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Hand Surgery

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There are many different reasons to need hand surgery. Conditions range from: Carpal tunnel syndrome, Rheumatoid arthritis and Dupuytren's contracture to name a few. Surgery seeks to correct and restore the function of fingers and hands injured by trauma or issues that have been present since birth.

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Hand Surgery Reviews (44)

I liked how quickly I could be operated on. Getting everything in a folder helped to tell me exactly where to go. My insurance was not clear on something so the lady at Dr. Cusick stayed on the phone waiting for an answer. It took a while but it was explain to me fully and I was told truthful answers. I did call and ask a few questions and sent the office pics to explain something about my hand and Dr. Cusick call back soon to relieve my concern.


DR.Mehan is current, competent, upbeat, confident, qualified I can now use my index finger and thumb (once healed).


My surgeon made sure my hand healed. Even though it hurt He's cool.


Very friendly professional organization with prompt answers to questions. Operation was successful and all went well. My hand feels great.


Very Professional great Doctor /patient relationship It was successful


I really like Dr. Cusick. He has a wonderful bedside manner and makes the patient feel important.


Everyone was nice. Things went well


Convenient location. Very satisfied with doctor and staff. Surgery results were exactly as specified.


Dr Mehan is up to date on current technologies


People were caring and professional. I was given all the time needed to understand the process. I was assured someone would always be available to answer any questions and concerns. No more pain in the area and the fingers aren't deformed.


High comfort level. Great confidence with the staff. Caring. Made you feel confident that all will be ok. I am able to use my right thumb without any discomfort.


Extremely friendly staff and physician. Clean and comfortable atmosphere.


Dr. Cussick was the 3rd doctor I saw, the two before him said they will cut the finger off at the first digit, the second recommended leaving the bone exposed and the skin to heal. Dr. cussick repaired the finger and it is slightly shorter, but regainging more feeling and sensation everyday. length and feeling on my fingertip, when others had poor alternatives


I was informed about my hand and the procedure that need to be done. My follow up visits, the office personnel super friendly, the nurse that is there to assist you makes you feel very comfortable, and I'm sorry I have forgotten her name but next visit I'm going to make it a point to get to know her name. Dr Cusick is fantastic, always with a smile on his face makes you feel that he cares and you walk out of the office with a smile. My hand doing great.


Dr Mehan portrayed and demonstrated high confidence. He worked on me in the same manner. He was very frank about the options for dealing with my emergency and proceeded in a very efficient and highly effective way. He's great. I'm not fully recovered yet but what I was told by Dr Mehan and his staff is exactly what is taking place in my healing process. I don't expect to be fully recovered for a number of months but was told in my situation it was very normal and to be expected.


Had 2 procedures with this practice and am very satisfied with the results. Both hand results were great. I can use both hands as if there was not any problems.


I was injured on a Monday. Saw Dr Cusick on Tuesday. Had my surgery early on Wednesday. I believe that's why there was a good out come.


Surgeon was very skilled. Explained the procedure thoroughly and alleviated the pain in my hand. Thumb was crushed and he fixed it so that it was not deformed.


I had surgery on my left hand to correct scaring by dupruten's disease. It has been successful and I am happy with the results. I can use my fingers almost as I did before I had the duperton's disease start.