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Breast Implant Removal

95.6% Patient Satisfaction based on 144 ratings

Breast implant removal or explantation is a procedure to reverse a prior breast augmentation, without replacing the implants. 

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Breast Implant Removal Reviews (92)

i think the honesty and confidence that came behind Dr. W is what made me content about going on with my procedure.


From the first visit to Dr. Rudderman's office, I felt comfortable and well informed with what I was dealing with and what needed to be done to correct my issue. Everyone in the office was extremely friendly and receptive and I felt at ease and well-received. Dr. Rudderman was approachable, friendly and very professional at every visit, before and after surgery. He was very experienced with my situation and shared exactly what he would do and how, and what to expect. From my pre-op, surgery, post-op and every follow-up, I am well pleased with each visit and the outcome. Thank you Dr. Rudderman and your staff!


Dr Rudderman and his staff were empathetic and showed the utmost care in understanding my needs and explaining what to expect through the entire process. I am very happy I had the surgery and love my results and I would recommend Dr Rudderman to others considering explant surgery.


I wanted my implants removed and Dr Whitfield did that successfully. He rearranged his schedule to work around mine so I could have procedure done as soon as possible. He genuinely cares about the wellbeing/outcome of his patients.


I NEVER expected such an amazing experience. I thought I was going to miserable and depressed having to go through the removal and reshaping of my breasts. I was scared and embarrassed, BUT Dr. Stoker made the entire experience awesome and non stressful. The staff, especially Lorena was so kind and welcoming. I feel like I've been given a new opportunity in life and I feel GREAT!


The postop instructions were given to my husband who is not a medical person. The written instructions were fair and the nurse who discharged me was not really clear and just suggested I call the office.


Dealt with true professionals who care. No more daily discomfort.


Dr. Rudderman and his staff did an amazing job. All contact with everyone in the office was efficient and organized. Everyone, including the staff in the surgery center, was alert, knowledgeable, and on-the-ball. I had interviewed other surgeons and this efficiency was not evident in other practices.


I went from splling out of a DD cup bra and having 22 year old implants with my back hurting, to now having a boob size that feels good, no back pain, and no worry of really old implants in my body. The lift that Dr. Brown gave me makes my breasts look like I have small, nice sized implants, but its my own tissue. I am loving my new boobs! From the moment I met Dr. Brown, I felt like she cared about me & the results that I would have. After the surgery, I had a complication, NOT due to her, but I have never felt more cared about from a Dr EVER!!! She and her staff go above and beyond to make sure you are well physically as well as mentally. I would never choose another surgeon again, she is my lifetime surgeon!


The anesthesia was great, lack of postop pain, lack of postoperative nausea. Left nipple made smaller than it was originally and smaller than the right one and incision areas that were gaped healed wider and darker on the right. Did not have concerns about incisions and mismatched nipple size addressed or a solution to my concerns addressed


Dr Ghazi and the staff were very knowledgeable and caring.


Dr. Stacey's the best! He takes time with you and really cares about you and your results. He takes pride in his work. The entire office experience is always relaxing and friendly. I would recommend him to anyone and in fact, I already have! I had my implants removed and a lift. I feel so much better after having them removed. I also look a lot skinnier!


I had breast augmentation surgery almost a decade ago with this doctor. He and his staff were amazing. When I decided to have the implants removed recently, he and his staff were amazing again. They gave me options that I was not a aware were options for me to aid me in my decision. I LOVE this office, I refer everyone to Dr. Vanderpool. Everyone there is genuinely nice, repectful and cares about the patients! Everyone at this office makes you feel welcome, at ease, and they are willing to always go the extra mile for their patients!


Perfect. I had a fever after the procedure and i was concerned so I called the office and the reception room my number and assured that someone will call me back; however, I never heard back from anybody. While I always satisfy with Dr. C and staff, this incident is a downer on my satisfactory rating.


Dr. Roark is an exceptional Plastic Surgeon. He was at all times caring, warm and knowledgeable, demonstrating both confidence and humility as it relates to his craft. He possesses a rare combination of character and skill that only magnifies the quality of care he provides.


Everything went smoothly. Was seen immediately when I had an issue it was resolved also very quickly and I felt the both the doctor and his staff were very knowledgeable. I feel and look much better.


Everything went very smooth. I didn't know anything about Dr. Workman so I was grateful I had such a wonderful experience. To anyone who wonders if you can undo" having breast implants, you totally can! I feel like I have my body back and now wonder why I ever felt the need to have rediculous plastic bags attached to my body so I will feel attractive to men. Ladies, if that is your value, you will attract the type of men who believe so also. Thank you Dr. Workman, and thank God! Redemption is a possibility. [patient name] I can sleep, run- you name it- better. I don't have that bizarre feeling that there is a foreign object inside me. I had them for long enough! Dr. Workman did an excellent job at putting me back together.


Implants only lasted a month before they had to be removed due to scar tissue


What made me choose Dr. Heil was his one on one consult and his staff of PA's. He. is honest and detailed in his explanation of the procedure. He treated me like a person not a procedure. I can say I am more comfortable.


Dr. Brown and her staff are very thorough, kind, and attentive. Dr. Brown takes the outcome of her work very seriously. She was very honest with me, everything went exactly as she planned and explained to me. I got breast implant removal with a lift. After 10+ years of indecision and dissatisfaction during my search for the right doctor it was easy to decide on Dr. Brown. Unlike in previous consults she was positive and confident in the outcome she could provide, including the amount of breast tissue I'd have left. While other doctors told me I'd be flat chested Dr. Brown assured me I wouldn't be and she wasn't joking! Her skills have given me the most beautifully sculpted size 32C breasts. The entire experience from the first consult, throughout the surgery process, and now the healing and follow up could not have been any better. My hopes and expectations have been greatly exceeded! I will always trust her for any future cosmetic procedures I may have and I will refer anyone to her. Dr. Brown and her staff made me feel safe and confident throughout the entire experience.

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