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Face Lift

93.2% Patient Satisfaction based on 3758 ratings

A face lift can improve the damage caused by aging including fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin by removing excess skin, tightening tissues and facial muscles.  American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery states that in 2014, 88% of all face lift procedures were performed on women.

based on 3758 ratings
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Face Lift Reviews (1753)

my recovery was remarkably fast considering i had two procedures. i loved the results. i was in minimal pain. The medical inn was just fine. The staff got ne up and runnibg when i had to be.


Dr. Mobley was wonderful and provided everything I asked for and more. My facelift result was outstanding and I have received numerous complements from friends and family. Amazingly, in spite of the dramatic changes no one appears even remotely aware that I had cosmetic surgery involving my face and eyes and also fat grafting. They just mention how Florida agrees with me or have I lost weight. From the moment I arrived I have been treated with the utmost respect and privacy by Dr. Mobley, Michelle, the patient care coordinator, Stacie the scheduler and OR nursing staff and Lisa and Kerri the nurses who take care of you during your recovery in the office. Dr. Mobley spent almost an hour with me during my initial consultation and explained the surgery and recovery in great detail. He gave me all the options and was very reassuring. He is also very friendly and easy to talk to. I never felt like I was rushed and he asked several times if I had additional questions. During my recovery he continually updated me on how things were going. Even during the first few days of swelling and bruising, his steady guidance kept me from worrying. Bottom line is I can't thank Dr. Mobley and Sarasota Plastic Surgery enough for bringing back the youthful face I always remembered.


I have the results I wanted.


I was afraid I would look plastic from a face lift. Dr Corbin did such amazing job looking natural and refreshed.


Everyone one who works there is very professional. They always notice when you walk in and make sure they are taking care of you. Really a huge step above any other medical place. Dr Mobley is super - easy to talk to, kind, straightforward, and above all a terrific surgeon. I was intimidated to walk into the place but quickly overcame that with the friendliness and competence of the staff.


Virtually pain free. Dr. Mobley was very knowledgeable about the procedure & very patient in answering my questions. He completely put me at ease. I will definitely return for any other plastic surgery needs I might have & will recommend him highly to others.


Dr. French, his staff, the anesthesiologist, and the facility were all exceptional. I was extremely comfortable with no worries at all about my procedure. I felt safe in their hands and would not hesitate to go back again should I require further procedures. This team is truly the best!


Dr. Engel is a fantastic surgeon and he listened to my concerns. The nursing staff who assisted me prior to the surgery and on the occasions I returned were very helpful and caring. I still have a small indentation on one side of my face but it is something that can probably be fixed with a little filler. All in all, I am very happy with the outcome.


Dr. Clayton is courteous, friendly, and complete in his information and in the quality of work he does, as are his nurses. The staff at the surgery center were very helpful and attentive. Everything worked out! I look better than I have in years.


Dr Sherman is remarkable in making you looked refreshed and natural. I trust him not to have a plastic surgery look yet achieve the results I wanted They take care of you 100% from beginning to end. Dr Sherman is involved and personally calls prior to surgery regarding any last minute concerns and then is checking in thru out recovery in next 24 hours following


Dr Lee is very patient, caring and compassionate. Of course, he is also technically excellent


Superb customer service. Excellent attention to detail. Anticipated most questions and responded quickly and thoroughly to others. Minimum wait times for office visits and for surgery. Patient, reassuring and compassionate care. Great surgical outcome.


Even with a minor problem, the doctor has gone out of his way to see me often to resolve and answer all my questions. The surgical result is just wonderful. I no longer wear my grandmothers chin.


The staff was very professional and helpful. Dr. Hall explained my procedure perfectly and was very thorough with recooperation and what to expect. Eased any fears I might have had. I have a very natural look ...a much younger me!


I am highly anious and scared at dentist, doctors etcI warned this office and the DoctorI was prescribed 1- or 2 valium to take the moring of surgeryThe night before the nurse called and asked me not to take it, which I did notNor would she let me take it the 2 plus hours I waited in a gown, waiting to be escorted to surgery.Sure enough, the thoughts of someone slicing open my face with a razor ran though my mind and I was nervous, crying and wanted to cancel 5 minutes before surgeryThere was no need for me to go through this....I am looking into a tummy tuck in the near future and will not go thru this aniexty again


The surgeon, the staff, the facility and the results are all top notch.


The results from my lower face lift were exactly what I was hoping for. Dr. Neace was very professional, caring and put me at ease with any hesitations that I might have had with the procedure. The recovery was virtually painless, and I also had a CO2 laser performed as well. I am very happy with the results and would highly recommend for him to perform this procedure for anyone else. Well of course my anticipated results is the best thing! Turned back that clock like a beast! And in hind sight, this procedure was so not a big deal interns of recovery. If I had know it was this easy, I would have done it years ago!


I had heard of and seen Dr. Sunde's work for years and determined he was the only plastic surgeon I would ever consider. I was impressed with him and his staff from the very beginning, and it only got better. The level of expertise is above and beyond! I couldn't be happier with the results or the level of care. Dr. Sunde not only called every day to see how I was doing, but the first few days he actually came to my house to see for himself. Can we clone him? I have never been happier with any cosmetic procedure, and am so grateful for his abilities and nature. It is not something I would do again, but I am so glad I went to him! I can say, with a certainty, you won't be disappointed no matter what procedure you see him for. He knows what he's doing, and he does it well :-) I have had eye bags since I was in my early 40s. Dr. Sunde gave me back eyelids and eliminated the eye bags that have bothered me for decades. His ability to take years off of eyes is what attracted me to his office.


I work in the medical field so I know about quality care. The surgeon has expert skills; the care I received by everyone at Sharp was outstanding. I had a great outcome and can't speak highly enough about the whole process. The best thing about the surgical procedure/experience was knowing I was having it done at a hospital with highly qualified staff; (board certified anesthesiologist and Operating Room nurses familiar with Dr. Lee's routine). They had done hundreds of facelifts before.


The entire staff is considerate and caring. Great experience all the way around.

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