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Tummy Tuck

94.8% Patient Satisfaction based on 6525 ratings

Also known as an abdominoplasty, removes excess skin and fat from the stomach to reveal a slimmer flatter stomach. In 2014, the tummy tuck was the 3rd most popular procedure performed on women and over 160,000 tummy tucks were performed according to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

based on 6525 ratings
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Tummy Tuck Reviews (3270)

I feel the hernia repairs and abdominoplasty has strengthened my core and enabled me to move more easily and helped to reduce by back pain. Dr. Raphael and staff were friendly,knowledgeable and thorough in providing all the information that I needed and I was given excellent nursing care by Kim Allen the night of my surgery thru the following morning until I was discharged into the care of my family.


I feel and look amazing!! Dr Houssock made me feel confident of my results. Everyone in the office was very friendly.


The OUTCOME!!!! Worth all the recovery. I have been a patient of Dr Barlow's practice for years and have always been treated as if I were special. When I decided to have surgery, his staff went out of their way to be helpful. I am in the medical profession, so I already was prepared for alot of the events. I was surprised that there was no requirement for preanesthestic blood work, but I spoke with multiple friends on the human side (I am a veterinarian) who assured me this is routine. The facility and staff of the facility were delightful. The only down side was they seemed a little anxious for me to go home. I know I was the last patient of the day and I didn't mind, although I think my husband could have used a few more minutes of hand holding. I was certainly in condition to be discharged. All in all, an excellent experience.


My everyday life has changed because of the way I feel about myself now. Before I was embarrassed by the way my body looked especially when I was in photographs. Now I have confidence about the way I look which translates to making me feel better when I look in the mirror and when I'm presenting myself weather in public for social events or in my professional life. I was highly satisfied because from the beginning the doctor and his staff made me feel comfortable. Also Dr. Ratliff himself seemed very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all of my questions which put me at ease before the procedure and then during the healing process.


I have wanted to have a tummy tuck for over 20 years, but have put it off for fear & finances. I was very ashamed of my body image and had low self esteem, but with much support from my husband & being made to feel comfortable with the doctor & staff, I finally had it done. I feel amazing, like a new person! I regret waiting for so long to have it done. I am completely satisfied with my surgery and recovery. The doctor & staff checked on me after surgery and made me feel important to them as well. I am so happy! I am satisfied with all aspects of my procedure from the time I emailed for information until now.Everyone was very helpful to me & everything I have experienced until now has been professional & friendly. I will recommend anyone to visit this facility and I plan to have all of my future procedures here as well.


My clothing is fitting much better. I actually feel like my stomach matches the rest of my body! I also look forward to working out to the degree that I'd like without having to modify based on needing a muscle repair. The follow up care from the nursing staff was really significant in the recovery and support. I needed to keep drains in for longer than was anticipated and I felt supported and respected during the healing process with them. The ability to email questions or send pictures was hugely helpful. The practice managed my pain before I realized I was in pain.


My experience with Dr. John Symbas and Dr. Moore was one of the greatest, Dr. Simbas called me that afternoon before my surgery to ask how was I feeling what was I thinking. When I explained to him you make me feel so comfortable with his reply that everything is normal what I’m feeling. For one thing I don’t have excess bleeding anymore, thanks to Dr. Mora she is a wonderful person and a super doctor she sit down and talk to you like never before. If I ever think about having surgery OB/GYN it’s got to be her, Thanks to your team everyone was super nice throughout my visit until the day of surgery


Everyone was nice & helpful. But most of all, especially the doctor, was a compassionate person who cared.


The surgeon was very experienced with this procedure. . Making the surgery decision was difficult. But once I had ALL of the educational materials they provided and after my first evaluation I felt much better about my decision.They exceeded my expectations and they were highly recommended by my best friend.


The staff here made me feel as if my needs were important and also made me feel comfortable. I literally bragged on them every time I left the office. With the results of my surgeries and the overall atmosphere at this office I would recommend this facility to anyone!


I had my surgery planned 4 months ahead of time. About 4 weeks before my Tummy tuck surgery I found out I needed a hysterectomy. Dr. Holland worked with my OB/GYN Dr to do both surgeries at once which worked out great! It has been 9 weeks now since my surgeries and I feel and look great. I was back to work in 3 weeks and now back to 100% of all my activities. I was mentally prepared for the surgery and did what I was told to make my recovery a huge success! I read online about other people's experiences and I was nervous but my recovery was much better than I expected. Dr. Sarah Holland and her Staff were amazing!!! They walked me through everything about the procedure, what to expect and the recovery. I would highly recommend Dr.Holland, they were compassionate, understanding and supportive. I have better confidence and self esteem. I still continue to exercise to stay in shape and be healthy.


The overall experience was welcoming from the moment that I first made the decision to use this practice for my procedure. All of the staff I interacted with were friendly and open to discuss any concerns I had.It was their friendliness and communication that allowed me to walk into the hospital on the day of the procedure with little to no concerns. When I look in the mirror now I feel like my body finally matches how I've always viewed myself. I'm a confident woman and my body before the surgery was the only thing preventing me from fully experiencing that confidence. It's like a burden has been lifted...or rather, cut off haha


This flat ab is something I’ve wanted my whole life. My recovery was speedy and drain less and painless. I’m very pleased with the results. Thank you Dr. Haws and staff. Now I’m looking forward to get my face and neck resurfaced


The surgeon and her entire staff could not have been more friendly, helpful, or patient. I never felt rushed during my visits and actually looked forward to my appointments.


My abdominoplasty has made me feel more comfortable with my appearance as my abdomen is now more in sync with the rest of my physic. I no longer feel I have to hide my self in oversized clothing! Description of procedure thoroughly explained and questions answered with care and respect. Availability of physician and staff to address my needs throughout the process- initial consult to post recovery.


Dr Smith performed my tummy tuck and I could not be happier with my choice.Dr Smith is extremely knowledgeable and a world class surgeon. I am thrilled with the results! The aftercare was thoughtful and complete. He is truly an ARTIST and absolutely the best in every way. Thank you Dr. Smith, you are not only amazing surgeon and perfectionist but truly a wonderful person.Regards, [patient name]


Great Dr !!! Great staff !!! Great outcome !!! I couldn’t be happier with my results !!!!


The entire process from start to finish was comfortable, respectful, thorough and friendly. I felt special! Having 100% confidence in my surgeon and his staff.


The overall care, skill and follow up by Dr. Nachbar and his staff were outstanding. The same can be said about Greenbaum Surgery Center who did an excellent job. My surgery was done in the morning approx 8:30 a.m and by 5:00 pm I felt very confident that the final result will be great. Dr. Nachbar visited me that night which was very comforting. He's compassionate and highly skillful at his profession.


Communication was key. Dr. Cohen understood exactly what I was looking for and he took the time to discuss what was involved with the procedure, the pros and cons, and what the result was likely to be. He did an excellent job, and the procedure was totally worth it. The outcome! I feel great about the results!

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