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Cosmetic Surgery:

Breast Reduction

95.4% Patient Satisfaction based on 3552 ratings

Breast reduction relieves discomfort, improves lifestyle, and enhances appearance. For women who experience physical discomfort from large breasts, this surgery relieves back, neck, and shoulder pain. According to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery breast reduction surgery was the 8th most popular surgery in 2014 with over 100,000 surgeries performed.

based on 3552 ratings
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Breast Reduction Reviews (1792)

Dr Crantford and his staff are top notch! They are so attentive and patiently answered all (and there were many!)of my questions. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming- you immediately feel at ease. Dr Crantford has superb bedside manner. He is relaxed, calming and reassuring. His surgical skills are unbelievable- I was amazed at what he did for me. He literally changed my quality of life!


Doctor and staff were excellent!


I had originally been recommended to a different surgeon, but left my appointment feeling anxious about my surgery. I decided to meet with Dr. Hall, just to get another opinion, and left feeling so comfortable and informed about the surgery. I truly could not have asked for a better surgeon, both in terms of comfortability and the results of the surgery itself. I would recommend him to anyone!


Dr. Bachilo and Jill made this such a seamless, pleasant experience. Everyone at the office is so incredibly kind, I look forward to my appointments. It's a positive and supportive environment. Dr. Bachilo is invested in your care and your results, and took the time to walk me through everything and make sure that I knew what I wanted, so that she could give me the best results possible.


From the moment I walked into Dr. Romanelli's office, I was treated wonderfully. Dr. Romanelli is truly a remarkable surgeon. I highly recommend him and his staff. He was every bit as excited as I was. I have never been happier!


I really love the size of my breast. I just wish I would have asked for them to be a little smaller but there is a huge difference from what they were. They are sensitive & asymmetric. They look great!. Also, Dr Boschert has an excellent bedside manner. He personally checked on me when I came home. He's awesome!


Thorough and personalized care provided by the team. Pre and post operative care were amazing.


The entire team is friendly, welcoming and extremely professional. I felt very heard, seen, safe, and cared for. Im thrilled with the results and would recommend the Waldorf Center to everyone.


My initial visit was very encouraging, the information was complete and meeting with Dr O'Toole was very important in helping me make the decision to move forward with the procedure.


Everything went well, no surprises.


Dr. Sinno was very professional from start to finish. He never made me feel rushed during appointments, communicated and apologized if he was running even a little behind schedule, and just simply took the time to make me feel I was in good hands! It takes a special physician to have both excellent surgical skills and bedside manner. I sought out Dr. Sinno based on multiple referrals given to me independent of each other, from women who had gone through breast cancer or work in that field. My reason for breast reduction was medical in nature, due to migraine headaches that I had 2-3 days per week and daily neck/dull headache pain. Also, I had the abdominoplasty in conjunction with the breast reduction after 3 c-sections and an umbilical hernia. Being a physical therapist myself, it was very important to me to have better posture and efficient abdominal activation/stability, both of which had been lacking. Dr. Sinno could not have been more understanding of the reasons behind my decision for the surgery, and every step of the way discussed his plan to ensure both function and aesthetics. He was so wonderful! The surgical center was very efficient and caring. His private nurse Liz, and Lauren on his staff were both so sweet and helpful, making my overall experience one to remember. I am now 6 months post surgery. My abs look and feel amazing, by breasts are the perfect size for my body type (athletic, 5'4", 140lbs), headaches/neck pain nearly gone and migraines down to 1x/week! Thank you so much to Dr. Sinno and his staff, I am eternally grateful!


Dr. Engel answered my questions and helped me to understand the entire process. He was highly recommended by my medical professional. Appreciate Dr Engel and your whole team. Thank you.


Dr Epstein's office is amazing! The staff, the facility and of course Dr Epstein are all amazing people!


The professionalism of Dr. Waldorf and her team. Dr. Waldorf instilled great confidence in her abilities to take care of my surgery and to provide me with my desired outcome. Peace of mind is of great value to me.


Great results and quick recovery!


All staff were respectful, friendly. Dr. Crantford put me at ease, spoke frankly about procedures and what to expect. I trusted his experience to determine the best change choices for me. Two months post surgery I find myself with life changing results. My body is adjusting well to my post op body changes. Post op Reagan was amazing with daily texts and support. Really amazing. Dr. Crantford? Skilled, kind, caring, patient, good eye contact, I highly recommend.


I see myself as I always thought I was.


My breast are beautifully smaller and perky. My tummy looks flat. My eyes look wider and brighter. The lipo contoured my waist. I feel my body looks better at 59 than it has in several years.


Dr. Kramer and his staff are 100% on point. From start to finish all my questions were answered, the procedures I had were the best ones for my body and I never had any regrets.


Dr. Mark Epstein and his staff were great. He was attentive to minor complications I had right after surgery and helped to put my mind at ease. His office scheduled me for appointments to follow up after surgery after my complications. He was available for me to text him pics. My breast reduction came out great. Not only was he professional but he is also talented. Would highly recommend him for cosmetic surgeries!

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