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Arm Lift

93% Patient Satisfaction based on 570 ratings

An upper arm lift procedure reshapes the arm to reduce skin sagging and helps tighten the overall appearance of the arm. American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) states that over 22,000 arm lift procedures were performed in 2014.

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Arm Lift Reviews (298)

Dr. Nini is an expert in his field as well as a compassionate physician. The members of his team are skilled professionals. My surgery was flawless as was my recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Nini and his team.


Dr. West was very informative and took me step by step through the procedure. No surprises. My results are amazing! He is the best! The staff and nurses are excellent, so caring. They all made me feel so comfortable, especially Linda the surgical nurse. [Single best thing is...] My speedy recovery and the great results. My scar looks great and it’s only been 9 weeks.


Dr. Kramer and his staff were amazing! Every step of my procedure they made sure I was comfortable and answered all my questions. I am more than pleased how my procedure turned out. [Single best thing is...] Looking at my arms and loving the way they look and feel.


Dr. Loutfy and his team (Joy and Heather) are awesome! They are always friendly and genuinely care for you. Dr. Loutfy really cares about the outcome of his surgeries. He does what is best for you and your safety. I wouldn't trust any other plastic surgeon but Dr. Loutfy. He has already done several procedures on me to remove the extra skin that I had from a drastic weight lost.


[Single best thing is...] Outcome desired for my brachioplasty. . The staff, and Dr. Maxwell are caring and supportive of my cosmetic desires. Caring, professional and realistic about out comes, concerned about recovery and progress.


Very little pain and healed beautifully within 1 month. All staff are very compassionate and professional.


I was very pleased and Dr. Kramer exceeded my expectations. I also think the staff is wonderful.


Everyone I was and am associated with has treated me with the utmost respect and always there to answer any concerns I have. [Single best thing is...] Dr. McGovern and her staff being as excited for me as I was for myself.


[Single best thing is...] Outcomes have been great. I was a Surgical Technologist for over 30 years so I’ve been involved in a lot of surgeries. The professional and caring staff are great and Dr. Delavoy is a highly skilled plastic surgeon. This was my second procedure with him and I will have a thigh lift later this year. I’m very please with results.


[Single best thing is...] I had lost 50kg but I could never see the results in the mirror. I had a big stomach apron. Before surgery I was a size 16 after surgery I was a size 12 and total weight loss is now 56kg. Dr Hunt is such a professional. He explained everything in detail. He was able to answer all my questions and had amazing after care support via daily nurse visits and follow up phone calls.


Dr Levens is patient, kind and professional


My experience was extremely and highly satisfying, and I attribute that to Dr. Wan. My husband and I came in with limited knowledge and certain expectations and Dr. Wan provided us with education, confidence and excitement. Dr. Wan empowered me to make decisions that would boost my confidence tremendously. I have continued to research other patients on the internet for their results, experiences and recovery and I am confident I received the best I could ever imagine! Thank you Dr. Wan!


All procedures including previous breast uplift and tummy tuck have had a successful outcome.


Dr. Daluvoy was brilliant - immediately put me at ease. He was friendly and professional, and helped me feel ok about the procedure I wanted. He also ensured I was being realistic in my expectations and was prepared for the surgery. I am now just over two months post-op and with the exception of a minor infection in one incision, I have had no difficulty in my recovery, and my scars are already fading and look better than I anticipated. I had very little pain, and am delighted with the outcome - all my clothes fit better now and I'm excited to be able to wear short sleeves this summer. I have always hated how large my arms were, and have been self-conscious about them since I was in my 20s. Like all the females in my family, my arm size required me to wear a size larger shirt, which then didn't fit well everywhere else. I was tired of how much mental energy I focused on my arms, factoring into every wardrobe decision, never wearing short sleeves and even worrying about it when swimming or playing on the beach. I love how my clothes fit now, and how I just don't have to think about my arms as much any more. I'm excited to be able to wear short sleeves when the weather is hot, or go swimming without feeling I needed to hide my arms. I'm delighted to be able to focus on something else for a change! :)


I was very nervous going into my procedure. I've never had anything done like this before. For a long time, I always wanted my arms to match the progress in my weight loss, and Dr. Hawes made that happen. Recovery was so easy; I was back to my job as a teacher and SUPER light CrossFit activities that next week. Within a month of my procedure, I was picking up a barbell again. My muscles are visible through my skin, and I can finally wear medium sized clothing instead of upsizing 2-3 sizes to accommodate my arms. The single best thing has been getting my confidence back. I was so self-conscious of the unsightly skin on my arms despite my weight loss. It got in the way of my CrossFit progress, my ability to wear clothes that were actually my size, and to be comfortable with my body. Virtually in a month that all changed. I love wearing tight fitting clothes to show off my arms, my dresses and blouses fit as they should. My mobility with CrossFit has improved because my skin isn't getting caught in my armpit. This has been a life-changing experience for me.


The results were better than I had hoped for and the recovery time was minimal.


Dr. O’Toole was very attentive, he spent the time to answer all of my questions and really understand my needs and purpose of being there. He also walked me through each step of the procedure from beginning to end and really made me feel comfortable in his hands. [Single best thing is...] Dr. O’Toole’s attentiveness and understanding. He gave me his undivided attention and spent the time and effort to make me feel confident about the procedures we would do.


I was pleased with the pre- surgery consult where I was treated with utmost respect and patience with explaining my options for surgery. The surgery day was totally comfortable with the professional and kind care of all involved. And I am pleased with the final results of my arms.


For me this will be a 2 part process. The first part, I believe was successful and I can visualize how my arms will look when the second process is completed. Dr. Lille is responsive to my questions and concerns and so far he has met my expectations. I trust him. I look forward to the second part of the procedure in the coming months.


The staff is very nice and informative. They were always available to answer any questions I had and I just overall love my results.

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