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VBeam Laser

93.2% Patient Satisfaction based on 279 ratings

VBeam is used to treat skin conditions such as rosacea and broken blood vessels.

based on 279 ratings
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VBeam Laser Reviews (62)

Helps with redness.


I had to see a different provider since my previous one is on maternity leave, and the outcomes were not as good as my previous treatments. The outcomes weren't as good because the lasering wasn't as thorough and left of a lot of my Brazilian area untreated.


Easy appointment! Was very clean and professional. I was explained the treatment well and after care. The staff was also friendly and helpful.


This was my second treatment. Two out of three and....ya know what, I feel like I've waisted my money. I paid $1000.00 to have broken capillaries treated and I can still see them! They have been reduced yes, but I have serious doubts that the third treatment will bring better results. My experience has been a disappointment.


Quick and painless.


The office staff are friendly & efficient. Julia is absolutely amazing, as she is trained, talented & makes you feel comfortable with the procedure with dignity & respect.


Julia is great...the whole office staff is!


I came in to reduce the redness on my nose because of my dilated capillaries. Although I do need a couple more sessions for better results, I do see quite a difference (: The redness I had afterwards went away in about an hour.


Brittany is wonderful, she explains the procedure and makes you feel so comfortable. My skin looks beautiful, I would recommend the V-beam service. [Single best thing is...] My broken capillaries have disappeared.


Julia is a great practitioner. [Single best thing is...] How good my skin looks 3 weeks after the treatment.


Very competent staff person -- can't remember her name.


As always, Julia did an outstanding job. [Single best thing is...] Clear, even-toned skin.


[Single best thing is...] Helped with my red face rosacea. Khanh was very knowledgeable and did a great job


Julia was very fair with her pricing and altered my treatment based on the current state of my scars.


Always a good response to V beam for bruising. [Single best thing is...] It is very fast and gives me good results.


I was in and out of the office quickly. The treatment helps to stop bruising after injectables.


Samantha and the rest of the staff are great. The environment is inviting and caring for treatment. I am always happy with my services and have seen great improvement of my skin since beginning treatment. Best thing has been the overall improvement of my broken veins in my face, but the close second was the amazing staff.


She did a great job!


Brittany explained the procedure/process thoroughly prior to beginning. The procedure went exactly as described. Brittany continuously asked how I was doing ensuring optimal comfort. [Single best thing is...] Visible veins almost gone in my face, skin looks smoother.


Great service, honest charges, good results

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