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Cosmetic Surgery:

Fat Transfer

90% Patient Satisfaction based on 618 ratings

Fat transfer or fat grafting takes fat from one area of the body and injects it into another area such as lips, cheeks, breasts, or buttocks.


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Fat Transfer Reviews (287)

Dr. Duncan listened to my concerns worked with my budget and feel like I got my smile and confidence back with the procedures she recommended.


Result is very good and I am happy with the removal of under-eye bags. Dr. and Staff very attentive and I am most happy with the results.


Not happy with results.


Dr. Dunkley is kind and knowledgable. I traveled 3+ hours to see him and he was wonderful using email consultations and scheduling appointments that minimized my need for travel.I would highly recommend Dr. Dunkley and everyone at Envision Cosmetic Surgery. I had older breast implants removed and fat grafting to reconstruct my breasts. It is WONDERFUL! No more implants! I truly couldn't be happier.


Dr. Wolin & Lynda are more interested in what I want than what the newest fad or procedure is at the moment. They are realistic about my recovery time. I have a few unusual needs; i.e., I am allergic to polyester and they go to every length to make sure I avoid contact or reaction to it.The whole staff is so genuine, down to earth and seem to related to everyone, including my spouse as he is supportive and involved in my surgery choices and recovery process. [Single best thing is...] The natural outcome of the fat transfer to my face. The fat transfer to my breasts is perfect! I have cleavage that I have never had and my clothes still fit and it doesn't look fake!


I have had cosmetic surgery in the past. For one reason or another, I never returned to those prior surgeons. Dr. Mustoe does exceptional work and if I decided that another surgery was necessary, I would not hesitate to consult with him about the need. In addition to high quality surgery, he will also be honest about realities and expectations. For anyone looking for a surgeon to deliver the best, look no further!


I hated looking at my eyes. I was always told they were my best quality but were covered by bags and puffyness. I alwaysed looked tired, and older than I am because of it. I was very self conscious. Now I look awake, younger, and more confident. . Dr Nease and his staff were completely knowledgeable about my medical history and explained recovery, ie bruising site will take longer to heal, etc. So knowing that prior to surgery helped a lot. Knowing something wasn’t wrong. He also explained what I needed to do to get rid of the discoloring from the pigment lost from the bruising. Very knowledgeable


The laser did not work as well in improving my skin as it did the first time I had it done. The fat that was transferred to my face around my eyes did not work and I still have to get it fuller there.


Dr. Maxwell made me and my husband feel welcome from the first consultation we had in 2017. She performed a full face lift on me and 1 year later I went back for the fat transfer. She is a kind, caring doctor who takes the time to talk to her patients and answer all their questions. Dr. Maxwell has one of the most professional staff's I have encountered, from the front office to the Medi-Spa, all the women that work for her go above and beyond to treat patients/clients with respect. Thank you Dr. Maxwell and staff for the outstanding work you did on me! [Single best thing is...] The results of the fat transfer were exactly the final touch to the face lift and turned out perfect.


The overall outcome [Single best thing is...] Appearance


Borderline between satisfied and highly satisfied.I believe we all go in with greater expectations than realistic.I am highly satisfied with the realistic outcome.I hope it doesn't change...still waiting on that 3 month mark to determine the full outcome.


Dr Waldorf is informative, caring and a pleasant Dr. to have. She has a good eye for Esthetics and very conscientious.


Dr Mobleys results were AMAZING..His staff from surgery to office visits were just the most caring and knowledgable .......... Honestly I feel so much better from a confidence level


The whole staff made me feel comfortable. Especially after the main needle was inserted, I hardly felt it. Anesthesiologist was very nice. I wish I could remember everyone's name. Everything happened so fast and professional. Thank you to all the staff! Easy breasy. Seemed I left as fast as I arrived. Beautiful atmosphere, staff!


Dr Karam is a fine person and a great surgeon. My experience with his staff was first rate. Everyone in the office is kind and very professional. I trusted Dr Karam to make the decision as to which procedure I needed to achieve my goals. He was correct as the outcome is outstanding. I don't believe that there are many facial plastic surgeons who get the results that he does with his fat transfer technique. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a very skilled surgeon who consistently produces very natural and beautiful results. I had had previous surgery with mixed results. I was bothered by hollow temples and unnatural looking filler. in my cheeks. I look at myself now and realize I have my face back and I'm amazed and grateful to have found Dr. Karam.


I was very satisfied


Hips are not even, not enough liposuction was taken out of my full body and when I asked the surgeon he responded he took a little out and that I had skin left over but clearly it was not skin when I got a second opinion else where. The butt lift is not lifted and only did the fat transfer where now with gravity it falls. I can go on and on about what was missed.


Very dissatisfied with the results of the surgery. I was never informed that the surgery would be for only 1 calf and paid with the intentions of having work done on both. While, I was made aware that it the amount of fat transferred would depend on the available fat; again at no time was I advised that it would only be enough for 1 calf. If I had, I would not have had the work done at this office. The approximate cost of the 1 calf surgery was over 6000.00; which is high by every consultation that I received. additionally, I was told that there was not enough fat for both calves but my rear flanks had and have plenty fat available that did not received lipo. Lastly, the calf that received the fat transfer returned to a size similar to the original size. To be honest could have been happy if the augmented calf retained its size. As it did not, the surgery results did not even come close to any of my expectations, nor the expectations presented to me by the surgeon.


The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. They've always been ready with answers to any questions regarding services performed (both pre and post op). I'm very satisfied with the fat transfer surgery results that I've received and have already referred another patient based on my experience at the Cosmetic Surgery Center.


I look like I'm 20! Lucky Bucky! Love you! You are f***ing amazing!

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