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miraDry is the only noninvasive, FDA-cleared treatment of underarm sweat. miraDry uses microwave energy to permanently destroy sweat glands.


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miraDry Reviews (105)

The doctors were very knowledgeable about the procedure and talked me through every step of it. They have a lot of experience doing the procedure so it made me feel more comfortable.


I used to sweat extremely bad in the under arms, but now that I've had the procedure done, they don't sweat near as bad.


I did the procedure "miraDry" with Julia, she was very sweet and gentle and knowledgeable! Any questions I had she'd answer, and made me feel the most comfortable through out the process even when the procedure itself was uneasy. It's only been 2 weeks and I've seen such a dramatic difference. Only did one treatment and I'm very content, I've struggled with excessive sweating ever since I was younger and I would definitely recommend to anyone out there going through that same problem. [Single best thing is...] The results.


The staff was so friendly and made me feel very comfortable.


They were able to accommodate my ask, and moved me to a more comfortable room for my procedure with at TV. The numbing is so painful and without a distraction I'd be so uncomfortable! Cleaning out the new room took a bit of time, but worth it in the end. [Single best thing is...] The staff is so accommodating and friendly.


I'm not sweating as much as I was before my procedure.


Waiting for full results. Process was easy and staff was extremely friendly and knowledgable.


[Highly satisfied with] Everything. [Single best thing is...] It was a quick and easy treatment and Brittany was extremely helpful before, during and after.


Best decision ever!! Jennifer and MaryAnne were both so friendly all the time, made me feel super comfortable. They explained every step to me. And super happy with the results, not sweat or smell. Highly recommend!! I have my confidence back!


This is the best doctor's office I've ever visited! Everyone was extremely friendly and truly made me feel important. Tristin and the doctor both made me feel very comfortable and the treatment went flawlessly.


She was great and very informative! Process was pain free. [Single best thing is...] No sweat!


Yes. Haven't sweat since! [Single best thing is...] Not sweating.


Effective and convenient. As always, Dr. Aboolian and his staff provided impeccable service. I recommend miraDry treatment to anyone who wants to eliminate sweat and odor in the underarm area.


I had concerns about the underarm numbing process which were addressed at the consultation. During the procedure, Kara's care and technique far surpassed my expectations.


All the ladies who helped before, during and after the treatment were extremely kind, patient, helpful and informative! Not pushy AT ALL and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. I also appreciated how transparent and honest they were about everything - post-treatment expectations, pricing, all of that was very clearly-defined and I didn't feel like I was being misled. Julia was amazing and I barely felt any pain at all! I read about patients at other facilities who had the same procedure as I did who said they were in tons of pain during the procedure - I barely felt a thing! The healing was a breeze. I also read horror stories and saw awful photos of miraDry procedures gone wrong due to the administrator not cleaning the area properly or giving good after care instructions. My recovery was super easy and I barely had any bruising! Just minor swelling. No issues at all. She did a great job and I would feel very comfortable to get another procedure from her. [Single best thing is...] IT WORKED! I have dealt with sweat issues since I hit puberty and now I can wear t-shirts and tops I would NEVER have worn prior to this. It's only been 2 weeks but it has truly been life-changing for me.


Very professional, great experience, will definitely recommend him. Super friendly. Give him 10 stars. Treatment wasn't painful, I did have to have a second treatment, which is usually rare. But still satisfied.


Luke Levin was fantastic and the procedure went well with good results. [Single best thing is...] That it worked well for the most part. It did exactly what was advertised.


Luke is the best!! Everything was easy and he made the experience 10 times better. It worked!! No more sweat.


Luke was very thorough and friendly. He let me know what he was doing at each step. I felt very confident in his abilities.


Luke was absolutely wonderful. Informative, kind and a great person to talk to during the long procedure. It was painless and worked!