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Cosmetic Surgery:

Mommy Makeover

94.4% Patient Satisfaction based on 2464 ratings

The mommy makeover is a combination of surgeries included but not limited to, breasts augmentation and reduction, tummy tuck and liposuction all to help you get your pre-baby body back.

based on 2464 ratings
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Mommy Makeover Reviews (1151)

Dr. Levens is a bosss!!! Soo happy with my results cuz he truly is an artist! Can't forget his lovely & warm staff! [Single best thing is...] My tummy tuck! I'm like a brand new person! Beautiful results. What swelling, lol!


Dr.Haws is wonderful. She was so open and relatable, very up front and honest when I had my pre-op consultation. While I have some scarring issues that will need ongoing attention/treatment, I am very happy with my decision to have surgery. I feel much more confident in/out of clothes! The entire staff has been so responsive and helpful, and just very encouraging through the whole process. I am very pleased with my experience at PSCON! [Single best thing is...] Clothes are more flattering, I can actually fit into a bra (no more “gap” at top of cup!), I am so much more confident and comfortable with my body.


The outcome of my surgery is wonderful! I feel great and dr Centeno knows exactly what to do for bariatric patients! They went out of their way to make sure every need is met My body looks better than it did when I was in high school !


The results are excellent, the level of care is astounding. The offices are beautiful and clean. The staff is professional and friendly. The Dr. Polo is kind and disarming, yet very professional


Dr. Henry is highly personable and connect with you. At no time did she or her staff made me feel uncomfortable. Everything was very well explained. I was well taken care of.


I feel so much younger, sexier and no longer hide in my clothes. I buy clothes that I have always dreamed about wearing. My husband has always loved me the way that I was, even after children, but now sees me differently because of the way I view myself. . Dr. Jones and his staff are the absolute best! Highly satisfied from the beginning to the end with great results of my mommy make-over!! Dr. Jones listened to all my needs and exceeded my expectations. Dr. Jones and his staff are prompt, courteous, caring and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Dr. Jones.


My clothes fit! I feel better about the way I look. The staff and surgeon were very nice and thorough about all aspects of the procedure. Before, during and after!


Mr. Mason listened to my preference NOT to use implants, but to work with the breast tissue I had left, after a lift. He did a beautiful job, creating the results that I wanted to live with, rather than what might be expected, with implants included commonly in my procedures. I am grateful for his sensitivity and respect for my preferences. Dr. Mason takes the time to describe procedure options and estimates of realistic results and listens to my concerns and fears. His willingness to follow up, with any details or changes that might be important for a positive patient experience- not just before the procedure, but in the recovery process and afterwards. He always checked for any discomfort, and behaved in a caring, encouraging manner. He listened, answered questions, gave detailed examples, and shared research materials, to help me envision a realistic recovery and results. His office staff and nurses are sensitive, polite, cooperative and return calls promptly. His office is beautiful and welcoming. I feel comfortable referring Dr. Mason to any of my friends or family. If I decide to pursue other procedures, I will definitely work with him again.


Great Doctor, great Fellow, great experience, great after care, I felt very cared for with my follow ups. Super happy with my results. I am much more confident in every day clothes.. I’m not self conscious about the areas of my body that previously I was.


Right from the beginning I felt comfortable with Dr.Andreasen. I loved that he is conservative and did not try to push me to do something I wasn't comfortable with. His confidence made me feel at ease. He suggested a breast augmentation size that was perfect for me. He was honest with what to expect following a tummy tuck, and I was very well prepared. The staff have all been exceptional, friendly and professional. Maria was outstanding, always honest with me, and helpful answering all of my questions. Dr.Andreasen always answered my out of office questions via e-mail, once even on a Sunday night. I was very impressed with the ease and ability to reach him. I would highly recommend Dr. Andreasen to any of my friends. I would hate to see them waste their time with anyone else. This is really the best place around! I had such a better recovery than I had every anticipated. Dr. Andreasen is highly experienced, and I am so very thankful that I found him!!!! I am so very happy with my outcome! The single best thing about this experience, is that I got exactly what I wanted. Dr. Andreasen listened to me, and delivered. I couldn't be happier.


After having 2 kids and losing 105 lbs I decided to have this Mommy Makeover. It has changed my life, my confidence, and my perseverance to keep striving to be fit and healthy! . Dr. Andreason and his staff are more than professional! His work is outstanding and I would recommend him to all of my family and friends! I'm very happy with the outcome of my Mommy Makeover!


Dr Hunt was very understanding and made me feel at ease. His entire staff were beyond helpful prior and post surgery. Am extremely satisfied with my new body and it really has been life changing for me. Being able to regain my confidence.


I didn't realize how many things I didn't do because I was embarrassed about my body. I never wanted to go swimming and would often pass up on invitations to go out. Since having the surgery I have regained control of my life, I have been to the beach and rocked it, and never pass up an opportunity to meet a friend! . Dr Montage has been absolutely wonderful. She is always in a good mood and is very personable. When she was out of the office I met with Dr Edny, and he was wonderful as well! Great group of Doctors.


Everybody in the office is very professional and thorough. [Single best thing...] How flat my stomach is and I am able to do a crunch now.


Dr Bolitho is very caring and is obviously concerned with aesthetic detail of his surgery. He made me feel very comfortable after having had a bad previous experience with plastic surgery. The office staff was welcoming and friendly. I was a little apprehensive but the entire team made me feel confident that the outcome of the surgery would be a good one. I highly recommend Dr Bolitho and his team.


About 1-1/2 to - months after surgery I could really start to see the results and felt well enough to dress and appreciate it. Having smaller breasts has really made a huge difference in my life. I no longer have to wear and XL when I am a medium. I no longer feel like my breasts enter the room before I do. My nipples are much higher and attractive as well. My husband says they no longer point at the floor! It's odd, but I feel much more confident now. Dr. Workman made me feel comfortable while having to show parts of my body that I normally keep covered. At no time did I feel uncomfortable during these somewhat awkward times. When needed the Dr returned weekend phone calls and saw me right away when I had concerns. There were many times during the early healing process when I was unsure if something was normal. Being able to call or email a question or picture made me confident the staff cares and is there to help. Morgan is WONDERFUL and whenever my visits included her it made the experience easier. At times healing is quite painful. The attitude of the staff during this time was excellent! I would return here if I need anything done in the future.


From the first appointment to the last Dr. Sinno answered every question and concern he made me completely confident in the decision to have surgery his staff was also amazing and caring


by starting off I want to thank Dr.Workman and his team they were so good to me and I seriously appreciate them so much. I was a teen mom and I hated my body I had stretch marks and lose skin plus my breast were so bad after I breast fed my daughters they got saggy and looked ugly. I was so insecure and I hated my body. it took me years to get my mommy makeover and to find a good doctor. and I am so glad I chose Dr.Workman and his team. now I feel happy and confident about my self. I haven't felt like this in a very long time. so THANK YOU AGAIN.... my breast and tummy tuck look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I love how my breast are a lot fuller and big. and well I have a flat tummy... who doesn't like that!! I love my body!!!


I spoke with two different female surgeons before choosing Dr. Gartside. I immediately felt comfortable with her and her staff. Dr. Gartside had very helpful information, website and graphics to explain the procedure and recovery. She was able to give me a very accurate expectation of both as well as the results, which were exactly as I hoped and expected after my consultation and pre-op visits. I am thrilled with my results and feel like I'm starting my 60's with a new body that makes me feel confident. Her office is very professional and her staff helpful and patient with all of my questions whether by phone or email. I would highly recommend Dr. Gartside to any of my friends and family. To be able to fit into clothes properly and not oversized to cover certain parts of my old body. Gave me the jump start I needed to change my daily lifestyle, eating habits and exercise habits.


My results turned out Absolutely Amazing. I am beyond happy with how everything turned out. I feel more confident in my body. I am not embarrassed with certain areas of my body any longer. I am definitely one happy woman! . The staff were very friendly and professional. They made me feel comfortable and relaxed. They answered all my questions whether it be via phone or in the office without any hesitations. My Dr. was absolutely amazing. He is definitely one of the best!

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