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VBeam Laser

93.4% Patient Satisfaction based on 260 ratings

VBeam is used to treat skin conditions such as rosacea and broken blood vessels.

based on 260 ratings
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VBeam Laser Reviews (57)

Very competent staff person -- can't remember her name.


As always, Julia did an outstanding job. [Single best thing is...] Clear, even-toned skin.


[Single best thing is...] Helped with my red face rosacea. Khanh was very knowledgeable and did a great job


Julia was very fair with her pricing and altered my treatment based on the current state of my scars.


Always a good response to V beam for bruising. [Single best thing is...] It is very fast and gives me good results.


I was in and out of the office quickly. The treatment helps to stop bruising after injectables.


Samantha and the rest of the staff are great. The environment is inviting and caring for treatment. I am always happy with my services and have seen great improvement of my skin since beginning treatment. Best thing has been the overall improvement of my broken veins in my face, but the close second was the amazing staff.


She did a great job!


Brittany explained the procedure/process thoroughly prior to beginning. The procedure went exactly as described. Brittany continuously asked how I was doing ensuring optimal comfort. [Single best thing is...] Visible veins almost gone in my face, skin looks smoother.


Great service, honest charges, good results


Quick, clean, on time, Samantha was very nice and professional!


I am somewhat satisfied with the results but I am confused and dissatisfied that I was charged double what my daughter paid for the same procedure.


Helped to dissolve bruising from surgery


Wonderful treatment; so successful; wonderful results. LOVE JULIA AND THE STAFF. [Single best thing is...] Clarity of my skin.


Julia was so amazing. I opted for treatment without numbing and her expertise was on point! I've already booked my 2nd visit with her. [Single best thing is...] The difference was so noticeable after a single week people asked me what I'd done. Close friends, people on FB via photos. The redness I'd battled for so long was so drastic I can't wait to go back!


Amazing quick service, was able to get treatment the same day, great care instructions and reasonable price! The cherry angioma on my nose is completely gone! :) Only wish I'd done it sooner!


On time, pleasant experience


Second treatment had a better affect than first. Need to do more to get the results I would like to see.


For about 5 days after the vbeam treatment, the "broken capillaries" I had became very dark red and looked worse than before treatment. I called the office and was told that I needed to come back within 4 days of the treatment to be evaluated and for any remedy treatment to not incur additional cost. When I was seen, I was told by the practitioner that it hadn't been long enough to see the true results as I hadn't yet fully healed; if I did wait until I healed, however, I would need to pay for treatment again. I was disappointed in this "catch 22" policy and was surprised that no one from the office called to follow up on my concerns after my secondary visit. Overall, the procedure was mostly effective, though one "broken capillary" reappeared after about a week (permanently).

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