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Male Breast Reduction

92.2% Patient Satisfaction based on 644 ratings

Gynecomastia also known as male breast reduction is the overdevelopment of the male breast.  According to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) in 2014 over 24,000 gynecomastias were performed.

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Male Breast Reduction Reviews (278)

High level of support and professionalism by Dr. Symbas & team. Excellent result from surgery. Excellent preparation for both surgery and recovery.


Everyone in the office was kind caring and professional.


Everything was well explained! Quick and easy! The staff was very nice.


Very happy with the end results, and the experience was positive working with Dr. Hall.


Total confidence in Dr. Calobrace. We are very lucky to have a cosmetic surgeon with his skills in our local area. His staff is highly trained and very professional.


Dr. Boynton is highly knowledgeable, understanding, and precise. He was consistent and always on time. I was as confident going into the procedure as I now am with the results.


I am Highly satisfied because the overall look of my chest is awesome. Dr. Dean and the staff explained all of the details and helped achieve my goal for the body. Last, the overall customer appreciation at the Swan Center is amazing!


Dr. Vitenas showed the utmost care and attention to detail with my most recent surgery. His staff, as always, was kind and professional during the entire experience. I would recommend his office to even the most resolute naysayers. Aside from the superb results of the operation itself, I would say it's the gentle and respectful approach of the surgical staff. I, by my nature, am an extremely anxious person. They put me at ease and made it so much easier.


I have suffered from gynecomastia all my life, and after losing ~200 pounds I needed a reduction in my chest. After a year of research, I chose Dr. Boynton due to his focus on results and his thoughtful approach to each patient's particular goals. Dr. Boynton and his amazing staff exceeded my expectations at every turn. I knew I was in good hands through the entire process and never felt pressured or rushed. The doctor's bedside manner is extraordinary and I truly feel that he is gifted at his vocation. I have highly recommended him to close friends, and will continue to do so.


I am highly satisfied because Dr. Fardo helped me solve a personal issue that I had over several years. Dr. Fardo and the nurses explained the entire procedure clearly and concisely, and the customer service was excellent. Overall, the results became a success, and I highly recommend my friends and family to Dr. Fardo and the swan center staff.


Overall from the initial consultation, to the intake/surgery, and the follow up has been nothing less than amazing service. I initially met with Dr. Fardo and his team about a month and a half before I scheduled my surgery. He was able to fit me in for a quick consult on a day that he does surgery. I had done my research (for the past 10 years) so I went in knowing what I wanted and how I wanted it done. Dr. Fardo heard all of my wants and didn't give me any excuses about why it couldn't be done (like the other 6 surgeons I had met with all recommending different things I knew wasn't right for me). Currently a week after surgery as I am typing this and already see the results. Even through I am still swollen in certain area's (which is completely normal) I more than happy with the results. It was worth every penny! Side Note: He came in significantly lower than what I had been quoted everywhere else.


My appearance clothed is much improved. I had a complication from surgery that I felt was due to poor surgical judgment. My appearance with my shirt off is not up to my expectations, and I am not confident that there will be improvement, though I was a told to wait 6 months. The appearance so far is not natural, looks surgically altered, and that was my greatest concern going into surgery (I mentioned this concern before surgery). I believe that there is breast tissue that was not completely removed on one side, in addition to too aggressive liposuction leaving a hollow in the chest, on both sides.


My nipple died and fell off.


Extreme professionalism, caring people who really know what they are doing.


An amazing experience!!


Recovery was simple. The staff were pleasant to work with. Surgery gave the results that were anticipated with little unwanted changes.


All steps in the process were designed with me (the patient) in mind. Everyone was kind and never hesitated to take the time to answer my questions. (which were plenty)


My chest appears to have barely been changed by the process, I have discomfort caused by lumpiness in my nipples


Although the results of this kind of surgery are never guaranteed and nothing can be “perfect”, I am extremely satisfied with the outcome.

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