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Cosmetic Surgery:

Neck Lift

93.6% Patient Satisfaction based on 1312 ratings

To combat the signs of aging, a neck lift procedure removes excess fat and skin from the jaw line and is often times done during a face lift surgery. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, over 26,000 surgeries were performed in 2014.

based on 1312 ratings
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Neck Lift Reviews (581)

Very professional, explained everything probably more than I wanted to know and did a great job.


Dr. McNeel was great. Surgery went well. Staff was helpful.


Dr. Neely is a very comforting physician whose competence is unquestionable. All the staff made me feel special and remembered. No one pressured me to buy additional products.


The results are better than anticipated. The surgery created a better version of me not a stranger. Many compliments. It was the care and attention of Dr. Symbas himself and his staff of professionals that made it a great experience.


Great results, great office personnel. Dr. Symbas goes above and beyond to give you a look you’ll love that makes you happy. Very thorough up front in understanding your needs so therefore better end result. Never felt rushed or that he wasn’t paying attention which IMO is part of why he gives you exactly, or more than, what you wish for. I truly felt he would have spent the entire day on me if that’s what he thought was needed. Very fairly priced as well.


Professional staff, comfortable setting. Highly skilled and personable surgeon. Overall a great experience


Dr. Hing was able to remove the excess skin and sculpt my neck and lower face in a very natural looking way. I no longer have excess drooping skin on my neck and jaw line and I don't look plastic or drawn like I see in some pictures of people who have had face and neck surgery. I just look fresher and younger. Dr. Hing is not only a skilled surgeon and an expert in body contouring, he is compassionate and kind. He was great at explaining the procedure in a way I could understand. He spent a great deal of time with me making sure I knew what could be done and what could not be done. I knew what to expect through the whole experience. I have complete confidence in him as a surgeon and as a person.


Dr. Balikian is an artist, his work is natural. You never look overdone.


The results were outstanding I look very natural, Dr. Mustoe worked his magic once again! The nurse was very knowledgeable and inspired confidence and communicated caring. I look “ better” in a natural way. I don’t think that outcome is a given, I see many women who look like they have had work done, I don’t think that is true with me.


Supportive staff. Excellent care & results.


They were a great surgical team, very attentive and caring. Great follow up care and I am very pleased with my results.


Doing this procedure was a big step, because I was very scared, but the results exceeded my expectations, Dr. Kelly did exactly what he told me before the procedure. He and all the staff that support him are always attentive to my questions no matter how insignificant they may be. Dr. Kelly was very attentive to every detail in the recovery process. What most makes me happy, is that people tell me that I look fantastic, radiant, but they do not notice anything. Thank you Dr. Kelly you are amazing, delicate, careful and above all a professional with golden hands. Adriana, her assistant, made me feel as a family, and Ligia always attentive and cordial, that gave me a lot of confidence. Thank you, thank you and thank you.


I felt very comfortable with the doctor and staff. Great medical facilities and the procedure went like it was described, with no surprises. I would recommend this Dr. to my friends and family.


The procedure worked well and I’m highly satisfied.


Dr. Filip and his team are wonderful. I felt safe and confident that I was in the best hands possible. They always have an open door policy no matter how small my concerns or questions were they were kind and made me feel at ease. I trust Dr. Filip and his staff competently. I met with other surgeons before I met with Dr. Filip, after my initial consultation I knew that he was the best surgeon, I was instantly comfortable. He did not sell me on other procedures, he was the only one that asked me specific questions as to what I was unhappy with. No one else did that! Simply the best care before and after the procedure! [Single best thing is...] The care and understanding of my nervousness before and after the procedure.


Doctor Sinno is wonderful to work with and very caring of your concerns and also his attention to you during recovering. I would highly recommend him to anyone who asked and have sent many of my friends to him.


Dr. Mustoe and his staff are very attentive, caring and professional.


My initial confidence in Dr. Montag was during consultation when I felt like she listened and empathized. Then she explained the solution to my problem giving me hope for realistic improvement. Later, after the procedure, I had a concern that she did not dismiss at all but said with assurance that a lot of changes would still be taking place during the healing process, and if this particular concern did not improve with time, to not worry because everything is fixable. A perfect answer! I did not waste another minute thinking about it. AND, it did work out on its own! Thank you, Dr. Montag! This procedure has made me feel younger because I was able to get rid of some unwanted saggy skin that aged me more than my actual age. I am delighted with the result!


Dr. is an artist and staff is delightful. The way it turned out is night and day.

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