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Breast Reduction

95% Patient Satisfaction based on 2247 ratings

Breast reduction relieves discomfort, improves lifestyle, and enhances appearance. For women who experience physical discomfort from large breasts, this surgery relieves back, neck, and shoulder pain. According to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery breast reduction surgery was the 8th most popular surgery in 2014 with over 100,000 surgeries performed.

based on 2247 ratings
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Breast Reduction Reviews (1153)

Very pleased with the breast lift that I received. They look great! :). Dr. Ghazi was fantastic. Wonderful bedside manner and ability to make me feel at ease from the very beginning. I love that he personally called to follow up the night after my surgery and was available any time I needed him. The rest of the staff was very pleasant as well.


Not only is Dr. Vitenas as highly skilled surgeon, but he demonstrates such care and concern about the issues that concern you, and a willingness to help you reach the desires of your heart. For most of my life, I have struggled with over-sized breasts. Today at 55, I feel like a teen again, wearing cute clothes, being more physically active, and feeling comfortable in my own skin.


Everything has turned out wonderful. The staff was wonderful. I was nervous about the procedure, but the staff put my mind at ease. I know a couple of people that had the same procedure with Dr. Huntly and they could only say good things about him.


Nice and knowledgeable [Single best thing is...] Feel better


Dr Barone and every staff member I have encountered listened to me, treated me with respect and were happy! Happy staff make an amazing practice! You can tell the folks here actually love their job and want to take care of you! I had ample time to ask questions, be heard, and every effort was made to ensure I was comfortable before, during and after surgery.


Anesthesiologist was more casual than expected.


I just love everyone at this practice. They were very helpful, returned calls asap, answered all of my questions.


Dr Koltz is the best. He answers all questions and made me feel very comfortable with the whole process. He and staff are very knowledgeable with getting procedure covered as medically needed. I told my primary care doctor it was the best experience I had with doctors ( other than my primary care who I had for 27 years). Dr Koltz and staff went far beyond to make sure I was comfortable. I had fantastic results I have much less pain in my neck and upper back areas. I am standing up straighter with less pain.


Happy with results and have already recommended clients and sis to come and have same procedure Looking forward to cuter bra selections with less support needed. Less back pain.


Everyone was so polite and such a caring atmosphere. The nurse and Doctor were so reassuring. I am totally pleased with my outcome. I feel so much better about myself.


Best thing I have done. I am more active now and have more confidence in my appearance. Dr. Leppink made me feel very safe and always had my well being in mind. He made the experience very comfortable for me and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for any type of procedure.


Since my first contact with dr. Clayton I felt really comfortable and I knew that he was the one that I was going to have my procedure done with. He was clear, he was knowledgeable he made me feel confident that it was the right time for me to have my procedure done. I saw a few doctors before the doctor Clayton was the only one that I felt confident that I found the right doctor.


I was highly satisfied as always I have been coming here for years.


Not only do I look and feel amazing, Dr Pearlman and his staff are just absolutely fantastic! Dr Pearlman has the best bedside manner, he is a very hands on doctor, he called my husband and I the same night as surgery to personally check on me and make sure i was comfortable. Prior to surgery his staff contacted me every week to make sure i was doing ok and prepared for my upcoming surgery, answering any and all my questions. This was one of the biggest and best decisions in my life, having the breast lift and reduction, has been life changing in the very best possible way. I would recommend this procedure with Dr Pearlman to anyone and everyone that needed or wanted to have this done. I went from a GG to a DD not only do I no longer have horrible back pain and massive headaches but at 38 I have beautiful perky 18 year old breasts! I cant say enough good things about Dr Pearlman and his staff, anyone looking for not only an amazing plastic surgeon who also happens to be an amazing person please go see Dr Pearlman!!!! The single best thing about this surgery is how amazing I look and feel.


The Dr was great. Listened to what my concerns were. I’m so pleased with my breast reduction. He made 63 year old breasts look 20 again! So pleased The outcome! Love everything about it!


The staff and doctor were very friendly and helpful. helped with back pain and shoulder arthritis.


I am much more comfortable and have less back and neck pains. I can wear clothing that was never possible before the surgery. . The surgeon was wonderful and I was very happy with my experience.


I can wear regular bras and shirts. My confidence has gone up and I am no longer scared of wearing a shirt that may be unflattering just because of the size of my breasts. I feel lighter and no longer have chronic pain in my back. I can go on runs and not have to wear 3 sports bras. I also don’t have to worry about people staring at my chest or wearing tops that are “too revealing” even though they weren’t. Dr. Gartside made everything easy to understand and never made me feel dumb oruncomfortable with the questions I asked. She was patient and made sure I wanted the procedure done. She was very kind and made the experience flow smoothly. All the staff in the office were also friendly and helpful. I am highly satisfied with the results of my surgery as well and I feel a million times more confident.


Every single member of the staff at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery's office was courteous and kind at all times. The office is run very well and wait time is minimal. After my surgery, I called with questions and the Nurse Practitioner called me right back with answers.


Dr Hunt was extremely professional as is his staff! On the day of the surgery, I was nervous! Dr Hunt made me feel comfortable and made sure I was aware of every aspect of the surgery. He also took the time to contact my family when I was in recovery to let them know how I was going! The feeling of being happy in myself and being able to look in the mirror again. After having my children, the mirror was my enemy but I had to face it daily. Now I smile when I look in the mirror.

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