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Cosmetic Surgery:

Lip Lift

92.2% Patient Satisfaction based on 59 ratings

A lip lift is a plastic surgery procedure that changes the appearance of the lips by reshaping and adding volume to thin or aging lips. This procedure increases fullness in the upper or lower lip by reshaping them to make the lip line more.

based on 59 ratings
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Lip Lift Reviews (32)

It looks great! I love the results and I feel much more confident now. I am glad I did it.


Friendly, confident, efficient staff. Could not be happier with results! They were able to get me in right away. The before and after pictures are amazing.


I love my lips and Botox in my forehead. Dr. Bachilo always does a Great Job!!!


I felt relaxed and comfortable during local. I liked being awake during procedure. Dr. Berardi was excellent and explained what he was doing and made me feel safe.


My lips look very natural and more youthful after the lip lift. Since the lip lift, my upper lip goes up and appears more full, natural and very attractive. With just lip filler injections, my upper lip protruded out versus up. I find the combination of the lip lift and lip filler gives more youthful, beautiful lips.


It didn’t heal well and left an ugly, obvious scar. I was supposed to have a revision in March but it has been put off due to the virus, which I totally understand. I’m just frustrated because I’ve been walking around like this for 7 months. Makeup makes it look worse


The procedure was easily scheduled and done with very little discomfort. The staff, especially the nurse who prepared me, were very competent and friendly. The recovery was easy and as described and I am happy with the results.


BEST Surgeon anywhere!! He exceeded my expectations!! Top Notch Team!! Results were amazing! So Natural...... [Single best thing is...] The RESULTS!! They are just what I wanted....Subtle but significant change that no one else can actually pinpoint!!! BUT, they know something is different!!!!???


He recreated my Cupid’s bow and nasal septum so the area looks a lot cuter.


I had a problem with my smile. I talked about it to Dr Karam and he immediately gave the procedure that was the perfect solution for the problem


I was very happy with the results of the surgery and the overall experience before and after the procedure.


I recently had a lip lift and could not be happier with the results. Not only did the surgery make my lips fuller and better shaped, but it also got rid of the laugh line under my nose. Dr. Karam performed the surgery with the precision of a diamond cutter and artistry of a sculptor. The surgery gave me a more youthful appearance and yet looked very natural. I had very little down time and no bruising. I also had Dr. Karam inject facial fillers and got excellent results. He knows exactly where to do the injections and how deep to go with them. He is truly a genius at his craft. Dr. Karam has also surrounded himself with a great staff. They are all knowledgeable, friendly and extremely competent. I have been going to Tonia Cohn, aesthetician, for over six years and have been extremely happy with her professionalism and expertise. She always recommends procedures that are right for me and I see results. I wholeheartedly recommend both Dr. Karam and Tonia to friends knowing they too will get the results they seek. They're simply the best.


Dr. Henry is professional, does fantastic work and is caring.


Results were fabulous! Dr. Hall and staff are great! Results were very natural. Exceded my expectations.


Dr. Hall and entire staff are wonderful! [Single best thing is...] Achieved the result I was looking for.


The results were better than I hoped for. The recovery was much easier than expected. [Single best thing is...] Everything has been so easy!


Had a neck Laser at same time as lip Lift. Absolutely no result what so ever. And lip lift, had to redo entire folds with filler something I didn’t need as deeply prior to lip Lift. The lip lift itself. Very quite change.


Doctor's expertise, patient care, excellent follow up.


1. Great results 2. Great care 3. Proactive suggestions by Dr. Karam Re procedures in response to my questions, and 4. Able to have the procedure within a few days of deciding to go ahead.