze on. Everything was thoroughly explained from beginning to end. They were efficient and seemed to be moving quickly and effectively. At the end of the procedure the Doctor and the only other male assistant in the room exited and left me in the capable hands of the two females who were present throughout the procedure. They redressed me and we joked about what a champ I was during the procedure. They were so sincerely kind and friendly that I told them if I ever felt like having another procedure it would be under the condition that I get the same team. Robbie walked me all the way out of the office and made sure I got in my husband's car OK. I would recommend to anyone who asks. I absolutely love the hospitality and care that was shown.


Dr Bridges and his staff are professionals from your 1st consult -to your follow up appointments- to every appointment there after. Every question was answered and I was highly satisfied with the facility. Post op is very important to Dr Bridges, he wants to make sure you are comfortable and pleased with the process of your new look♡ 2Thumbs for Bridges to Beauty ♡ [Single best thing is...] Any time elective surgery takes place, you pray for that *thing* that was bothering you will look better, bigger, smaller or even not be there at all in the end result. For me, it's been a combination of it all and has helped me feel more confident in and out of my clothes !


The office contacted me within hours of my online consult request. For consult I interacted with 3 staff and the surgeon- everyone was friendly, they didn’t rush me and they didn’t make me wait @. Dr Setty explained all my options, pointed out my anatomical challenges, gave me pros/cons of various procedures along with his recommendations. I feel like I made an informed choice. I felt confident on procedure day and it went smoothly. I was very informed post procedure and have had a couple visits-staff still very friendly and they get me in/out quickly. I had no complications but know I had the info on who to contact if I had run into any issues. I’m pleased with my results! [Single best thing is...] Dr Setty is calm and capable. The information I had access to online w/ before/after pics, info on procedures prompted me to have the consult. The consult gave me lots of education so I knew what to expect. Dr Setty addresses my individual anatomical type and gave me a realistic idea of what to expect. I’m pleased with the level of education and information I got throughout the entire process-and that gave me confidence every step of the way.


i feel that Dr. Hendricks primary focus is the patient and making sure you are comfortable with all aspects of the surgery. Dr. Hendricks and his staff answered my questions honestly and with compassion. Throughout the entire pre & post surgery process I didn't feel any anxiety nor did I second guess my decision for the procedure. I was referred to Dr. Hendricks by a friend whom I trust explicitly. I have referred Dr. Hendricks to friends and family as well.


When going to Dr.Bridges for smart lipo I knew I wanted smart lipo but told him I wanted smart lipo in my stomach. He didn’t provide any of his Expertise, in exactly where I should get smart lipo to get the look I was going for. After my surgery they did not check up on me. I feel as though they got my money and that was it


Overall I am highly satisfied with the smart lipo procedure. I am, however, waiting to see the final results. If I had to do it all over again, I would choose Bridges To Beauty. Dr Bridges & his staff are awesome!


I do not like my ending results.. I paid to have my love handles done and my upper and lower abbs done and yet my love handles are still there.... Barely no fat was removed.. I still have stomach too...... So I feel like I paid to much money for the results that I received...


The procedure and results were fully explained by the doctor. Everyone was courteous and helpful. I am pleased with my results. I like my figure again and the way I look in my clothes.


Yes, the staff and Dr Goodman were great!


Dr. Schwartz is the best doctor in town!! I love my new body shape.


I am more confident and I'm enjoying my life more! I feel sexy and beautiful again! Staff was excellent and Dr. Bridges was amazing!


Hasn't really changed anything at this time, maybe too soon. The team listened to my issues and concerns over a prior procedure that I was not satisfied with and insured that I was going to be happy after this one. They were realistic, yet did achieve most of what I wanted out of the process


It really has not changed everyday life, but I do feel better about my body. The Smart Lipo is amazing. There was no down time, no bruising and little swelling. Dr Brenman and staff are all easy to work with and were very considerate in accomodating my schedule. There was a necessary schedule change at the last minute regarding another patient, and in order to no delay my procedure, I was fit into the schedule on the very next day. I really like the smart lipo and would recommend it and this team to perform it.

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