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Breast Lift

94% Patient Satisfaction based on 3103 ratings

Breast Lift surgery corrects sagging or uneven breasts to enhance natural breasts or previous augmentation procedures. American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) breast lift surgery was the 5th most popular surgery in 2014 with over 130,000 surgeries performed.

based on 3103 ratings
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Breast Lift Reviews (1512)

After my breast surgery, I booked my eyelid surgery and I am so elated with both procedures. I feel confident and amazing and i just love every member of Dr. Rudderman's staff. I have recommended him to everyone I know that asks. I am truly 1 happy patient. :)


I look so much better since my procedure! I feel perky and pretty!!! My appearance is 100% improved. Dr Calobrace was very positive and I felt he wanted as nice of a result as I was looking to achieve. The office personnel were so friendly and knowledgeable. I always had every question I asked answered to my satisfaction.


The end results !! Dr Hunt is amazing he made sure I was comfortable and knew exactly what was going to happen. I trusted him 100 percent and I'm over the moon with my surgery. Wouldn't change a single thing !


The office and staff were extremely professional. They genuinely care about their patients. The office is very organized and all requests are dealt with promptly. I highly recommend Dr Ciaravino and his staff. Exceptional results.


I was only able to see Dr. Ciaravino during the pre-op and on the day of surgery. Not during the consult or post-op.


Dr. Egrari and his team are exceptionally kind and professional. Dr Egrari is a phenomenal surgeon.


Everyone is always so nice and supportive. I love that everyone remembers me and truly seem interested in how my procedure turned out.


Everyone is always so nice and supportive. I love that everyone remembers me and truly seem interested in how my procedure turned out.


My entire experience was great. Dr. Teitlebaum did a wonderful job and was always available for questions. He was very responsive and kind. I had no pain with this surgery and the anesthesiologist was very attentive to my concerns. The staff was so friendly and also very available for any questions or concerns. Overall my entire experience was fantastic, including my results!! It was very easy. Everything went just right and I felt very comfortable through the entire process. Most importantly, I trusted Dr. Teitlebaum and staff!


Dr. Ratliff was very comforting and took the time to answer each and every question I had. I would highly recommend Dr. Ratliff to anyone considering plastic surgery. Boosted my self confidence tremendously!


The outcome of the breast lift was better than I thought it would be. The office atmosphere was relaxed and inviting. The staff was professional and quick to respond to any questions I called or emailed. Dr. Gonce was understanding and confident in his abilities.


Before my tummy tuck I would literally need to lift the skin and actually put deodorant or power the area. There wasn't a day that went by where I couldn't wear spanx to keep the extra skin in place with my clothing. Since my tummy tuck I can just put on any pair of jeans and go! No tucked in tanks! It is honestly like a new found freedom. I have had 2 surgical procedures performed by Dr. Pfieffer and see her several times a year for Botox/ Dysport injections. I could not be more satisfied by every aspect of her and her staff. I recommend her to anyone I know who's pondering having any sort of treatment. Dr. Pfieffer and her staff are amazing and caring women.


My Breast lift, augmentation and lipo of my underarms- has genuinely brought such confidence in my opinion. Its been incredible to see my body transform during the days and weeks since my surgery with Dr. Cohen. I am amazed at just how quickly my breasts have healed and it feels wonderful to have my friends and family notice how much happier I am with my body since my surgery. I have had nothing but an incredible experience at Belcara and I am looking forward to continuing my relationship with the practice in the coming months. . My experience with Dr. Cohen and each member of the Belcara Team has been outstanding ! Everyone has been professional, welcoming and so supportive during my visit(s). I sit in awe of the elite customer service I have received throughout my surgical procedure and on each of my additional visits with the team. I am looking forward to continuing my relationship with the practice as I have another consult scheduled in early December with Dr.Cohen. I have shared my experience with many friends and clients, who are eager to visit the practice themselves. Thank You so much for being such a light in my life the past few months!


The best thing is how welcoming Dr. Palmer and his staff were to me. Dr. Palmer and his staff were wonderful and made me feel comfortable during the procedure. My results were wonderful!


I have always felt confident about my appearance, but I feel even more confident and attractive post-surgery. I wasn't anticipating how significantly the outcome would positively affect me in these ways. Dr. Workman has been professional and personable in all interactions I've had with him. I elected to come back for a lift a couple years after my augmentation because of droop. He did an exceptional job with the surgery as I now have the results I wanted from the beginning. He and the clinic were fair in their pricing because I didn't get the results I originally wanted. Further, all of the other staff and clinicians were helpful, personable and professional. All information provided at all phases during the process was thorough and helpful. Twice I called the on call provider, and both time, she was kind and helpful regarding my concerns.


The best surgeon ever!


got exactly what I was hoping for, very easy recovery much easier to wear many bras bathing suits and dresses


Friendly, personable, professional and experienced doctors and staff.


Stephanie was awesome and great to work with!!


I feel much more comfortable in every day clothes, a bathing suit, under garments, and bra less. I am very pleased with my results. . The facility is clean, all staff are personable, both doctors are easy to communicate with and talk to you like real people. The ease in making appointments and to speak with a nurse or doctor is very helpful and comforting.

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