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Body Lift

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Body lift surgery typically includes removal of excess skin and lifting of the abdominal area, groin, thighs, and/or buttocks. This surgery is often undergone by those who have lost massive amounts of weight.

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Body Lift Reviews (273)

Dr. Bruneteau and the entire office is amazingly kind. Not only is Dr. Bruneteau a skilled surgeon, but he is an artist!!! My results look amazing.


Amazing work! Better than expected. I felt at ease with the doctor.


Knowledge & attitude of staff and Dr. Hunt. [Single best thing is...] Daily support of the staff in the Edgecliff facility as I didn't have anyone at home to help with after care.


I Love my results. I had a Body Lift and Breast Lift. I am 53 yrs old. I don't know why I waited this long. After having 3 kids and breastfeeding I finally feel like I got my Body back. I tried dieting and exercising and I could never achieve these results. I am so happy. Very professional staff from the Front desk to my Patient care coordinator Daisy , Gina the nurse the medical assistant and Dr. Vitenas.


Still have lines in nose and forhead


Excellent surgeon and professional staff


It exceeded my expectations on every level. Absolutely superior service. My outcomes absolutely blew my mind


My results are staggering. Plain and simple. The office as well as the nursing staff were respectful of me and my needs. Not only was the excess skin getting in the way of many things in my life, but the problems with my stomach muscles gave me a great deal of discomfort.


Dr. Hing and his nurse, Heidi are very caring and professional.


Everyone listened to questions and responded quickly. When you are there, all attention is placed on you and your needs are top priority. My confidence is higher than it has ever been. I feel great and it has changed how I look at myself. It feels great to be able to buy clothes that I’ve always wanted to wear and and look good in them.


This was the best medical experience of my life. The ENTIRE staff is amazing, patient focused and highly professional. They’re friendly, efficient and thoroughly knowledgeable. Dr Hall nd the staff have great senses of humor and make you feel very comfortable. My outcome is great and I feel much more confident. Dr Hall is my only choice for ANY cosmetic procedures now and I will use him again. I’ve also recommended his office to several people and will continue to do so. I love this office! My clothes fit better, which makes selecting work outfits for the week simpler and enjoyable This saves me time, a precious commodity in my life. I also feel more confident as I feel I look my best. My field is very competitive so presenting a polished appearance is important. I feel healthier which gives me more motivation to exercise and eat properly. My husband loves my sleek new look and compliments me frequently. The improvement has a cascade of positive effects in my life.


The doctor and the surgical center were both excellent. I have more confidence. Priceless.


The office staff are friendly and attentive. The nurses were attentive and knowledgable. Dr. Larsen has a great bedside manner, he is easy to talk to. He gives realistic explanations of what to expect from your procedure. I love my new flat abdomen. The scar line is very well hidden.


Best surgeon ever. Caring, professional, expert in his field, great team, great energy


Everything went so smoothly. Things were explained so well before proceedure and follow up appts went smoothly also. Dr. Was very kind and thorough as well as rest of staff. I am SO happy with results. Would do it all over again. I feel beautiful again and not so fat. Heath wise helps also. Not so out of breath. I have back issues and removing that excess skin helps relieve some of that pain.


All of the staff were prompt professional and friendly. Questions were answered quickly, and my results from my procedures are excellent and what was promised.


This has been life changing. Dr Hunt was the last surgeon with whom I discussed my options. He provided comprehensive information then answered several questions to help me understand what was involved. His professional approach was considered and sensitive. Even though I felt overwhelmed with what appeared necessary to be done, I did not feel pressured or even encouraged to make any decisions. He gave conservative, candid and objective advice about appropriate treatment options, then left me to consider them. His conservative approach and information about elements of some procedures designed to reduce their invasiveness, gave me confidence to proceed with surgeries. Following my detailed written feedback and preference to go with Dr Hunt, my GP's advice was, "I concur". While in hospital following surgeries, Dr Hunt listened to any concerns I had, considered from my perspective as a layperson, then addressed them in a way that allayed any anxieties I felt. This is comforting when you are dealing with strong, extended pain and feel vulnerable and powerless, relying on the care of strangers for most of your needs. Ciara (CNS) was positive and encouraging on her daily visits post operatively. Her professional advice and support while in hospital and at clinic visits in the following weeks, provided necessary information to progress my recovery. Pre and post operatively, she was always available to answer any questions and welcomed any requests. My GP, who teaches and supervises new graduates, told me prior to the second series of procedures that she was "very impressed" with Dr Hunt and his professional care in my circumstances. She followed me out as I left her rooms and repeated this.


It's been fantastic!! I can finally wear pants at my waist instead of my hips, I can buy normal shirts at the store in a L or XL instead of needing a *Tall* size because of my height and where I had to wear my pants - it's just overall life-changing. I've got so much more confidence in running or exercising that I'd never have without it. Dr. Gingrass will do absolutely everything in her power to make you as prepared and satisfied with your procedure as possible. She warned me about every little thing and when the dilemma with the infection occurred, she helped manage the issue with me being 2 hours away (in Chattanooga).


Overall experience was very nice. The staff was very attentive and thorough.


I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Gonce, his staff and the outcome of my lower body lift. Dr. Gonce spent time marking me up to make sure he could get every ounce of loose skin he could safely. I'm so happy and glad I made the decision to go with the lower body lift instead of the tummy tuck. Dr. Gonce said I would not be happy with the results of a tummy tuck as I had too much loose skin. As a result, my clothes fit great and have even gone down one size in pants. I feel like I can wear anything now with confidence.

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