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Part of the Juvéderm® family of hyaluronic acid injectable fillers, Voluma is FDA approved for restoring volume to the cheeks and can be used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. A Voluma treatment can last up to 2 years or longer.

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Voluma Reviews (234)

love how i look. just hope it lasts the time period i was quoted. [Single best thing is...] i feel happy


Dr. Georgis and his staff were very understanding of my desired outcome and made my visit very relaxing. Dr. Georgis is a true professional and knew exactly how to administer fillers to achieve my desired result. Never overdone as some doctors do. Will go back for more when needed! The subtle change in my appearance (relaxed look) has made a huge difference in my attitude about turning 65! Just the "lift" I needed!


What I love about every experience I have at the med spa is that everyone remembers who you are. I haven't seen Lauren in two yrs and she asked me about things I spoke to her about back then. Who remembers those kinds of things? That's why I love coming here. I feel important and cared about. [Single best thing is...] The fact that it doesn't look like I've done anything


Amber understood exactly what I wanted to achieve. She also favored a conservative approach which was also in line with what I wanted. I feel that I look better.


Was painless and Dr. Hall was great. Awesome staff.


Friendly. Dependable.


I appreciated the time and explanation that Dr. Hall provided. I also saw Brooke at this time and was very satisfied with the results and the information she also provided


Maryanne is a joy. She is an expert, extremely patient, thorough, and will not over fill, or compromise her integrity regarding aesthetic injections. [Single best thing is...] The overall experience with Maryanne, and the lovely office staff always puts me at ease. I genuinely enjoy seeing the office staff at each visit!


Dr. Sinno allowed for my consultation and injection to be a collaborative process. Dr. Sinno has outstanding patience, bedside manner and compassion. Dr. Sinno's decision to use saline to simulate an injection was very helpful.


there is slightly more volume to my cheeks. I answered in the previous text box. I was dissatisfied with the (client service) treatment I received when I tried to explain my doubts about the procedure and the results. I was told that I was in the wrong and my worries were dismissed. Now my face is swollen, randomly, 10 months later, in exactly the same place where it was swollen right after the injection. The same concerns I had after first coming in are back. The swelling is below my left eye and it slightly impedes my vision. I'm not sure why it is swelling now. I will wait to see if the swelling goes down after some rest.


My lips are bigger yet look natural. I love Valerie and travel from Florida just to go to her. She makes fillers look natural and not overdone. Worth the trip!!


It made a nice improvement to my appearance. Gayla knows what she is doing.


Dr Bash is amazing! Everything went well, the staff is wonderful!


Gayla's technique is excellent. She explains what she is going to do and what results to expect. The best thing is Gayla's light touch----almost painless!!!!!


I received the fillers that I wanted. I thought that I looked younger


Lifting face and lip wrinkles. Lauren is an artist; so kind, engaging, skilled and personable. She is amazing at her position!


He gave me cheekbones!!!! And no hollow under my eyes! Dr. Grover is a God sent. I had a horrible experience with another plastic surgeon and I Went to him desperate to fix her mistakes. He was calm and patient and professional and he fixed it perfectly.


I had no discoloration whatsoever which was my most significant worry going into the procedure.


Lauren is the best! She really listens to what the patient wants. She then adds recommendations that I wouldn't have thought of. Lauren is the queen of facial symmetry. She doesn't quit until the results are phenomenal. She is very careful to avoid facial bruising and calls the next day to follow up. I've never had a medical professional that is so caring about a patient.

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