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A face lift can improve the damage caused by aging including fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin by removing excess skin, tightening tissues and facial muscles.  American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery states that in 2014, 88% of all face lift procedures were performed on women.

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Face Lift Reviews (1666)

My self confidence has improved! Love my results. Dr Salzman and staff made me feel so special...


Exceptional work I look younger!


very satisfied except for not being told about the swelling on my face especially my eyes. Surgery was Sept 12 and today I sill have blurring vision and eye lids hurt and are extremely swollen, don't remember anyone telling me what to except. Persons are saying I look oriental when they see me. It does make me laugh, all my family says the same thing. When will the swelling go down. Thanks great experience, it was a good job.


Honesty and integrity of staff in knowing that this is not a procedure to have or recover from easily, they were highly supportive and caring throughout the process. . Office staff, experience of surgeon, continuity of care


I have nothing but the highest of praises for Dr. Mobley. During my initial consultation, Dr. Mobley took time to really listen to what I hoped to accomplish, and then thoroughly explained what procedures were needed to get my desired results. He strives to attain a natural look for his patients, and he helped me to understand what was realistic expectations concerning the final outcome. He made me feel like I was his only patient when he was with me, and took the time to fully answer all my questions and concerns. Dr. Mobley is a compassionate, highly skilled surgeon who is also a perfectionist and facial artist. He strives to attain the best possible outcome for all of his patients. I received excellent care before and after surgery by both him and his pleasant, well qualified staff. I’m extremely pleased with the outcome of all my surgical procedures performed by Dr. Mobley. It was exactly what I had desired—looking younger but in a very natural way.Dr. Mobley is an exceptional surgeon with a great caring personality who I would highly recommend to anyone who is seeking facial cosmetic surgery.


I trusted the doctor to deliver what we agreed on and he did so well, delivering everything we talked about and made a huge inprovement in my appearance and self esteem. Nice touch having surgeons cell phone to text to and having him reply back quickly. Very personable. I only wish that the portion of my surgery that is covered by my insurance would be allowed however, I'm told doc does not accept health insurance. So all is out of pocket.


Excellent results


I like the way I look now. Pleased for a number of reasons: high quality surgeons and staff, the doctors are surgeons and are artists - no one looks pulled or tightened, everyone seems to care, it is an overall excellent experience.


Appreciate the professionalism, the skill, and the personal concern of the surgeon. She was the perfect physician for me, and I’m pleased as punch!


I guess I would have liked it stressed a little bit more the length of time recovery would take. I still have a little discoloration and a dark spot the doctor said would go away. I would like to know how much longer it will take for these things to go away. I was well informend about what would happen for the next 6 weeks. Perhaps explain process up to 3 months out. I am very happy with the natural result and would recommmend Dr. Stoker to any and all friends.Nursing staff was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.


Dr. Harris, with the support of his staff, have performed several procedures for me over the past 2 years. I am in my mid 60’s and this year I had an abdominoplasty and face lift. He and his staff consistently exceeded my expectations in all aspects of my care. I am very pleased with the results and feel 15 to 20 years younger. If you are considering cosmetic procedures you owe it to yourself to meet with Dr. Harris. Cosmetic surgery has given me more self confidence in my appearance and makes me feel much younger.


I am still a bit bruised, but I can tell there will be a great improvement in my appearance, particularly lower face. I am looking forward to having the lines around my lips treated. I am very happy with the surgery results; however, I continue to have pain in my right eye and do not fully blink my right eye.


I am not unrealistic so I was not expecting to come out looking like a 25 year old. But I still have a few issues that I feel were supposed to be addressed with the surgery and did not quite meet my expectations. Overall I am satisfied


The nurse did not anderstand that after they put me a sleep and I wake up I usually feel like truing up. And need to leave after 2 hours of waiting there


I'm very satisfied with the experience. In some respects I had better than expected results. I have a unique condition that I was trying to resolve. While I'm pleased with the outcome, I would've been happier with better results.


My results are great and when I've had questions or concerns they were addressed to my satisfaction.


Dr. Maxwell is amazing I'm beyond pleased with my experience. I will only go to her in the future for all my needs. I love my face lift I get so many compliments of how young aI look and it's so naturare no one knows ive had anything done


The results exactly matched the consultation expectations. The care and expertise of Dr Fortes and the staff are superior.


The staff and Dr.Smith were amazing. I was never nervous or had any questions that were not addressed. I had a medical problem and the surgery performed has improved my condition. I would recommend Dr.Smith to anyone looking to have questions answered and any procedures done by him.


Caring and talented surgeon with impeccable integrity.

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