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Eyelid Surgery

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Eyelid surgery can be performed on both the upper and lower eyelid.  It improves the look of the eye by removing excess skin or tightening the skin around the eye for a smoother look.  According to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) surgery was the 3rd most popular surgery in 2014 with over 160,000 surgeries performed.

based on 2242 ratings
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Eyelid Surgery Reviews (1016)

I was highly recommend to Dr. Smith by very good friends & other patients. Staff was fantastic from the beginning to the end. Dr. Smith was very professional and thorough about the procedure, and I always felt confident from the very first appointment. I just feel great and do not feel embarrassed about the way my eyes made me look and feel so old because of the bags under my eyes. All my friends and co-workers notice a big difference!! I actually like having my picture taken now.


Everyone there was very friendly. I was impressed with Dr.Hall’s credentials. I always felt comfortable with my decision. The outcome was great!


I didn't think it was possible to obtain the results that were promised me but it did. People agree I look younger and don't look so tired anymore.


They listened to me and did the procedure I had requested. The anesthesiologist did a great job, although I did wake up enough to be a little uncomfortable once during the surgery. I can see much more! I think my night vision is better as well because there is more light entering my eyes. I think I also look more alert and rested.


the office staff was very friendly and helpful. any questions that i had they would answer. always very professional and personable. which in my case with the outcome of my surgery was very much needed and appreciated.


Staff and doctor were very supportive, helpful, caring, informative and friendly. I felt very comfortable from day one.


The team’s. Doctor was professional and the surgery was performed exactly what expected. I will go back with no hesitation.


Dr is good and thorough.I️ feel that the results was good. I️ do have more scaring in one eye.


Dr. Bajaj and her staff made me feel at ease even though I had anxiety about having the procedure. All of the communications (written and verbal) were clear about how to have realistic expectations and what was involved each step of the way. My questions in consultation and when I called in to make sure I understood one of the pre-op requirements, were answered in welcoming manner. (I have a friend who had a procedure with a different surgeon. When we compared notes, I realized how thorough my pre-op communications/instructions had been with Dr. Bajaj.) Dr. Bajaj's bed-side manner is excellent. She has a positive energy. My results were better than I had ever imagined. I look natural, but definitely younger and rested. I now look in the mirror and don't feel like the life has been sucked out of me because my eyelids are dropping. It has given me new energy.


Just so happy with the outcome, plus the friendliness of everyone involved who helped me with the decision making all the way to post-op.


I was very well informed on my procedure by doctor and coordinator. Dr. Rodriquez-Feliz is a very caring professional person and very accessible to his patients. The staff is very informative and friendly. The price is very reasonable. My overall experience was great! I got the outcome I was expecting and felt comfortable before, during and after my procedure.


The best thing, of course, is the results! Pre-surgery; at a time in my life when I wasn't feeling very positive about the way I presented myself to the public, and to some extent, family, and feeling like people didn't look you in the eye anymore, the staff at LJCSC turned all of this around. I was so very pleased at the way I was treated. Like a friend and girlfriend. Smiles from everyone, a comforting hand on my shoulder, sharing experiences and stories. Being asked questions about my life and family.This all helped and was so appreciated. Carmen, Sarah, Dr. Smoot were the BEST! A better than expected experience. I am truly grateful.


There's a certain amount of anxiety surrounding the uncertainty of the final outcome of the surgery, especially when it's on the face. I am very satisfied with the outcome - an improvement in the wrinkles and bags under my eyes, as well as peripheral vision. No amount of assurance can relieve the uncertainty - only time tells. It was all worth it.Thanks to Paul and all the team.[name]


I felt thoroughly prepared for the procedure and the recovery by my surgeon, Dr. David Hing, and his staff. My result was good and I received complements from my opthomologist on the outcome of my eyelid surgery. I was told it looked better than many others. As always, I was treated with kindness, patience, and respect. I was listened to, and given lots of information about my surgery and recovery. I no longer have heavily sagging eyelids and I am amazed at the increase in periphrial vision.


Everyone at Dr. Raphael’s office goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable, including Dr. Raphael. He has done all of my procedures and will continue to do so. I appreciate that he has kept the same staff since my first visit to him in 1999Catherine, Lori and Debi are all wonderful! His bed side manner is top notch. He makes you feel as if you are his only patient!


I am highly satisfied for many reasons. The overall experience was pleasant and I felt I was in good hands. I am very pleased with the outcome of the procedure.


Everything was well explained and organized. I always knew what to expect My eyes look great and I am getting so many compliments that I look so good but Most people don’t even know that I had the procedure


The doctor was extremely patient and addressed my every concern immediately. The procedure went as well as could be expected, and I’m pleased with the results.


Dr Kelly and his staff are phenomenal. He is a gifted surgeon and I am so pleased with the results of my surgery. I also cannot say enough about the professionalism of Adrianna and Ligia. The final outcome of my surgery makes me feel great on a daily basis.


The results were great. Everyone there is so nice and staff is so knowledgeable I had visited other plastic surgeons, but I always left uncomfortable about having the surgery done.Then when I heard about Dr Hall and asked around about him, I was thinking he may be the one. After I first met him and his staff and saw his credentials, I knew he was the right one. I never had an uneasy feeling about the procedure. After years of searching, I’m glad I waited. I never had any problems or issues with my procedure. Love my eyes

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