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Hair Restoration:

Hair Transplant

93.8% Patient Satisfaction based on 322 ratings

Hair transplant surgery involves removing a narrow piece of scalp with hair growth from the back of hte head and using htat to fill in the areas that are lacking hair growth.

based on 322 ratings
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Hair Transplant Reviews (161)

They got me in and out quickly. Questions were answered thoroughly.


PA Zak Koban is very knowledgeable with the hair restoration procedure. He can answer all questions and doesn't mind text questions to answer. It is a year long process for me to see the final results, so I cannot judge the outcome. The staff members are very friendly. [Single best thing is...] Hope to have a lot more hair!


Everyone is very professional and the facility too is very professional looking! I am happy as I see new hair growth in areas that were bald!!


The staff is EXCEPTIONAL. They never say "no." Whatever you need they will make it happen. Beautiful facility.


The whole staff was friendly, welcoming and had great communication through the whole process before during and after the procedure. Dr. Houssock took great pride in the job she did and her excitement about the results showed me how passionate she is about her work. The procedure has given me more confidence every day at a time I was starting to become very self-conscious.


I only marked satisfied on two of the questions, as it is too early to tell how the ARTAS procedure results will be....I have high hopes that these two questions will become highly satisfied The staff has been GREAT !!


This was a 6 month follow-up of a hair transplant. Photos were taken and compared with the original. Dr. Bauman took time to answer questions. Progress is as expected.


[Single best thing is...] The caring staff.


Professional staff, knowledgeable, very nice and attentive


They did an amazing job and they were extremely nice


The surgeon and other staff were informative, made sure I understood every step, and made me comfortable. The procedure was performed with professionalism and continued concern for my comfort. I will return here, if I decide on other procedure. The staff are welcoming and informative.


After having 2 hair transplant procedures previous at 2 other places, this experience was like night and day. If you are considering this procedure this is where you want to go bar none . Perfection is what they give you beginning to end . Not to mention dr carrie is pretty hot . Lol As of now it's to early to tell my final results but my recovery was very smooth with no scabbing whatsoever so I feel confident my results will be great . Dr carrie was very knowledgeable about this procedure and understood my goal.


Dr Bauman is a great physician, is talented and cares about his patients. I wish my primary care physician was more like Dr. Bauman. Thanks Dr. B for the great hair transplant .


Dr. Carney and his hair specialist Jeff were great and very knowledgeable. I appreciate all of the information and service they provided and I look forward to referring everyone to them.


I have lost quite a bit of hair in the surgical site. It May be too early to see results. But the loss is worse than the previous surgery. Right now the surgical area is worse than before the surgery and this concerns me.


The staff is extremely professional. Gyna at the front desk is great. Overall change to my hairline and hair density.


I was led to believe that the outcome would be more significant than it was. Based on the outcome I got, the procedure was not worth the price I paid since it did not meaningfully improve the appearance of the treatment area


It looked good and Dr. Vogel is highly skilled.


Everyone in the office was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The doctor took time to answer all my questions thoroughly. After returning home, some other questions arose and he returned my call immediately and addressed them as well.

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