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Breast Lift

94% Patient Satisfaction based on 3012 ratings

Breast Lift surgery corrects sagging or uneven breasts to enhance natural breasts or previous augmentation procedures. American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) breast lift surgery was the 5th most popular surgery in 2014 with over 130,000 surgeries performed.

based on 3012 ratings
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Breast Lift Reviews (1472)

I just love how smooth evertyhing went. How much information I got before surgery.


Dr. Jones and his staff are the best! I had implants placed 7 years ago, by a different surgeon, and they were sagging and had fallen. From my first appointment with Dr. Jones, I was 100% satisfied and knew I was in the right hands. The office staff is great and so very helpful thru the entire procedure and post operative care. The evening after my surgery, Dr. Jones called to check on me. That was very impressive. The surgical suite is impeccable and so clean. I would highly recommend Jones Plastic Surgery! I know longer have the back pains I had before. I feel so much more confident and love looking at my breasts again! Scarring is almost gone.


Boosted my overall self esteem and confidence level. . I got what I wanted no BS it went well they took care of me before during and after the surgery.


Everyone was very attentive and made me feel as though I was the most important patient. While this surgeon was the most expensive, I firmly believe you get what you pay for. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome of my surgery and always recommend them.


Dr Lundeby and his staff were were understanding, answered all of our questions both before and after— no high pressure for my decision. I had to travel to the Spokane surgery center but having everything in one location and the fee included everything was great. No surprises!


Everything went great. Staff was helpful and friendly. More confidence


Dr Gingrass and staff are great! I was confident with having this procedure.


Love the treatment from the staff and Dr. Holly Wall! Customer Service and Atmosphere


I am super impressed by Dr. O'Toole and everyone at his office. I cannot stress enough how impressed I was at how I was treated from the initial appointment and through to surgery and post surgery. The surgery suite made me feel at ease – the warmth of it and the modern equipment. The nurses and anesthesiologist were very nice. I am super happy with results of my breast lift so far I know I have time yet to to still heal and adjust but the doctor has been kind to me and I cannot believe I did not need pain meds! He was right! Dr. O'Toole and I discussed my goals and my wants and needs were realistic in terms of what kind of results could be achieved. His advice was spot on! My husband was also super impressed by how well I am healing. I am still a little tender on parts of breast but overall I feel pretty ok as it has been 3 months since surgery! Thank you to everyone at Pasadena Cosmetic Surgery in Pasadena, CA for my new found confidence and happiness! I feel better about myself and I have more confidence and my clothes fit better. I feel more youthful.


Dr Bucky and his staff are extremely talented and professional. Communication is great and my results are awesome! I feel more confident and positive about my breasts


Everyone was so attentive to my needs and concerns as a patient from start to finish. The nurses were available post surgery to answer questions about recovery as often as I needed.


Dr Turner, was very approachable and easy to talk too. Dr Turner staff and nurse KEILLY is amazing... As this was my first operation, I was very scared at going under for 5 hours, Dr Bridgland my anaesthetist made me feel so comfortable and safe. so far I love the results (I'm only 3 weeks post op) and I still have my incision points covered, but so far I am very happy with what I see.


Looked very natural, and they gave me what I really wanted! Dr Bolitho really took the time to listen to my concerns about my procedures, I never felt rushed. He was conservative and I looked so natural and was very happy I still looked like me! Love the staff, and their care!


I'm still in post recovery but I can already see a dramatic difference with my facelift. Also, I had my implants removed and my breasts lifted and they look beautiful. I'm absolutely thrilled with my results. I feel so blessed they turned out better then I could have imagine. I'm absolutely grateful and thankful to Dr Bucky. All my pre-op and post-op appointments were scheduled for me the same day as my initial consultation as well as picking a surgery date. I was verbally given instructions as well as detailed paperwork sent to my home. Reminders of appointments are texted. I love how organized and friendly this practice is.


During my initial visit, the nurse and the doctor spent a lot of time answering all of my questions. Dr. West thoroughly explained all the options and recommended the procedure I would need to get the results I wanted. I was a bit nervous when I got to the office for the actual procedure, but the nurse and anesthesiologist were extremely attentive and made sure I was comfortable and relaxed. I’m very happy with the results!!


My results are fabulous. Dr. May's is an excellent t doctor. He listens, hes patient, and great professionalism. I feel like my breasts are back to normal and where they should be.


First, I have much more self confidence! My blouses fit much nicer even though I have large implants. But, most of all, my husband won't leave me alone! I think he's happier with the results than I am! . I had a breast lift and 800cc implants. The final result was EXACTLY how we wanted it. Dr. Corbin did a fantastic job!


My whole experience was excellent. Dr. Quinn and his staff are fantastic. I feel much better physically- I think my appearance is much better


I just feel better about my body after having the breast implants removed. The lift is great! Everyone was polite and professional. All my questions were answered before and after my surgery. I felt safe and comfortable. I was of course anxious on my surgery day, but everyone made me feel less anxious. I thanked the person who referred me to Dr. Calobrace after my surgery.


Dr. Calobrace is absolutely amazing! I had prior lift/implant surgeries trying to correct bottoming out and asymmetry issues. After 4 prior surgeries, I was very hesitant to believe anyone could help. I considered contacting Dr Dubrow on the Botched TV series. I met with Dr Calobrace and he really listened to me. He is very sincere and kind, he never rushed me or failed to hear my opinions. The results of my breast lift, capsulorraphy, galaflex placement, liposuction surgery are amazing! My only regret is letting anyone else do the prior surgeries. I plan to have a tummy tuck surgery (also done elsewhere) redone with Dr Calobrace. We are blessed to have such a skilled plastic surgeon in Kentucky. He is the Dr Dubrow of Kentucky!

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