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Cosmetic Surgery:

Arm Lift

92.4% Patient Satisfaction based on 486 ratings

An upper arm lift procedure reshapes the arm to reduce skin sagging and helps tighten the overall appearance of the arm. American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) states that over 22,000 arm lift procedures were performed in 2014.

based on 486 ratings
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Arm Lift Reviews (244)

With patience and thoroughness all procedures and after surgery possible occurrences were explained to me and follow-up appointments made. Pictures made and prescriptions given to me. Discussion of wearing garments or using ace bandages wraps. Complete confidence in staff. Even 2 letters, one from Dr. French about happy to hear of my decision to have the surgery. The one letter to give to my spouse, who served as a caregiver during recovery.


First of all my arms look great! Every interaction with Dr. Kramer or any of his staff has been positive and enjoyable. Everyone is professional and compassionate making this a wonderful experience.


The staff is always kind and professional. Kimmy is a joy. She is knowledgeable and caring. Results are as expected. Dr. Kramer is thorough, conservative and talented.


Dr. Calobrace has advanced skills and experience. His staff were kind and attentive. The reputation of the facility was superior.


Dr. and surgical staff were polished, professional and knew their jobs and carried them out perfectly.


One of the nicest offices.


They have a knowledgeable staff. Their appointments run on time. Everyone is kind.


The surgeon worked a miracle. He really made me a lot more confident. I had a lot of fat around my arms and I needed to get that taken care of now. Also one arm was bigger that the other before surgery and that arm is still bigger. But kudos to the Dr. and I'm ready for my next set of surgeries with him. He and his staff were very nice and they always greater me with a smile.


Process for the surgery matched what I had been told. Surgery scars were as expected and I think are resolving as expected. Pain and mobility post surgery are as expected at this point. I am only 8 weeks post op


Dr. Hess and his staff were very comforting throughout the process as well as always available to discuss concerns or post op questions that came up.


Staff great. I really like the doctor.


[Single best thing is...] Ability to wear smaller sized clothes. I'm not satisfied with the results of the procedure I had done.


Dr. Aboolian is a wonderful person and doctor. I am very confident that the scars will disappear and the arms will look perfect very soon!


Dr. Daluvoy and his staff was excellent I am going back for another procedure and I have told all my friends. I experience very little pain after my arm lift and Dr. Daluvoy had the best bedside manner.


This procedure has changed my everyday life in giving me more confidence in my appearance. People address me often by saying wow, you are looking so good. Haven't you lost weight? My clothes fit so much better and I can buy clothing that I would not have bought before because I would have been ashamed to show my arms or my arms simply would not have fit. When I go to the gym now I feel so good to wear my gym tops and do my thing!! My surgeon was very thorough and spent large amount of time with me and my husband before surgery to explain the procedure . He also took time to call me from his home couple of times to just check in to see how I was getting along. He is a very caring person and that means so much. He is also an excellent plastic surgeon . I am very happy with the way my procedure turned out. I am not excited about my liposuction experience but am very happy with my arm lift.


All the staff was wonderful. My Dr. was very professional and made me feel very comfortable! I am comfortable in tank tops and can take boxing classes without my arms jiggling and hurting.


Dr. Lee and his patient coordinator, Lauren are amazing. Patient, kind, available and overall exceptional human beings above all.


Dr. Daluvoy and the staff are simply awesome. From the time I made my initial consultation to my post-op appointment, everything was truly amazing. Dr Daluvoy is simply the best.


High level of professionalism and personability. The results are exactly as I had imagined

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