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Breast Implant Removal

96.4% Patient Satisfaction based on 246 ratings

Breast implant removal or explantation is a procedure to reverse a prior breast augmentation, without replacing the implants. 

based on 246 ratings
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Breast Implant Removal Reviews (146)

Everyone involved were lovely,it all went smoothly,so I'm a very happy customer. [Single best thing...] All the staff involved in my procedure.


From the minute I meet Jeremy and his team I felt comfortable,safe and important that was the same throughout my whole process. When meeting Dr Hunt for the first I didn't have to even explain really what had gone on in my past operation to lead me to getting a revision surgery, with his knowledge he new right away what had gone wrong and how he was going to fix it. Having seen 10 Plastic surgeons Prier to meeting Dr Hunt that most said they could never fully fix my breast to surgeon who said they wouldn't touch me, so you can imagen how happy I was to find Dr hunt. I'm now four months post opp and have never felt better and also have just booked my second stage operation with Dr Hunt. Loving my body again :)


Dr. Ghazi and staff, were incredibly confident yet still approachable and humble. I felt safe, best way I can describe. I no longer feel self conscious of the ridiculous implants I had. My immune system thanks me, it no longer has to struggle because of foreign objects in my body.


Moment I stepped in Dr. Chen's office to leaving the Plastic Surgery Center, after my procedure, I was treated with kindness and such professionalism. I am beyond, excited and grateful to Dr. Chen and his entire staff.


Freedom from worry about toxic implants. Result was not as good as i was led to believe


I work in surgery. I have never met a surgeon in ANY specialty who is as accessible and concerned as Dr Ghazi. He is an amazing surgeon and person. I am extremely please with the outcome of my surgery I feel extremely relieved that my implants are gone. I also feel confident they were removed the right way so nothing was left that could make me sick.


It has helped me regain my health and get my life back. . Dr. Ghazi and staff were amazing from the FaceTime consult until my last post-op visit. He went above and beyond to always answer any questions or concerns I had. He was quick to reply back to any questions or concerns I had. I recommend him all the time to people and will continue to do so.


Everything was great. I only wish you could have removed the capsule and run pathology testing on them.


Dr Ghazi did a good job.


Dr. Ghazi is a phenomenal Surgeon. It is very caring and understanding and listened to my needs. The entire staff was very friendly and surgery team was on point with medication and pain management after surgery. They truly have explant & lift down to a science. I highly recommend Dr. Ghazi I’m very pleased with my results. Dr. Ghazi is an artist and very skilled Surgeon. I feel so much better health wise since I explanted.


I'm so thankful that it's done and that the recovery has been exactly as I was told it would be. I absolutely loved working with Dr. Rudderman and his entire staff through this process. Competent, kind, patient, generous, professional, and compassionate. I will definitely recommend them and use them again in the future. It's becoming increasingly difficult to experience excellent client service in any industry, even the medical industry. So to have the kind of experience that I had during such an important time is something that I'm truly grateful for.


I always feel at ease when I know Dr. Calibrace is taking care of me. He doesn’t push his ideas on you, he simply tells you all the possible ways you can achieve your desired results and leaves the decision up to you. He is amazing!


No issues or complications Felt as though I was in the best of hands The confidence and kindness of the surgeon


Both of my breast implants were damaged. Having them out and now healed has given me great satisfaction and I have also gone down several dress sizes. I feel I look younger and less matronly. I love my new look!


Dr. D'Amore is a masterful surgeon who changed my life. Every case is different, but I would trust him before any other surgeons I've read about or met. My situation was complex, I was nervous going into surgery, and the outcome can never be guaranteed, but because of his very well thought-out approach and his excellent skill and judgment during the surgery, I couldn't be happier with the results. He's experienced at doing EnBloc extractions, which is the way to go since it gets out every bit of the implant material, and he did some fat transfer on one side for symmetry. I have my body back - I'm me again. For me, the implants I'd gotten over 20 years ago (from a different doctor) had never felt right - I always felt I'd betrayed myself and they kind of ruined sex for me, but I was scared to get them out both because of the extent of the surgery and because one doctor along the way 10 years ago had been very pessimistic about the outcome (he got me in tears). It was a matter of waiting for the right doctor at the right time, and that was Dr. D'Amore. I cannot say enough good about his whole staff and team either. They are an excellent team--friendly, professional, and they have full system of patient care worked out from weeks before surgery to weeks after. I felt well cared for every single step of the way. I highly recommend Dr. D'Amore and his staff.


Dr. C is the best of the best at what he does. He is professional, knowledgeable and does what he thinks is best for his patients. He is the only breast/ plastic surgeon I'll ever see. Also his team is on top of it as well. Very nice ladies who did a great job of checking on me after surgery. Improved back pain. I feel great.


Called Dr Cabba office to find out if he had experience in removing breast implants and if needed fill in cavity where first doctor carved out to make room for implant due to being flat chested with very little breast tissue. I was told yes he had experience and could do reconstruction-filling in cavity. also listed as one one the top doctor inSt Louis. My implants capsules filled with silicone ruptured. I was schedule for consultation with in 3 weeks. Surgery scheduled booked out to end of Oct. I was given surgery date 9/4/2018. Thank you for getting me in so quickly. I wanted implants removed with no replacements. Whole procedure went smoothly. Could not be more please with my results. Many thanks to Dr.Cabbabe and staff. [patient name]


Dr Gingrass did a excellent job with my surgery.


Everyone was kind, helpful and so nice. I could not find a thing to complain about if I tried! From the office staff to the hospital staff...amazing experience. I feel so much better about myself.


Surgery coordinator was very warm and helpful prior to surgery. Dr was very caring and the staff friendly after the procedure The post op instructions were very good. I had confidence in Dr. Grunwald. 0verall, i would refer my friends and family to Dr. A Grunwald.

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