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Neck Lift

93.4% Patient Satisfaction based on 1254 ratings

To combat the signs of aging, a neck lift procedure removes excess fat and skin from the jaw line and is often times done during a face lift surgery. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, over 26,000 surgeries were performed in 2014.

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Neck Lift Reviews (564)

I had my eyes done with Dr. Wolf 15 years ago, and it was a wonderful experience. He is conservative, and he is caring!!! I live over an hour away and couldn’t imagine going to anybody else the next time I went for surgery (even though I did go for a whole bunch of consultations). I am so glad that I chose to go to Dr. Wolf again, as I look like a ten year younger version of myself. I look like me, not some stranger with a very tight facelift, or filled with a bunch of stuff!!! I love Dr. Wolf, and trust him implicitly. I feel great about myself.


I alway felt listened to and everyone from Dr. Grotting to the front desk made me feel comfortable and encouraged through the entire process which was a little scary for me. They went over every detail about my recovery, what it would be like and so as I went through it I was able to know that I was alright and I was getting better everyday. I am very happy with the results and I feel like myself when I look in the mirror now. I also have a lot more confidence out in the world. I just wanted to look my best at my age and now I do. Thank you Dr Grotting and all of the staff. My biggest fear was people I know would be shocked and ask questions. That hasn’t happened just people telling me I look great. I don’t know if most don’t realize something was done but no one has made comments like wow you look really different. I know I do and now I feel really good about doing this.


The entire experience was great - I can't think of how it could be made better. Everyone in Dr. Bolitho's office is wonderful and Dr. Bolitho is extremely skilled at what he does. I recommend him to anyone considering plastic surgery. When I look in the mirror, I'm happy with the surgery results. What I used to hate about my neck is gone. People tell me how much younger I look. What more could I ask for?


From the first consult I had with Dr Hunt a few years ago, to then being ready to go ahead and booking the surgery I felt totally at ease and comfortable. The confidence instilled in the process by Dr. Hunt and his staff gave me absolutely no doubt that I would be beyond pleased with the results--to which I definitely was. The experience was very highly satisfying. [Single best thing is...] Definitely the end result. The confidence it has given me, it's taken away that self conscious feeling and I'm finally happy with how I now look.


No more jowls, smooth lovely neck! Let me begin by saying the only negative experience I have had is the length of time for healing from fraxel laser treatment. I don't feel I was sufficiently informed about that before procedure. Dr. David listened to my concerns and what I hoped he could do for me. He delivered what he told me I could expect from the procedures. I am very pleased with the outcome and his manner with me.


My face looks great so far. Dr. Shah is very nice, professional, and patient with all my questions. The doctor who called me when I had a concern about possible infection was also nice and sounded sincerely concerned. Even with all the swelling my chin/neck/face looked good almost immediately. I'm still swollen, but can tell the surgery was a success. I can't wait for the healing to be complete.


Very friendly and knowledgeable doctor and staff. Prompt service at time of appointment. Surgeon very skilled. Already had surgery and am highly satisfied with it so far.


I was a patient of Dr. Kelly 25 years ago and I remember how kind he and his staff were to me then and they were the same 25 years later.. If I ever decide to do something else I would not hesitate to return to Dr. Kelly..


Dr. D’Amore is a perfectionist. It’s always scary right after surgery, but as the swelling went down, there was no signs of surgery, just a whole lot of less wrinkles! Which was exactly what I wanted!


I love the way everyone was so caring and thoughtful. [Single best thing is...] My post operative care was top notch!!


Lots of info given to me, had time for questions .


I love the look of my neck, although my right ear lobe is annoying. I'm still having burning sensation and tightness.


I was satisfied with my experience


[Highly satisfied with] Results of my eyelids. Looking in the mirror I look more rested.


The doctor listened to my concerns and followed up on them to my satisfaction.


Communication between Dr Rand and his staff with me was top notch! I always felt like I was a priority, and the friendliness that all the staff showed me was outstanding. I never felt that I was being rushed at my appointments, and honestly felt like I was the only patient they had. Dr Rand and his staff are happy and upbeat, so the office is actually a fun place to go. My surgery results way passed my expectations. I am thrilled with how I look and how quickly I recovered. Dr Rand is clearly an AMAZING surgeon. I think the best part was my post-op returns to the office. Dr Rand and the staff were just as excited about seeing my results as I was! Dr Rand and his staff clearly all have a great relationship as it shows in how they treat one another as well as their patients.


Both Dr. Sunday and Maureen (nurse) are highly skilled and personable and I felt very comfortable in placing my confidence with them. Dr. Sunde was kind enough to even come to my home for a follow-up visit the night of surgery. He is very caring and comfortable to be around.


Dr Turner explained the neck lift operation very well and it was all that he said it would be. I had no pain, bleed or discomfort and now months later I am so pleased with the result. The care, attention and surgery visits were all excellent.


Dr Maxwell has developed a smooth process that is reassuring and easy to follow. Recommendation: Provide the patient with a written document following surgery that might be useful for any future surgical events. I am thinking about the names of the anesthetic drugs used, any physiological anomalies that a future surgeon might encounter, facts that would enhance a future medical history. It may just be a note that says nothing remarkable occurred or was observed. These were the drugs administered...

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