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Brazilian Butt Lift

90.4% Patient Satisfaction based on 224 ratings

The ‘Brazilian’ butt lift is a procedure to transfer fat from other parts of the body to the buttocks area to increase fullness, roundness, and projection. 

based on 224 ratings
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Brazilian Butt Lift Reviews (90)

I fell much more confident and can wear anything I like. It all looks great! . Very friendly staff. Great surgeon Dr Polo! Always available to see me and answer all of my questions! Very professional place.


My safety was a number one priority ,, . Dr Bruno catered to all my needs and wants way beyond my expectations my body looks so amazing 3 months post op my confidence is so high now super happy I chose him to trust my life and results with !!


My first surgery was so amazing that I booked a second surgery shortly afterwards. With the second surgery I felt as though the surgeon and the patient coordinator did not care when I made mention of issues I was experiencing after surgery and no one even followed up on my request to redo the surgery to achieve the result which I prior requested.


The physician as well as the staff are all a class act. Well informed about my procedure from the beginning to the end. More self confidence.


Where do I start! The doctor right down to his nurse and other staff were highly amazing. Always there to answer my call and accommodate my needs. Truly amazing people and I’ve gone to recommend the doctor to my family and friends. I have another surgery with him booked in the fall and I can hardly wait.


Overall the staff and process was great. Some of the results didn't meet expectation.


I am highly satisfied


Doing my research Dr. Bruno was coming up as one of the top three doctors that had great reviews, continually active with his surgeries, certified etc. I submitted a request and received feedback within 2 days, which was reasonable response time. When I called to schedule my consultation they were very professional, polite and courteous. Very informative to what I was to expect regarding the consultation.I arrived to my consultation and was greeted with smiles, a hello/welcome and offered water. I felt welcomed and didn’t feel as a customer but as a new family member. Dr. Bruno was professional, attentive and truly was listening to want procedure I wanted and what I was looking for. That being said he began to explain the process of the brazilian butt lift, showed videos of the process and explained fully the type of bodies and bone structure that each person has and how it depends on how much ones butt can extend. This helped me to be realistic and what I was going to expect. Dr. Bruno made me feel comfortable. He was professional when taking pictures of my body and explaining what and where the lipo would be done and where the fat would be inserted in my butt. He then placed them on the computer for me to see and provided additional information and answered my questions. I spoke to Marisol and she is an amazing professional woman that explained the finances part of the surgery. She never treated me as another number. We proceeded to schedule my surgery. On the day of my surgery, Dr. Bruno’s staff was A+. Dr. Bruno before the surgery talked to me and began to show where the incisions would be and how the surgery would proceed. After my surgery Dr. Bruno and Marisol were attentive to any questions or concerns I might have and I appreciate the courtesy of them both.


Dr. McNeel was wonderful and very thorough. I enjoyed him working with me because he was so helpful will definitely be back


I'm highly satisfied with the services of Dr Sinno and his group. They were all really clear and respectful with my wishes. Dr. Sinno made everything really clear and even I have only 5 weeks post op I already look myself satisfied with the results. They make everything do easy for you. I highly recommend Dr Sinno and his equip to all my friends in Chicago. I'm so glad I found him.


I have had a few procedures. Dr.Polo has always taken his time to listen to what I am looking to get out of my surgery. I tell him exactly what it is that I want to get out of my procedure. He tell me the truth about the look I'm hoping to achieve. He will advise me that the look I'm looking for is achievable he not trying to just sell me something I don't need. He will say something like maybe I would be better off with a different procedure. Bottom line is he has my back not just trying to sell me something to make money he really cares and takes his time.I am very very satisfied with my results.His assistant Sel is amazing and great to work with he definitely gets the job done.


I was referred to Dr. Bruno by a trusted friend. Dr. Bruno and his staff are amazing. My experience was amazing. I already miss them. I highly recommend Dr. Bruno. My results are much better than I imagined. He did a great job in making my transfer look natural. I have no regrets! I love my new body! Thank you Dr. Bruno, Joselle, and Marisol. This procedure has made me more confident. I love shopping now. I know I am able to fit just about everything I bring into the dressing room. I am a perfect size 4. My old clothes look so much better on my new body. It is nice walking past the mirror and catching a glimpse of my new butt. I did this surgery for myself. Others seem to notice how nice it looks too. They do compliment. People aren't asking, is that real or implants? When they see me, they think I was born with this nice round butt.


Dr.Setty did an amazing job, and the results are amazing. . Doctor and staff were very supportive, informative and available. The results of my procedure are awesome.


I have already communicared that my procedure failed to meet my expectations completely


Nurse didn't always call me back when I left a message for her regarding questions.


I was highly satisfied with Dr. Bruno since the minute he walked into the room and greeted me and wanted to know about me first before we even discussed what surgery I wanted. All the staff was extremely welcoming and made me feel at home. Dr. Bruno explained rhe procedure to me step by step and was very realistic with me and didnt just feed me what he thought I wanted to hear. He's very warm and cares about his patients and their comfort. I loved the fact he took pictures and showed me on screen exactly where he'd be removing fat, where he'd be placing it and where the incisions would be. If i decide to get another procedure done I'd definitely come back to him and recommend him to others. His before and after care was amazing as well as Marisol, Giselle and Gina. They even sent me an arrangement after wishing me a speedy recovery. Im only 2 weeks post and loving my results so far.


Dr. Larsen does amazing work. Two friends highly recommended him, and they were 100% correct. Highly recommended!!!


Love Dr. Shah it is his staff and the nurse.


I have had surgery twice in the past with good results but Dr. Smith's results far exceeded the previous two. In simple terms EXCELLENT! I AM PROUD TO ADMIRE MYSELF IN THE MIRROR.


Dr Sukkar and staff made the experience a very good one and kept my mind at ease with any problems/worries I had. I've tried calling back several times for my followup but can't get anyone on the phone. Due to Harvey I think I've missed an appointment, I've tried calling to get a date but I have had no luck. It has made me 10000% confident In my appearance when before I would hide behind clothing.

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