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Vanquish Fat Reduction

84.6% Patient Satisfaction based on 84 ratings

Vanquish Fat Reduction is a non-invasive procedure that uses radiofrequency engery to heat and kill fat cells. Vanquish is used on the abdomen to reduce belly fat but is not meant to be used for massive weight loss. Results can be seen in four to six treatments.

based on 84 ratings
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Vanquish Fat Reduction Reviews (21)

Mervat is amazing! She's incredibly personable and professional. It's clear that she is very knowledgeable with the procedures. My reasoning for putting "neither satisfied nor dissatisfied" in terms of the results have nothing to do with her. She's great! However, I haven't seen results and I have read that changes might not appear obvious for some time after the treatment. Fingers crossed!


Meg and Ashley are always so great to me. They really care about giving me what I want and need and taking their time. Definitely Worth the drive from Port St. Lucie


Kayla is a pleasure to work with! So professional and caring! So far yes! Results should be in about 6more weeks.


they were very careful and took the time to explain everything and tried to make me comfortable with the procedure


Elena was fantastic. She is very knowledgeable and explained everything about my treatment to me. Everyone I encountered in the office was very nice I was able to lose a couple inches off my waist so my pants fit much better now.


Elena was very nice. I saw absolutely no results from the procedure. It was an expensive waste of time. Nothing about my eating or exercise habits changed, and my body didn't change one bit from the series of procedures. Clothes fit the same, body weighs the same and my measurements are the same.


I am just getting a start on ridding belly fat and beginning new diet/ way of eating lifestyle change. Helped reduce belly fat


I hope my arms lose fat. I had a terrible bruise


Have been able to see results the next day. Unbelievable!!


Staff was professional and attentive to details. A medical related question was referred to Dr. Barone for response. Environment was pleasing. The coffee is a nice amenity. Water on leaving Vanquish might be nice!


Amy was so knowledgeable and personal. I experienced zero side effects from the Vanquish treatments. I am seeing small improvements as time goes by.


Staff was very polite. Procedure went well.


Mervat really tries to make me feel comfortable and to give me the best results possible. So far I have seen a reduction in my tummy and also in the fatty area under my chin. I've known Mervat professionally for awhile and to be honest, I do not think I would have even tried these procedures if I did not feel so comfortable with her- I normally would never spend that much money on myself. I usually just do derma planes and even those I just began doing about a year or so ago. I think the vanquish and elixis do work. I am not convinced the cellutone does anything at all- which is not Mervats fault as she does do the procedure correctly, I think cellulite is very tough to treat and I don't think that machine really does much at all. Hopefully with a few more treatments I will be wrong about that! I noticed a difference! When you are investing that much time and money, it can be scary to think that in the end you really won't see a difference. But I do see a difference!


Jeanette is outstanding ! Her knowledge of the treatments are very helpful and makes you feel confident that she's doing the right thing . The treatments I had made my skin feel fantastic. My clothes fix better too


She was pleasant and professional and had a lot of knowledge about the procedure


I don't have the final results yet to report about. but I am looking forward to great results. the documents sent via email were not very clear to read (small print, on color paper). Also, I would've like to see more information regarding my procedure online to review prior, such as more videos and other photos. But overall, the procedure was done professionally and the staff was courteous and understanding of my pain.


I think Meg is great but not impressed with the treatment.


Kristen very professional and "very" personable. Can not comment on final satisfaction as it takes time for final results.


The Doctor at this location is very personal, and has the best of intentions in helping and satisfying his patients with the utmost of care and professionalism! He desires that his patients have a wonderful experience with great results. The office staff is very friendly, and pleasant in assisting their clients with scheduling and answering any questions. At my most recent visit the Technician I saw did her best to make sure I was comfortable. She was efficient, and skilled in her expertise and knowledge of this procedure. She went out of the way to make sure everything was as it should be making me feel welcomed. Doctor Mc Coy is patient to listen to his patients and address any questions or concerns they may have. He takes the time to listen and explain in detail how the various procedures work. Dr. Mc Coy is very respectful to the potential clients or patients that he assists. Doctor Mc Coy's knowledge base and experience shows in what he does. He is an amazing Doctor, and he really cares about those that come in to see him seeking the support, and results that these procedures bring. He is precise and detailed in what he does, and so was the Technician I most recently saw. They take the time necessary to do it right. I say thanks to each of them.


appointments kept on time. Staff and Dr. friendly. Was told when treatment would not produce results.

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