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Brazilian Butt Lift

90% Patient Satisfaction based on 278 ratings

The ‘Brazilian’ butt lift is a procedure to transfer fat from other parts of the body to the buttocks area to increase fullness, roundness, and projection. 

based on 278 ratings
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Brazilian Butt Lift Reviews (128)

Great results and Dr. Calobrace and his staff are the best!!


Results are amazing!


My results have turned out as expected and I really appreciated Dr. Swistun with his knowledge, bedside manner, and overall care. The staff was amazing as well. I had a great experience!


Dr. Fortes and the staff were extremely polite and professional.


The entire experience was very smooth and comfortable. The Doctor and staff are very friendly and professional. This is my second surgery with Dr. O'Toole. He is very straight forward with procedures and definitely the outcome has been better than expected on both procedures. I am happy with the results and definitely recommend to family and friends. Thank you Dr. O'Toole and Staff.


Dr. E is awesome. He is professional yet personal and very patient. He listens to your concerns and makes sure you are comfortable. I have had other consultations leaving feeling judged or unheard. Not here. The whole staff are amazing.


The transformation of mt stomach is amazing. No fat or skin hanging. He also raised my buttock . I look great.


Before the procedure was done I stated that I wanted to have roundness. However since my procedure an being post op for three months. I haven't seen a change at all in that area. I also brought my concerns up in my appointments was told to give it time. I expressed to Dr. Carney that the area was still hard and haven't shown any fullness. I look the same as when I came in for consultation. I feel as though the blame was placed on my body instead of accepting that I wasn't given what I asked for. I spent alot of money to be unhappy with my results.


The results are not anywhere near as expected or what we talked about. There was very little change at all. Definitely not worth the amount of money that I was charged. I am not at all happy with the results.


[Single best thing is...] Dr. Bruno’s caring attitude and excellent skills. Dr. Bruno took the time to listen to what I wanted,. I felt appreciated and well cared for by Dr. Bruno and his staff. I’m very happy with the results!


There were no surprises. Exactly what Dr. Carlino and the nurses relayed to me prior to surgery is exactly what happened and how things progressed. I am happy with the procedure, I am finally happy with the way that I look! [Single best thing is...] Recovery time was minimal.


I thought more fat would have been injected. I also thought my body would hold onto more of the fat. The remaining 300 cc’s that were stored seems too little of an amount to do a second round. Seems like that should have been injected since fat had a high chance of being absorbed.


Dr. Martins is a very skilled Dermatologist.


I have had several things done with Dr. Calobrace, every experience has turned out great. The staff is super friendly and always patiently answer all of my 500 questions before and after surgery. Dr. Calobrace is up front and honest with what can and cannot be done so I had a real idea of what to expect. Would highly recommend.


Dr. Smith is efficient with everything. I could ask any questions and he would give me straight answers. I love Dr. Smith's honesty. Just excellent patient to doctor communication! The anesthesiologist Dr. Crowley, was great with communication as well. The procedure room is kind of scary but, Dr. Crowley is very friendly and easy to talk to. I definitely felt like comfortable before I went to sleep. Even leading up to my procedure Desiree & Shannon were the office girls I mostly interacted with. They are SO friendly and knowledgeable as well. I never felt like my questions were stupid. They were always willing to help and always smiling.


Very professional attention, he gave me a very natural look...


Dr. Irene Tower is professional, precise, and the most qualified surgeon I know. She takes her time, she is informative , she cares. I TRUST her ! That’s the most important part. You have to trust your surgeon. This is my second cosmetic procedure done by her gifted hands and she is definitely 5 star. Highly recommended !


[Single best thing is...] The results are exactly what I wanted/expected. I have had lipo in the past and I can tell that my results are way better this time. The nurses were very helpful and nice the day of surgery.


I'm still in the healing process so have not experienced the full result. As far as patient care I'm highly satisfied.


Dr. Bruno, the receptionists, and the staff in the surgery room were extremely helpful and kind. I'm 2 months post-op from my BBL and I love my results. It has a very natural look, which is exactly what I wanted. I came out of town to have the surgery done and Dr. Bruno made sure I had follow on appointments to ensure my safety before I departed town. I'm very glad I chose to do this surgery because Dr. Bruno was able to shape my body how I envisioned it. (:

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