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miraDry is the only noninvasive, FDA-cleared treatment of underarm sweat. miraDry uses microwave energy to permanently destroy sweat glands.


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miraDry Reviews (27)

The procedure went exactly as it was explained to me.


I am a 47 year old WOMAN! I have suffered from hiperhydrosis since the age of 12 years old. This is a condition that is crippling; it robs you of your social life, it's embarrassing due to the odor ESPECIALLY for a female. I've tried EVERYTHING! Nothing worked, until I tried MiraDry. It has cut my sweat and odor by measures that I didn't think was possible. It cut my sweat and odor down and I feel more confident.


Yes, I was. I do no sweat as much as I used to. Thank you!


I absolutely adore Tristin, I'm also a licensed advanced esthetician and finding someone you trust for these of treatments is hard and she's just great and I enjoy my time with her. I am still sweating but it has significantly lessened this visit, thank you, see you again in a couple months My pit stains are much less noticeable, Im looking forward to being sweat free in the near future :)


Everything was thoroughly explained to me from start to finish. I had a clear understanding which calmed my fears. No sweating!


All went well-it seems the second procedure is taking care of the issue thank you


Jenn and Maryanne were great explaining what would happen and when I had discomfort, they responded immediately. I've had lots of treatments and they were very engaged the results. i haven't used deodorant since the procedure. I had to procedure for smell and not sweat.


The treatment is totally ineffective- and the person doing it didnt answer my questions and didnt respond to my questions ever after the procedure.


Bethany was very professional and calming during the procedure. She checked in on my pain level throughout the procedure and renummed me when I needed it. After an intense workout when I was completely drenched in sweat, my under arms were dry.


I thought everyone was very professional and my results were better than I expected. The fact that it actually worked. nothing has ever resolved my sweating Issue before and now I feel normal.


It went well and i felt taken care of.


This procedure was a game changer and was worth every nickle! Not having to worry about sweat stains


I had a reaction that caused delays in returning to my daily activities.


I'm satisfied with the results from my Mirdry treatment for excessive sweating. I've put this off for a very long time because of fear of the discomfort but it turned out not to be that bad and the freedom from the sweating was worth it.


Was expecting little to no armpit sweat. This has been the case for small issues, but today is the first day of sun and my armpits are the same sprinklers they've always been. That being said, I only had the first procedure done. Hopefully the second procedure clears this up


I was under the impression based off the consultation appointment that second treatments of miradry were rare and in most cases only for men. After the treatment, I continued to sweat and called the office to ask about it, they said it took a few weeks to work and that my period hormones could be messing with it too (I was on my period after the treatment). It is over a month later, and I am still sweating and needing to wear deodorant every day.


Great experience the technician was amazing she explained the procedure well before during and after.


Exceptional service and dedicated staff.


Great provider! She was wonderful and easy to talk to.


Clean and very friendly environment