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Face Lift

93.8% Patient Satisfaction based on 3710 ratings

A face lift can improve the damage caused by aging including fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin by removing excess skin, tightening tissues and facial muscles.  American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery states that in 2014, 88% of all face lift procedures were performed on women.

based on 3710 ratings
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Face Lift Reviews (1608)

At age 57, I now have a more youthful appearance. The vertical restore amazingly took years off my appearance.


The outcome and my happiness over my appearance is obviously the best thing, but I was completely satisfied with the whole process, from beginning to end. I know Dr. O'Toole is a busy doctor, but he sat with me answering any questions I had as if he had all the time in the world. And of course, the whole office is top-notch. I was really impressed with all of the extra precautions in light of Covid. . Dr. O'Toole is a truly gifted surgeon. I feel like he made me look 10 years younger, at the same time, I have none of the tell-tale signs of having a face lift.


Dr. Grover is so knowledgeable and careful, I was confident that my surgery would go well from the first time I met with Dr. Grover and his extremely helpful staff. My surgery turned out much better than I had even imagined! I look beautiful, and as a 70 year old woman, I thought that was no longer possible because of my lax and sagging skin. I literally could not be happier. Dr. Grover informed me of what to expect at each step and checked up on me several times after the surgery. He is the nicest doctor I have ever had. But the very best thing is the way I look now, just one month after the surgery. I get so many compliments saying I look beautiful, but not one person has guessed it’s because I had a face lift! They just think it’s my new haircut.


Everything from the pre-op instructions to the vertical restore procedure was very professional and it made me feel that I was in good hands. I had my procedure two months ago and I am very happy with the results. [Single best thing is...] My interactions with Hilary. She always made me feel very comfortable.


Dr. Smoot set expectations perfectly. I am super happy with the results of my face-lift. His team did a great job prepping me for what to expect, from the initial consultation, through surgery prep, surgery, post-op and recovery. Never at anytime did I feel like I was in anything less than great hands. Dr. Smoot and his team took 10-15 years off my aged appearance! Great job! [Single best thing is...] The results were fantastic.


I consulted with at least 5 different plastic surgeons before choose Dr. Claytor. I was even more pleased with the results than I expected. I love how I look! Dr. Claytor is not only a brilliant surgeon, he’s an artist. And more than that, he’s compassionate and caring. He truly cares about his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Claytor. The best thing is that I feel beautiful. I can look in the mirror and see the person matches who I envision myself to be. I was beginning to feel very self conscious with the sagging skin under my neck and my jowls and this procedure has brought my confidence back.


I was impressed with the doctor and his staff straight away. They were so professional, courteous, and understood what I hoped to achieve. The results were just what I hoped for. Everything looked no natural and I have a new lease on life.


Dr. Lee was very attentive and focused on providing the best care and results possible for me. He was very patient and available for any questions I had before and after surgery. He took the time to explain exactly what was involved with my surgery and helped me understand the importance of my role in following the post-Op instructions in order to achieve our desired results. I felt little to no pain after surgery and had very minimal bruising or swelling. I was able to resume most of my normal activities with very little down time.


I wanted to look refreshed, not like I had just had the horrors of lip-plumping, wide-eyed, waxy-skin looking plastic surgery. That's how I look now...refreshed, rested. When we met up with friends from England whom we see once yearly, they all thought I looked the best I ever had looked. 10 years younger... beautiful eyes... Hmmm...I'm happy with everything. I would say my eyes look great. I worried that they would look stretched or tight. Instead, they look totally natural, with no hoods hanging around.


Dr. Mobley and his staff are incredibly kind and caring. So very easy to talk to. My results are fantastic. Extremely natural. The best thing about having my surgery is I feel my face now reflects my true personality. I no longer cringe when I look in the mirror. Before I always looked sad.


Caring, great results, efficient staff, nurse Karen wonderful. [Single best thing is...] I wanted to look refreshed, and I got more than that.


Dr Sandets cares about his patients. The procedure I requested was explained throughly with suggestions of how to get the results I wanted . The staff is outstanding and are there for you at all times.


I experienced excessive bleeding during surgery and Dr. Craig was very attentive during and after to make sure all was well. The ultimate result of the procedure were exactly what I was looking for. Dr. Craig listened to my concerns and laid out a very thorough game plan including skin care, that resulted in a great outcome.


The results are amazing! I look like myself 10 years ago.


Dr. Lille knows his craft well. He provides patients with advice and a plan that provides realistic expectations. His work is outstanding and I am completely satisfied which what he could achieve while maintaining a realistic and natural result. The single best thing is the point when you sit in front of a mirror with Dr. Lille during the consult to see what can be accomplished and hear the plan to do it.


From the moment I walked into Dr. Bolitho's office for a consultation, I was treated with exceptional care. The office is clean & well appointed. The staff is professional, kind & knowledgeable. I was put at ease and felt comfortable asking questions if I had a concern. This care continues to this day. Although I haven't needed it, I'm confident Dr. Bolitho & his staff would help me in any way I need.


The doctor, nurses and assistants are very caring and attentive. If I call the office with a question, someone picks up immediately. They either answer my question or the doctor calls back. I would highly recommend Dr. Lintner.


My experience was exactly what I wanted - the outcome was fantastic! Dr. Bolitho and the team are professional, fun, talented and kind. Every day I am glad I made the decision to have the surgery. Life changing! I look 10 years younger (at least!!).


Dr. Karam listens to his patients and makes you feel at ease with the procedure. The staff are very helpful and always try their best to answer your questions ... my vertical restore just naturally refreshed my face and neck and I’ve gotten nothing but terrific responses from family and friends on how truly great I am looking ❤️.. it’s 8 weeks now and it gets better everyday!❤️


The consultation was thorough. I felt very taken care of pre op & post op. My results were better than I expected. My results were better than I anticipated. Healing was easy - no pain.

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