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Laser Tattoo Removal

91% Patient Satisfaction based on 550 ratings

Lasers can fade or eliminate unwanted tattoos by breaking up the ink of the tattoo. Black ink is the easiest to remove; other colors may require a specific laser wavelength based on the pigment color. The process of removing a tattoo with a laser requires a series of treatments over time.

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Laser Tattoo Removal Reviews (120)

Kara is extremely personable and very considerate. She makes you feel comfortable and explains everything to you. You can tell she really cares. Couldn't ask for a better experience.


Tristin is always very friendly and kind. She was able to get me in for an appointment quickly.


Ashley does a fantastic job. She communicates clearly and is very professional and caring.


Loved the atmosphere and vibe of the office. Everyone was very friendly and helpful.


[Single best thing is...] Tattoo is starting to fade. I'm highly satisfied with the way Ashley doesn't make fun of me for acting like a total baby while she's blasting me with that torture laser.


I was highly satisfied with the way my procedures turned out because they brought the desired effect. The single best thing about my procedure is that the health care processionals i dealt with made me feel comfortable and at home even though I was nervous.


Tristin was warm and welcoming and I felt confident that I was in good hands! The tattoo removal process was very quick, the pain was minimal and the results have lasted. I was very impressed with the whole experience. [Single best thing is...] The fact that it only took one quick treatment to fully remove the tattoo.


Tammy explained the procedure very well and mentioned I would see some scabbing and raised from green part of my tattoo. I didn't see any results and can't even tell I went and had the procedure. I am hoping it was just the first visit and I will see results after my next visit. I hope I am not spending a lot of money for nothing.


For me it was the way Dr. Nachbar navigated through the procedure with expertise, gentleness and informative. I like the scheduling, the texts and gray office service as well


Listened actively, worked at a pace comfortable for me, good treatment.


Have recommended y'all to a lot of my friends and we'll still recommend you guys y'all are excellent. My laser tattoo removal is going great I'm very satisfied and Felicia is awesome.


Neko was very professional and competent. Painful procedure but she made it okay.


Tristin is very knowledgeable and friendly.


I finally reached the end of a MANY year tattoo removal process. Tristan has been awesome through all of it.


Neko is so nice to work with and the new office is very appealing.


Ashley was fantastic. She is knowledgeable, friendly and well trained. She takes time to explain the treatment, discuss patient concerns, and pace the treatment for the comfort/pain level of the client.


New machine for the tattoo removal....did not seem to be as effective. I did call Tammy and she is scheduling me to come back for a repeat.


Laura is always friendly, gets the job done, and acts as though she's genuinely glad to see you.


Quick in and out. Hardly a wait time, minimal communication and interaction required.