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Part of the Juvéderm® family of hyaluronic acid injectable fillers, Voluma is FDA approved for restoring volume to the cheeks and can be used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. A Voluma treatment can last up to 2 years or longer.

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[Highly satisfied] Because everyone was very nice.


She did a great job on my lips. They look full and natural. Also she was very sweet and had a warm personality. I love my lips.


Patient, helpful, attentive, so talented! [Single best thing is...] The team and the skillset


I was happy with Lauren's expertise, she took the time to offer me different procedures and showing me what would be the best for me. I love the outcome, I will definitely be back for more. [Single best thing is...] No bruising it with painless and great results!!!!


Kaitlyn is absolutely amazing. This was my second treatment/ procedure with her and will continue to comeback. She is an expert in her field, as well as having a great personality and making you feel at ease and comfortable. [Single best thing is...] My lips look absolutely amazing. 100% satisfied


Highly satisfied. [Single best thing is...] Not looking over done. Looking refreshed.


Excellent results. Will highly recommend to others


Zak is always easy to communicate with and listens to what my needs are. His technique is excellent and professional and the results are super natural and made me feel so much better about my appearance. I am a redhead and bruise very easily. I had minimal bruising in only one site. Very, very happy. [Single best thing is...] Natural appearance of increased fullness in cheeks. Overall a look that is more youthful that suits how I feel and look in general.


The filler was to be inserted into my facial "parenthesis" and the wrinkles under the sides of my lips. This second location went fine, but the first had a glob of the filler not where it was supposed to be. I know this will eventually go away, so I'm not going to make a big deal of it. Still, for a $550 procedure, it should have been flawless. Before I left the treatment room, the nurse told me to gently rub the area, so she must have seen the glob. Since I never was told to do this before (I've had 5 of these treatments), I didn't do it. Probably should have.


Good results. Emily is very knowledgeable


The injections helped me achieve the more youthful appearance I was seeking. Kim is a true professional and takes time to inform and provide options regarding latest techniques and developments. [Single best thing is...] The outcome. People have been complimenting me on my appearance and I feel rejuvenated.


Didn't totally accomplish what I wanted


Lori is knowledgeable about products and procedures and I always feel like I am in competent hands for accomplishing my aesthetic goals with fillers, botox or help in finding a solution for "maintaining" my youthful appearance. She's the best....


The result of the procedure recommended and performed by Dr. Stephens is excellent. Looking younger


Every surgery and procedure I've experienced have been most excellent. All of the staff have always treated me like I was someone special, gave me full details about all of my procedures, and didn't make me feel stupid no matter the question. I call Karen my goddess now because she really gives u a completely different face. Vinny is very caring and understanding and goes above and beyond the call of duty to accommodate me. Ok then there's my miracle worker Dr. Filip...what more needs to be said, HE'S AMAZING! A truly wonderful and genuinely caring Dr., who will give you an honest opinion and he's not money-motivated. And he's extremely honest and will tell you exactly what to expect. He's extremely conscientious and consistent with his pre and post-op care, as well as the entire staff. He will tell you what he can or cannot do and what kind of results you will expect. And their products are the best on the market and you can trust them. I will never go to any other cosmetic surgeon EVER! And I look forward to my appointments. I'd also like to take this moment to lung about my experience with the Obagi products. I haven't found any better and I've looked for many years and now I'm an Obagi customer for life. I am a senior citizen and have been to 7, yes seven other cosmetic surgeons searching for the right one. I wasn't certain what I was looking for the past ten years, but I knew I'd found him when I met Dr. Zach. After he examined my tummy, (I couldn't even watch him examine me because I was so embarrassed). Dr. Zach said the most honest thing I've ever heard coming out of a cosmetic surgeon's mouth, he said.."Well, I don't know if I can make your tummy completely flat, but I will give it my best." I hugged him thru tears of joy and told him he was hired. So I had it done and now I look and feel so much more confidence! I will be forever grateful to him and his excellent staff for continuously taking care of me post-op as well. They don't ever drop the ball. The best post-op care. RENUANCE is in your back yard, with an excellent location and has a board certified operating room! Soooo convenient. And you have your nurse with you at all times. Everybody makes sure you're doing well after your surgery. You are never left alone which is important to me. I virtually had no nerves or fear because of that, (plus Walter is really good about giving you happy juice pre-op.) So I must say my experiences at RENUANCE have been bar none, MOST EXCELLENT! And I'm their loyal patient for life.


Staff are pleasant. Meredith is knowledgeable and skilled. I feel like I am in good hands. Looking refreshed!


Katie was wonderful. She took the time to explain everything she was doing and was extremely helpful in helping me make decisions. Looking younger


I really appreciate Deana's knowledge and skill. She spent the time to ascertain what my concerns were, as well as the result that I was hoping to achieve. I can see and feel the difference, but the subtlety of the results is undetectable to anyone else; this would be the thing that makes me happiest.


Professionalism, that's very important to me when it comes for my skin and my health [Single best thing is...] The results that I had after the procedure.

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