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Breast Implant Removal

96.2% Patient Satisfaction based on 1130 ratings

Breast implant removal or explantation is a procedure to reverse a prior breast augmentation, without replacing the implants. 

based on 1130 ratings
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Breast Implant Removal Reviews (612)

I was impressed by the use of drugs that controlled the pain and nausea which were non addicting.


I had breast augmentation 13 years ago and have never felt comfortable with the obnoxious size. For years I have wanted to have them removed. At the beginning on the year, I searched the internet and found Dr.D'Amore and made the call. From the start, I felt completely comfortable with him and his staff. He listened to my concerns to have my implants removed. I no longer wanted the implants and wanted to go back to my natural breast size. I feel fantastic and I'm grateful for the final result.


Very good experience - doctor and team were caring, thorough in explaining details and procedure, compassionate, treated you like a family member.


Patient care outstanding, doctor and team. Very strong surgical skills.


Dr. Rudderman and his entire staff were amazing. I felt like I was actually heard and my concerns were important to them. From the second I met Dr. Rudderman, I knew I was in good hands. My results exceeded my greatest expectations.


very polite, very informative. very concerned


Office was easy to communicate with, procedure was comfortable, outcome is great


Amazing knowledgeable caring staff. Dr. Nini gave me results better than I ever anticipated


[Patient chose not to leave a comment]


The staff here is amazing including Dr. Workman. They worked with me and my issues to get the outcome I needed. My own body with allergies did not make it easy. They were patient and kind and went above and beyond the call of duty. Like any other doctor, ask questions in advance and know what you are getting into as far as recovery and medications, especially if you could have an allergy.


My explant and breast lift surgery came out very nice. All of the staff that worked with me in Dr. Kramer's office and the surgery center were fantastic. All staff/doctors/nurses were friendly, patient, and thorough. All my questions were answered and I felt as though each and every person I encountered cared about me and my wellbeing (emotional and physical).


Dr. Beil is very thorough and careful. He took no shortcuts.


Dr. Jones successfully removed my implants and did a breast lift with no complications.


Everyone was informative on their particular involvement.


[Highly satisfied?] Yes.


The overall experience was very good. From looking up on line, contacting with quick response, healthy protocols to feel safe, professional, pre-op, post op - for me it wasn't strictly a cosmetic procedure, ruptured implants had to be removed, I was nervous, Dr. Holland was professional, to the point and took care of business.


I am very satisfied with the way everything turned out, I wasn't too sure what to expect but I knew the process was not going to be easy. I am giving the 5 overall ratings because the care that was provided was phenomenal, when I had concerns or questions the nurse would guide me through everything. If I needed to see the surgeon they would schedule me in with no hassle. The whole process was done with great professionalism.


The experience was seamless. I felt taken care of and understood, from initial assessment to the post-op. Things were explained thoroughly and all paperwork was discussed and very detailed. I really appreciated the packet for reference while I was at home. It made it easy to prepare, obtain necessary items, mentally prepare for what was to come during and after surgery, and included helpful contact info. I have worked in the medical field for 20 years, and while I have worked with some incredible male physicians, Dr. Egrari has restored my faith in male physicians and men in general. I am not exaggerating. When I left my first appointment, I felt at ease and knew I was in good hands. He was soft spoken, respectful, and never turned away from me; he made me feel like I mattered. I knew he was the right surgeon because he he took his time, asked me what I wanted, gave me clear options, and never pushed any of it on me. Not once did I feel like a number with him or his office/nursing staff. He put me at ease immediately, but his surgical skills blew me away. The removal of my breast implants and subsequent breast reconstruction was incredible and he honestly went above and beyond for me in that surgery. This time, he completed a thoracoplasty and removal of some excess breast tissue, which he extended even further in order to achieve the best results. I couldn't be more pleased. I was also extremely pleased with my upper and lower blepharoplasties, they were perfectly symmetrical and I'm grateful I don't have one eye that looks weird! While some surgeons may only see dollar signs, I believe Dr. Egrari is a different breed. It is apparent that he takes pride in his work, and he is so talented and genuinely cares about his patients and his staff. His staff only have great things to say about him, and that speaks to his leadership. I just have a gut feeling that morals and ethics matter to him, his patients aren't just a paycheck, and that money and adoration hasn't gone to his head! He has confidence in his skills, yet has humility. In sum, he has made me cry three different times (with gratitude) and after my breast reconstruction (and abd scar repair) was the most profound feeling...I felt like he had given me a gift. Like he gave me a piece of myself. I tear up as I think about it. And honestly, through his surgical artistry, I could see/feel that he worked hard in that OR to perfectly sculpt out what was right for ME specifically. I don't think most surgeons are this way. And I am grateful to have found him and his great staff. I cannot gloss over the nurses. Whether it's answering my questions over the phone, supporting or helping me in each appointment, or meeting me at the elevator to and from surgery, every encounter with the nursing staff has been incredible!! They are smart, helpful, respectful and fun to visit with! It's a professional environment without having lost touch with humanity. Grateful.


Everything was done at a high caliber and the service was excellent. I had a lot of confidence in everyone.


Excellent facility, professional staff, make me feel very comfortable and confident

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