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Cosmetic Surgery:

Eyelid Surgery

93.4% Patient Satisfaction based on 2390 ratings

Eyelid surgery can be performed on both the upper and lower eyelid.  It improves the look of the eye by removing excess skin or tightening the skin around the eye for a smoother look.  According to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) surgery was the 3rd most popular surgery in 2014 with over 160,000 surgeries performed.

based on 2390 ratings
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Eyelid Surgery Reviews (1060)

Dr. O'Daniel was highly recommended by friends of mine who had procedures done by him. The first time I went to see him for a consultation he spent time with me and answered all my questions. I love the fact that he took pictures of me and put them next to younger pictures to compare. My eye surgery should look like me when i was younger and not like something unnatural. I am very happy with the results.


The surgeon and nurse were calm in a way that relaxed me for the procedure. A very positive experience and outcome


Amber's bedside manner, her patience, and making sure I was comfortable.


Love doctor Craig and entire staff at Renaissance! The outcome! Very happy with all procedures I’ve had with doctor Craig, he does a fantastic job. The professionalism of the staff and and extremely efficient with appointments and procedure times. Greatly appreciated.


Very specific instructions both before and after surgery.Professionalism of all staffAccess to Dr. Yee by phone after the surgery made me more comfortable about living an hour away. I no longer get asked every day if I'm tired or feel bad.More confidence.


Friendliness and responsiveness of physician and staff. Willingness to provide options and no fee advising sessions. End result. I look less tired and younger.


Dr. Palu visited with me the day after surgery. He was thorough in answeringand anticipating questions. He is very available for after surgery visits. I can fully see. I had lost muscle control in my upper eye lids which resultedin eye strain and inability to fully function visually. The operation has opened my eyes and I am without the tiredness and strain.


Beginning with the preliminary consultation with Dr. O'Daniel, through the surgical experience, recovery, and subsequent post-op office visits, every staff person I encountered was friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive to my comfort and concerns. Shortly after surgery, a small blood vessel leaked (right eyelid), causing swelling/bruising. Dr. O'Daniel called me back to the surgery center (it was a Saturday afternoon), where he and his nurse removed the stitches, corrected the problem, and made sure that all was well before releasing me to go home. He requested that I text him a photo of the eye each day for several days. I was extremely pleased with his excellent care. I am pleased that I no longer have the feeling of hoods above my eyes. I enjoy the experience of more light and not needing to squint or strain my eyes while reading.


Very informative and helpful Good results


I liked Dr. Chen. I felt like he cared. He answered all my questions. I felt like he thought all my questions were valid. He even met me at his office for a follow up on a Saturday because I live out of town. The result was exactly what I wanted.


The staff and surgeon were knowledgable about this procedure. Friendly and not pushy but honest about my results. Would have plastic surgery with this office again


I have gone to this surgeon for many procedures over the past 20 years but I felt this one was the most serious one for me because this was dealing with my eyes. (I had never had anything done to my eyes before.) I am and have been exceedingly confident in Dr Smoot's abilities. Before my first surgery (tummy tuck), I remember hearing that his work was conservative and that I would not have to worry about appearing as though I had obviously had work done. That was true then and it has continued to be true. I am very happy with all of the work he's done especially when my friends tell me how good I look but can't see any evidence that I've had 'help!!' Dr Smoot gives me the assurance I need to be calm and positive before and after surgery.


My eyelids were extremely low and I appeared to being tired & worn out. Now my lids are open, I look wide awake but very natural looking. My lower lids were lasered, & fat was removed & are no longer puffy. I look rested. The procedure was not painful, although be prepared for Black & blue eyes with swelling for about a week. The complete downtime was 10 days. On the 10 night I went to a dinner party, I applied my make up and no one was able to tell. The comments I got was “you look so good.” Dr Fouda Neel also removed a cyst on my bake which was behind my bra closer, it was inflamed and painful. After he removed it 1.5 yrs ago I never had problem again, it completed healed in 10 days, I was so thankful. Dr. Fouda Neel is very compatinate and he makes sure you understand. He takes the time you need, I never felt rushed.


I hoped the outcome would be a bit better looking than it was. The upper lids are fantastic, but the lowers (which were my primary reason for seeking surgery) are not as improved as I had hoped for. On follow up, Dr West has given me advice on other ways to improve the appearance. He has a great bedside manner and his staff are all very caring and professional.


Even though a next day post op visit with the Dr. I didn’t receive a check-up call from anyone the following day. My surgery lasted 5.5 hours. Eye lid, fat transfer, lips to 3 areas, brackioplastt, and lip infection. Just a call from a Nurse from the surgery center would have been a comforting gesture. 2 months post op and although still healing starting to question the outcome-results. Beginning to look slightly odd under my eyes and lip injection only to top portion of my lips looks odd. Why didn’t they, from professional point of view, fill my ilips to make them more even? Dr. and all but one Nurse were fabulous.


Great staff. Doc listened to my concerns. There was a bit of an edge of the eye that didn't get nipped off, and he did a follow up with out any charge, no issue, no complaints. Very satisfied.


I was highly satisfied with my experience. I have no complaints, I would return and recommend anyone interested in these services


I have seen Dr.Oschwald on several occasions. He is very skilled and knowledgeable. He is personable, open and honest in discussing your procedure. His staff is very warm and accommodating as well.


Doctor gave good, candid advice on plan for procedure. Doctor did an excellent job. I feel more confident


Everyone was so helpful, I felt I was in good hands. I’m completely satisfied with my results. I recommend Dr. Fardo, he made me feel comfortable and secure. I feel more confident. I like the way my face looks now

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