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Cosmetic Surgery:

Chin Surgery

96.4% Patient Satisfaction based on 34 ratings

Chin surgery reshapes the chin either by enhancement with an implant or reduction surgery on the bone.

based on 34 ratings
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Chin Surgery Reviews (17)

All staff members are amazing. So friendly, attentive and knowledgeable.


Dr. Raphael and his staff were excellent! The facility was beautiful and pristine. My results are amazing! All of my questions were answered beforehand and the results are exactly what we discussed.


Staff was very nice and the doctor made me feel confident that he was the right choice. The whole experience was pleasant and simple and the fact that they have their own operating room in the building is a plus. The facility is also very clean.


Clean facility, very thorough treatment plan, pre-op and post-op instructions. Staff was available on weekends to answer questions/concerns about my procedure. Dr. Mays and his staff had excellent bedside manners and I felt at ease and comfortable.


Completely satisfied.


Professional, comfortable and pain free procedure. Dr. W and the anesthesiologist were very supportive and professional. Great 'bedside' manner with both of them! Reduced all excess skin from under the jaw. Previously did a 'Lipo' procedure that was only partially successful. A chin reduction procedure then provided an excellent result.


Chin is firmer and tighter.


Very simple visit. Stitch removal.


Even though I had surgery on my chin I was told that I must wait 4 months to a year to see the results. Therefore, I can’t really say yet because not much has changed. They told me usually there’s not a big difference until it heals, so when it heals completely I’ll be able to say if I’m highly satisfied or not. Although I do see a bit or a difference.


It's three months since my chin surgery and my front teeth are still numb. With my eyelid surgery - the scars are lumpy and noticeable which is disappointing. Maybe they will decrease with time.


No more sagging skin


People think I lost weight. Everyone tells me I look great . I have a chin again. The staff was wonderful. It is a great place to have procedures done


As mentioned previously this is the second time I have gone to Dr Singer for procedures by choice. He is the best! He and his staff make you feel like you are part of a family prior to and after your surgery. He insists on follow up for the better part of a year after your surgeries. Clearly he takes pride in his work and was to a sure that I was satisfied and at the same time he has the opportunity to keep an eye on his work to a sure that he himself is pleased with the outcome. As mentioned previously there were a couple of minor redos" and the outcome was superb! For the past two years I have not only had procedures done by Dr Singer in his office I have been coming to his office on a monthly basis for skin care! His highly train aesthetician does a wonderful job with dermatology, enzymes and glycolic . His office also offers high-quality skin care products that I have incorporated into my regime. Not only do my surgeries look fantastic and make me feel fantastic – my skin is fantastic! I am constantly receiving compliments! " Dr Singer is always available to you! He is hands-on for preop and postop! As mentioned previously as his patient I feel like I am a part of a family every time I visit Dr Singer's office!


Minutes highly satisfied, because everything I also shown and explained, happened. My neck and chin are Amazing. I have so much less fat and my chin is definitely more feminine. I still have two more procedures to do...eyes and nose. My husband is scheduled for his eye surgery. We love Dr. Smith and his remarkable team of women. When I look in the mirror, I can see a firm neck and jaw line. I feel so much prettier and slimmer.


My self-esteem & confidence have skyrocketed, I'm more likely to speak out, I have a much greater sense of satisfaction when I look in the mirror. Prior to my procedure, it seemed unnatural that I had a deficient chin. The results are incredibly natural and even my closest family and friends can't detect a procedure was done. Overall, my confidence is the largest benefit, although I also know that as I age, I will age more gracefully due to my results. The experience was thoughtful, empathetic, and highly professional. The nurse and surgeon did a fantastic job of preparing me and keeping my mind at ease. The facility was far more inviting and welcoming than a hospital facility. The nurse was incredibly skilled, as were the staff. I can't begin to sing the praises Dr. Calobrace deserves. His skill and eye are second to none; he's a true ARTIST.


Dr. Fouda Neel is highly skilled, professional, courteous, reassuring, and has a very friendly manner which put me at ease. His follow-up care is very good. The staff at the clinic are all approachable, friendly and efficient. The clinic itself is clean, well-lit and spacious. Most important of all, Dr. Fouda Neel listened to my concerns and performed the surgery to my satisfaction. This surgeon is excellent for people who like myself, are overly anxious.


I did not realize it would be as strenuous it would be nor how much discomfort there would be.