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Mommy Makeover

94.4% Patient Satisfaction based on 2515 ratings

The mommy makeover is a combination of surgeries included but not limited to, breasts augmentation and reduction, tummy tuck and liposuction all to help you get your pre-baby body back.

based on 2515 ratings
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Mommy Makeover Reviews (1182)

Dr. Clayton and his staff were amazing. The surgical center staff were amazing. I had excellent care from Dr. Clayton and highly recommend him. I now have the flat stomach I have always wanted. My breast have a more youthful appearance and I can fit into clothes that I could not wear for the last 3 years. I am so thankful for the care I have received and the excellent outcome of my mommy makeover.


I was well taken care of and treated very respectfully. All questions were answered and was given all necessary information.


All the staff were so kind. Dr. Tower and Dr. Horton were available 24 hours a day.


As everyone likes to say, “I wish I had done this sooner!” Don’t wait, do it NOW! I had a breast reduction/lift, tummy tuck & neck lipo in Sept. 2018. I went from a DDD to a nice C cup and I had over 3lbs of a pooch removed from my tummy. Dr. Gingrass and her staff made me feel comfortable and confident in their abilities from the very first visit. I knew I was their number one priority. These people are REAL! Dr. G was very forthright and honest, which made me feel even more relaxed and assured that this was the right doctor for me. I had consult appts. with 2 other doctors (one much closer to my home) and I canceled them. I had found my doctor. Additionally, the hospital staff spoke glowingly of Dr. Gingrass on the day of my surgery. From the woman checking me in to the nurses; everyone’s body language became relaxed and calm when they realized who my doctor was. I heard more than once, Oh, I love her!. From the staff, people! It was easy to see that THEY felt valued by Dr. Gingrass (the girl checking me in even said as much!). She is highly regarded and respected by the hospital staff and that is very indicative of how she treats others. I also overheard hall conversations between Dr. G and hospital staff and it was easy to ascertain that their relationship was one of friendship and not superiority. I say all this, because I wanted a doctor who understood and sympathized and not one who was on a power trip to be in charge and make big bucks. I wanted a PROFESSIONAL doctor on MY team and that is what I got! Dr. Gingrass took the time to get to know me and what I wanted from this surgery and was there for ME -- not the prestige or money. She truly cares and a caring doctor will do everything to keep the patient safe and EXTREMELY DELIGHTED with the end results!! That's Dr. Gingrass! I've never owned a bikini. Now, I have several. And who needs to wear a bra….I don’t! I almost feel as if I have lived two lives. The one before surgery and the one after. My breasts were large, wide, and heavy. I constantly had rashes underneath and between them due to the lack of air circulation. I knew they were heavy due to the strain on my neck and shoulders, but I didn't realize how much so until I was wheeled out of recovery. The one and only time I cried during the entire recovery was at this moment, because I could breathe!!! My husband asked why I was crying and I said, it's so much easier to breathe!. This is a moment in my life I will never forget!!! I had no idea how much that weight affected my breathing! I love my tummy tuck; its almost like the icing on the cake. But the cake is the breast reduction and lift. It truly is life changing!!!!!! Neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, expensive and ugly bras are all gone!! Hello world of sexy bras (when I want to wear a bra!) and bikinis!!!


I honestly had no clue what to expect but Dr Shanklin, Marsha, and Amy were right beside me every step of the way. Any question or concern I had was always taken care of whether it be a phone call or while in office. After having three children Dr. Shanklin helped me gain my confidence back! My incisions were precise and placed in such a way where you can’t even tell I had any type of augmentation.


My results are a pure example of why I’m so satisfied the doctor is amazing and the staff is on point thank u so much for everything. [Single best thing is...] How detailed the doctor is with his work and information he gives prior surgery.


The doctor is extremely focused in helping the customer, his medical and artistic skills and experience are focused in the well being of the patient. The nurses and staff are also well trained and experienceed to help the patients to have a very pleasant experience. Very comfortable and secure.


Everything was amazing. Very happy. I can wear shirts and pants and not feel like I’m always trying to hide my stomach.


Dr. Bridges and his staff make sure that you are completely comfortable with every step of your journey! I am now comfortable in my clothing!


Dr. Montag makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed. She has wonderful nurses as well. They sit down with you and not hurry you out the door like a lot of doctors do these days.Thank you!!


Dr Ashby was very involved in the experience from the consultation through recovery and during every follow up visit. His work is stellar and his experience and knowledge is evident in his results. We love the doctor and his staff. He is personable, knowledgeable, and very patient centered. His staff is kind and helpful and personable. The office is clean, well maintained, and comfortable. He made my husband feel just as comfortable and never made him feel like his questions or concerns weren’t equally important. [Single best thing is...] The results. My breast lift and augmentation results are phenomenal and my tummy tuck and liposuction results are equally amazing. I’m very happy with my newly improved body.


Your staff acted professional, compassionate and kind. My figure is fantastic! A great shapely waist and a flat belly and my breasts are unbelievable to me- with having botched breasts even after a revision- I left it to you to decide the volume and it was a perfect choice- thank you


I finally Feel confident again about myself. My breast and tummy all are proportioned correctly to the rest of my body. Very happy . Dr bidic is a genuinely nice person and cares for the well being of his patients. He’s there to answer any questions you may have during your process. His results are amazing.


Dr. Nein and his staff are wonderful. I felt supported and well cared for throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend his office to anyone wanting a cosmetic procedure.


Dr Engel and staff are top notch! I was very happy with my results and it's been 10 months. Dr Engel ran into some complications during surgery and even called my husband to discuss it before proceeding with the surgery. They care how you feel and make you feel so special! It has boosted my confidence 150%!


Dr Engel and the entire staff were amazing. The professionalism of the staff, and their willingness to share their experience. Dr. Engel took a lot of time to ensure each decision I made was the best for my goals.


Dr Riolo is the best....friendly, skilled and listens to the patient. Her staff, especially Shelley and Bea are extremely helpful and caring. I love that breasts are now perky and not hanging down to my waist. I also love that I no longer have saggy loose skin on my stomach and that I actually have a waist again!!!


The no drain tummy tuck is amazing. The recovery is much faster and I did not have much pain at all. . The experience felt real and not fake as other surgeons I interviewed with. The staff and Doctor made me feel like family.


I consulted two different clinics prior to deciding on a surgeon. Both were professional, but Dr. Montag, her staff, and their clinic was just more personal. From the first phone call to schedule a consultation, to my last post-op visits the nurses, doctor, and entire staff greet you and treat you warmly and professionally. Would highly recommend Dr. Montag and her staff.


Everyone that I interacted with at SSA was exceptionally nice and knowledgeable. The office and surgery suites are beautiful and comfortable. And my results are amazing! After having kids, I had a wide diastasis and sagging skin on my tummy. I never imagined having a flat tummy again. Dr. Deal gave me what diet and exercise couldn’t. It feels so good to have my confidence back! My clothes fit better, and I feel so much more confident! I took my daughter to a school event recently and did the cha cha slide with her on the dance floor. Before my tummy tuck, I would have been too self-conscious for that! I am looking forward to rocking a bikini this summer!

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