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Cosmetic Surgery:

Ear Surgery / Otoplasty

95% Patient Satisfaction based on 381 ratings

Ear Surgery / Otoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that changes the size or changes the position of the ear. Typically performed on teenagers and children the most common form of this surgery is ear pinning. American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery states that in 2014, over 35,000 ear surgeries were performed.

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Ear Surgery / Otoplasty Reviews (196)

Dr. Chen and his staff were very patient, kind, and caring.


procedure was minimal discomfort, quick,


Both procedures turned out great


Dr. Henry: Dr. Henry was patient with each appointment, interaction and took time to explain, listen to concerns and was never in rush to get through an appointment. She was available for each zoom and in person appointment. Procedure: Procedure itself was smooth and pre-surgery, surgery and post-surgery follow ups were great. Each time we talked to Dr. Henry after the surgery late night right after the surgery. She was not satisfied with the result after the first surgery and did a follow up procedure to make sure we were all happy with the results. Appointments: There were a few mess up with appointment times, location or in-person vs zoom, between various people who manage it. But with a little extra work to confirm, we could stay on top of it.


The doctor was awesome felt so comfortable.


No scars, no marks of any kind. Perfect!!


Trying to discover the best version of yourself, not by illusion but by the possibilities of reality. That's what you will discover with Dr. Jason. We all strive to be our best , and sometimes the best way to manifest it is with the way we look. If you have a realistic vision of a better version of yourself, manifest it .


Procedure came out as good as possible for the age I am.


I expect my skin behind my ears will looks better and will relief my pain and can uses earrings.


My results exceeded expectations and I felt that the institution well prepared me for the recovery process.


The result is great & Dr Alexander was understanding of what I was looking for as the outcome of my procedure


Dr. Greer has over the years been available to remove and biopsy cysts with very short notice, two times on my face and one time behind my ear. Always leaving no scar.


I searched for the right Doctor for my ear lobe repair surgery. Dr. Joseph Perlman gave me beautiful new ear lobes with no pain at all. When they were healed completely he RE pierced them and they look awesome! I am so happy I choose him.


Yes...very happy...found Dr. Wolin to be very professional and personal...he made me feel very comfortable. Staff was great. Highly recommend all.


There was a major improvement in my ear appearance both in shape and protrusion. The top part no longer looks oversized or 'flops over' despite there not being that fold. I also think it has had an overall benefit to my facial appearance/symmetry.


Dr. Greer is an amazingly talented surgeon. This is actually my 2nd procedure with her. Not only has she won my respect and trust with her talents, she has won me over with her care and character. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Extremely pleased! Oh and the office staff is great too.


I write this with tremendous sadness and disappointment. The experience I had with Dr. Parker I will never forget, partly because of my results, but more so how she presented and delivered the worst news possible. During my routine 12 week appointment, Dr Parker, had in advance results that pointed to my child having trisomy 13. I was unaware that your office had these results. If the Dr had this diagnosis in advance as she did, why wasn't I given the results over the phone or told to bring in a support person to drive my home. If a patients blood work is shown to have a serious problem there should be a compassionate practice in place to make sure the patient does not receive terrible news alone. She literally walked in the room and delivered the news that my baby is "incompatible with life" her words not mine, and was handed a one pager on what trisomy 13 was. I was left to mourn alone in the office with not one dr or nurse coming in to check or even ask if I needed assistance home. She spoke more about abortion than life and when I asked her several questions many of her answers were "I don't know" or "I haven't had many, if any patients deliver a baby with trisomy 13." The compassion and human side of this experience was gone and I was left to feel like I may be the only woman who she knows who is choosing life. In stark contrast, I ended up going back to the office for bleeding and saw Dr. Miller. Her tone was very different, not only did she assure me that she would be with me thru this she said she knows many patients who she has delivered and never once assumed my baby was "incompatible with life." She simply said we need more information which meant going to a specialist. She then made a phone call to get me into the specialist early as Dr. Parker made no such attempt. 2 weeks later I saw a specialist who during that visit concluded that not only was our baby perfect on that scan but the neck reading that your ultrasound tech Britney took was starkly incorrect. The specialist went on to explain how Britney could have made the mistake. When I went see Dr. Miller for my bleeding I saw Britney first. I asked her to do a neck scan again and she sarcastically questioned why I would want it again. I told her a second opinion is important even if its from her and she again pushed back rudely. Fast fwd to the specialist who said she did in fact get it wrong. I also told Britney during my ultra sound that I had 2 hemorrhages with my last children and that it may be happening again. She quickly dismissed me, annoyed that I asked her to do the neck again, and said that it cant happen at 12 weeks and she would see it. I left being told that I was possibly miscarrying. When I went to the specialist the first thing they asked me was if I was bleeding, i said yes and she said okay i can see the hemorrhage on the ultrasound. Again, I was left with how did Britney get that wrong? I told her my previous experience and she negated to listen to me and missed my hemorrhage making me believe for the next few days I was possibly miscarrying. I am a Christian woman deeply rooted in my faith, and although we wont know if our baby is sick or not, the last scan is pointing to a healthy baby and we thank God for this. If i in fact listened to Dr. Parker and believed my baby was "incompatible with life" or did not have the money to see a specialist or did not have my faith how many woman do you think may have aborted based on Dr. Parkers words and answers and Britneys incorrect scans.I did not want to write this review because I'm sure Dr. Parker and Britney have good intentions but on that day and those scans they made some life changing mistakes that cannot be taken back for many women. I thank God I kept my baby, because as for now he is healthy and shows no signs of trisomy besides a single blood test. It is one scan at at time for me and my family. I ask you share this review with grace with each of them, I'm sure they do their best day in and out but on that day the greatly failed. Again, I didn't want to write this, it makes me extremely sad having to relive this experience but I keep receiving an email asking to rate my experience and I feel in some way I need to share my story so the next time a patient in your office receives life changing news, she is shown compassion, kindness, and empathy for her sorrow.


[Highly satisfied?] Absolutely - I was very nervous to undergo surgery but the staff was incredible at putting all my fears at ease during consultation, pre-op and post-procedure. I truly appreciate the nursing staff at the surgery center - so professional, kind and very attentive to my needs. I am incredibly grateful for the guidance Dr. O'Daniel and his staff at the Chenoweth location provided - not only during consultation but also during planning and post-op follow up visits. For instance, I was originally scheduled for a February 2021 procedure and when an opening arose for an October 2020 procedure, his staff called me immediately and seemed truly happy for me. I cannot begin to describe how welcomed I felt at the Chenoweth location - everyone there is welcoming, warm and interested. So grateful!!!


Doctor and nurses were professional and showed concern and caring especially since I am a senior citizen.


The surgery went well. It only took about half an hour.

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