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Breast Implant Removal

96.4% Patient Satisfaction based on 280 ratings

Breast implant removal or explantation is a procedure to reverse a prior breast augmentation, without replacing the implants. 

based on 280 ratings
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Breast Implant Removal Reviews (164)

Couldn’t be more please with my surgery results. Dr C. was the only doctor who listened to me. My implants ruptured 3 times before and none of these previous doctors would remove, only replace. I am finally myself again. I was not sure what I would look like after implants removed. Dr C. Gave me back small breasts. All the staff were professional and friendly. From start to finish I would recommend Dr C. and staff highly. Happy now. Thanks to all.


Absolutely Impressed with Dr Hunt and his nursing team! So professional, five star rating if there ever was a rating for surgery! Minimal pain post surgery, reassurance and informed every step of the journey from initial consult right through to post surgery consult. Dr Hunt and his team are world class, and did I say my surgery results were sensational! Couldn't be happier! Dr Hunt's results speak for themselves ! He is a genius in his field! a modest one!


From beginning to end, I am very pleased with my surgical experience. I had my implants removed due to capsular contracture, as well as a breast lift. I’m pleasantly surprised that I look so “normal”. Dr. Rudderman’s professional skills as well as his easy demeanor led to a positive surgical outcome. For the first time in over 30 years, I am not self-conscious about my chest.


I originally had breast implant surgery by Dr Romanelli 5 years ago. The surgery and the result were wonderful but I just did not like having implants. After having them removed I am extremely happy with the result. Everyone in the office made me feel comfortable. I am much more comfortable in my body. Having implants made me very self conscious


Everything is always so easy. The Dr's offices are easy to get to. The staff are excellent and communicate beautifully. I felt informed from start to thus far. I was very apprehensive and unsure of what to do about my leaking implant. Dr Turner was very patient and answered all questions clearly and honestly right up to being taken into surgery.


I found this practice on line, since I didn’t have any reference from a relative or friend, and was quite nervous as what to expect. I’m so glad I found them - they were all amazing and everything exceeded my expectations. The single best thing was getting a better outcome than expected. I wasn’t promised anything so my expectations weren’t exaggerated but i was extremely pleased in the end.


The staff are extremely professional and caring. The follow up is amazing. Dr Turner is very professional and patient. The overall experience was excellent. However I'd have to say Dr Turner and his staff made me feel extremely comfortable and I felt I was in capable hands.


Dr. Mobley did exactly as I requested with only local anesthesia for breast implant removal. As a nurse I was very impressed with all staff. Nurses were terrific and kept me up to date on what was going on and kept me comfortable! Excellent experience with great outcome!


I cannot give high enough regards for the entire process. I have and will continue to refer people to Dr. Rudderman's office. He and his entire staff are wonderfully kind people that made each visit a breeze. Shout out to Nurse Cait for her perfect balance of bedside manner and professionalism. I was quite nervous about the procedure until I met with her for a pre-op appointment and then I no longer had a single reservation. You are a special human and you brought me peace prior to surgery. Thank you, Nurse Mallory, for keeping always being honest and keeping appointments moving. (Cannot leave out Lindsay and Lisa...providing the smiles from check-in to check out!) Finally, thank you, Doc for a surgery that has increased my daily quality of life. You are all rockstars! Happy Thanksgiving to your awesome team. :) Prior to surgery, I had phantom pains, back pains, and general discomfort. The surgery has removed all of those. I am more confident and can complete daily tasks with ease. After meeting with Dr. Rudderman and his team the first time, I canceled the two additional appointments that I had scheduled and booked the surgery with his team. I am thankful that I was led to his office. He is a master at his craft and I would not change my decision if I had the choice again.


Dr. Grunwald is a very friendly, caring, knowledgeable surgeon, who makes you feel at home right away. I had a difficult decision to make regarding previous plastic surgery, and she was very compassionate while I absorbed the shock related to the need for surgery. She provided realistic potential outcomes for the procedure with sober expectations for post-op appearance, all delivered in a caring manner. My niece accompanied me to the hospital and waited with me in pre-op, and was astonished at the greeting and hug Dr. Grunwald gave me when she arrived in pre-op. I thought you two had known each other forever! She greeted you like an old friend! I can't recommend her highly enough. Many thanks, Dr. Grunwald, and God bless you in your practice and like!


The best thing about my surgical procedure experience is how great I feel. . I am highly satisfied with Dr. Teitelbaum and all of his staff. Dr. Teitelbaum is the best at what he does. He has a true gift and I will never go to anyone else. I am 63 and for the first time in my life I am truly happy with the work I have had done. He truly cares about you and it shows in his work, his staff, and his office. Hats off to Dr. Teitelbaum he is the BEST!


Dr. Quigley and his Staff take their time and truly care about your well being. Never did I feel rushed or uncomfortable. They have compassion for their patients.


I am grateful to have been able to have my breast implants removed and to have been in Dr Ghazi hands!! I am experiencing a higher quality of life now. Thank you so much-! Dr Ghazi is amazing at what he does. The result of my breasts says it all... he is a highly skilled surgeon with a wonderful professional bed side manner. I will recommend anyone seeking to remove their breast implants to Dr Ghazi. He is adding a tremendous amount of value to our community of woman! I look forward to continuing to be his patient. I would like to have my double chin worked on as well as my husband. Dr. Ghazi is a blessing and his team are caring and sweet to my son.


The dr and her office were top notch [Single best thing is...I'm] more confident


The staff and doctor really listened to my concerns and talked with me about them. My outcome was better than I anticipated. The surgeon was meticulous in his procedure and I am grateful for the extra time he spent ensuring a good outcome. [Single best thing…] The positive support of all of the staff.


I had breast implant removal due to many years of encapsulation. I had wanted the implants removed for ten+ years & had consultations w/three different surgeons but the staff at Dr. Bucky's was the best I had encountered. I felt secure with Dr. Bucky after meeting him & confident he understood my concerns. I no longer have hard rock breasts & I really love feeling the REAL ME. Granted my breasts were never very big to begin with & are not now but just having the REAL ME back is worth the surgery. In fact I wish I had never had implants to begin with. They make mammograms pretty tough. Finding comfortable bras has always been hard for me; I don't like them much at all. I am happy with myself for making this big decision. My family is happy for me too. . Dr. Bucky's staff were highly professional, answered all my questions & concerns. The procedure itself was staffed by very competent/caring people/staff. They again answered any of my concerns. The anesthetist was a voice of calm & competence which made me feel very secure in my surgery. She was awesome.The front desk at the facility was professional & helpful as well. I had a very positive experience. I am happy with my results.


Everyone involved were lovely,it all went smoothly,so I'm a very happy customer. [Single best thing...] All the staff involved in my procedure.


Doctor C. is the best doctor who did my implants and then 11 years later removed them for me per my request. The entire surgery prosecute was pain free with slight discomfort.


From the minute I meet Jeremy and his team I felt comfortable,safe and important that was the same throughout my whole process. When meeting Dr Hunt for the first I didn't have to even explain really what had gone on in my past operation to lead me to getting a revision surgery, with his knowledge he new right away what had gone wrong and how he was going to fix it. Having seen 10 Plastic surgeons Prier to meeting Dr Hunt that most said they could never fully fix my breast to surgeon who said they wouldn't touch me, so you can imagen how happy I was to find Dr hunt. I'm now four months post opp and have never felt better and also have just booked my second stage operation with Dr Hunt. Loving my body again :)


Dr. Ghazi and staff, were incredibly confident yet still approachable and humble. I felt safe, best way I can describe. I no longer feel self conscious of the ridiculous implants I had. My immune system thanks me, it no longer has to struggle because of foreign objects in my body.

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