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Arm Lift

92.4% Patient Satisfaction based on 467 ratings

An upper arm lift procedure reshapes the arm to reduce skin sagging and helps tighten the overall appearance of the arm. American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) states that over 22,000 arm lift procedures were performed in 2014.

based on 467 ratings
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Arm Lift Reviews (236)

Dr. Aboolian is a wonderful person and doctor. I am very confident that the scars will disappear and the arms will look perfect very soon!


Dr. Daluvoy and his staff was excellent I am going back for another procedure and I have told all my friends. I experience very little pain after my arm lift and Dr. Daluvoy had the best bedside manner.


This procedure has changed my everyday life in giving me more confidence in my appearance. People address me often by saying wow, you are looking so good. Haven't you lost weight? My clothes fit so much better and I can buy clothing that I would not have bought before because I would have been ashamed to show my arms or my arms simply would not have fit. When I go to the gym now I feel so good to wear my gym tops and do my thing!! My surgeon was very thorough and spent large amount of time with me and my husband before surgery to explain the procedure . He also took time to call me from his home couple of times to just check in to see how I was getting along. He is a very caring person and that means so much. He is also an excellent plastic surgeon . I am very happy with the way my procedure turned out. I am not excited about my liposuction experience but am very happy with my arm lift.


All the staff was wonderful. My Dr. was very professional and made me feel very comfortable! I am comfortable in tank tops and can take boxing classes without my arms jiggling and hurting.


Dr. Lee and his patient coordinator, Lauren are amazing. Patient, kind, available and overall exceptional human beings above all.


Dr. Daluvoy and the staff are simply awesome. From the time I made my initial consultation to my post-op appointment, everything was truly amazing. Dr Daluvoy is simply the best.


High level of professionalism and personability. The results are exactly as I had imagined


Dr. Palmer has a very professional and great manner who made me feel very confident about having my multiple surgeries. The office staff makes you feel so comfortable and reassuring about my procedures. The office has a family atmosphere not dysfunctional lol! I am looking forward to getting a facelift in the upcoming year and I know I will have great results because of Dr. Palmer's Golden Hands. I am very happy with the care I received and would not hesitate to refer anyone to him with realistic results. Dr. Palmer shares with you realistic expectations with one's procedure and the healing process. I was very happy that I have had very positive experiences based on those realistic outcomes.


Overall I was treated with the upmost respect and all my questions were answered. They have a lot of patience in explaining any concerns. The overall contour of my arms is amazing.


I simply love the staff here at Dr. Smith office! When I first came there to start my journey Katilyn went out of her way to make sure that I had all of my proper credentials that was needed for my surgery! Along with her and the rest of Dr. Rick Smith staff they helped me start to reach some of my long term goals! Yes I will be coming back next year to finish my journey! I can’t imagine anyone else doing my surgery! I am sold out for Dr. Rick Smith and his staff. May God continue to bless each one of them! Sincerely [patient name]. I am actually able to wear tank tops without my “Angel Wings”. Also my dresses aren’t tight fitting on my top part anymore!


I was extremely satisfied with my experience at this office. The staff is extremely friendly and professional. Dr. Mays was very attentive and thorough with the details of the surgery I was to have performed. He did an amazing job at giving me the results I desired. I would recommend this practice to friends and family. The best thing about this experience was working with a great office staff who catered to my needs.


From start to finish everyone I dealt with was wonderful. Knowledgeable, friendly, helpful - you name it the staff was excellent. I visited both facilities - both were in top notch shape - even the one they were in temporarily was impeccable. Plastic surgery is expensive so you always want a bit more for the high price but I am very happy with my results.


r Professional and friendly staff Good hospital with high patient to nurse ratio Regular hospital visits by Dr Hunt and his nurse [Single best thing about the procedure...] relief of pressure on my back.


No fat or excess skin on my hips.


LOVE my results!Put the patient first, very compassionate, professional, HIGHLY skilled,TOP NOTCH, friendly,I consulted with other well know Plastic Surgeons, none compared to the knowledge, time and information Dr.Bidic and his staff provided to me. From my very first visit, every question and concern I had was quickly and kindly addressed. I highly recommend Dr Bidic Surgical Arts


OMG I feel free to wear my sleeveless tops and dresses. Most of my closet was unwearable before the surgery - and I'm in hot steamy Florida! It really has released a dark cloud. Dr. Mobley is unbelievably talented, kind, and super professional. I would go NO where else except to him and his staff. Staff, nurses (office nurses and surgical nurses) are above and beyond expectations. This practice has to be close to Number 1 in the country. IMHO.


I am so much more comfortable with myself. I am having terrific results, doctor and staff were available, knowledgeable, and friendly.


Disappointed not taken enough skin off and I have pay for more surgery because of this matter


Scars on my arms are just as bad as the hanging skin. Still don’t ware short sleeve shirts and when I do people comment. What happen to your arms. Still to much skin under my arms. One breast is larger than the other. I notice, not other people. Would not do the surgery again. Dr. and staff could not have been any better. They were great.


I scheduled my consultation with Ms. Melinda. Not only is she nice on the phone, but she is so sweet in person as well. I arrived at the facility and had my paperwork already filled out since Melinda sent it to me through email. The waiting room was nice and comfortable, though I only spent 5 short minutes there (the wait time is AWESOME)! I was taken to my consultation room by Melinda. The room was very nice and I got to meet with Dr. Branman prior to showing him the problem area (arms). He came in and we discussed the procedure I was wanting to have and my medical history. He was very kind and made me feel comfortable. When he left, I was asked to put on a robe and when he came back, he was with his nurse Leslie, who has also been so kind and helpful throughout this process. I showed Dr. Branman the area's that I have issues with and he suggested a bracioplasty (arm lift). After discussing what my results could be like, Dr. Branman and his nurse left the room and I went to Melinda's office where we discussed the cost of my procedure and how I could make paying for it possible. She was so helpful. I called back to schedule my surgery the next day! Today is August 17th. I had my brachioplasty on August 6. I couldn't be happier with my results. My experience with Dr. Branman and his entire team has been fantastic. I look forward to using the services offered for many years to come.

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