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Neck Lift

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To combat the signs of aging, a neck lift procedure removes excess fat and skin from the jaw line and is often times done during a face lift surgery. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, over 26,000 surgeries were performed in 2014.

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Neck Lift Reviews (448)

I am very satisfied with the results from my surgery. The office staff was very helpful, and the surgeon, Dr. Douglas Sunde was outstanding. He is highly qualified, very professional, kind and friendly. He welcomes questions and honestly answers them. He called me numerous times at home following the surgery to check how I was feeling, or if I had problems or questions. He made sure that I knew he was always available if needed. I would highly rercommend him to other patients. He is the best!!


I feel very comfortable there. I like seeing the same faces when I go in. Gives me the sense of family. You can tell who likes working there and does not


professionalism, knowledge, communication and respect.


Dr. O'Daniel has a well deserved outstanding reputation, and I can personally understand why. He took great personal care and interest in my case and provided me with his personal cell phone number. Over a weekend, he asked me to send him photos and made a house call to remove drainage tubes from the procedure.


Dr. O'Daniels are his entire staff/team are amazing !!! I can't say enough wonderful things about them all. Dr. O'Daniels is the best !!! I wouldn't trust anyone else but him. He is extremely talented and has amazing bedside manners. I have always felt comfortable about any and all procedures I have done with him. My results are amazing




I was more than satisfied with the environment (beautiful, yet comfortable), the friendly staff, the information, the skill level of Dr. Rand, (which was the number one reason for returning). For the most part, I was prepared for what to expect. It was all more extensive than I thought it would be. Afterward, I realized how complicated a surgery it was, and it made me extremely thankful that I had an expert, such as Dr. Rand do the operation. He is a true artist!!! I am so happy and satisfied with the results. Again, thank God I was with a pro. I can't imagine getting something this extensive done to my face/neck without the surgeon being the best!!! I don't think I can put into adequate words just how much this surgery has done for me. I have a renewed confidence. I feel, and look my best. I actually feel more successful in my field. That's crazy, but I walk in with more confidence, talk to people a bit closer, feel like I'm in a like age group, instead of the older one. I like that I still have my personality lines, I just look 100 percent better.


Dr Salzman and staff took time to explain the procedure. They made me feel important. The care on day of surgery was excellent. Follow up visits were also very good. They never rushed me and allowed me to ask lots of questions. My neck is nice and smooth now. I look younger.


The physician and the staff was Absolutely amazing and very freilndy. Also very helpful after the procedure. I felt very comfortable and that they cared about me, how I was feeling ect. I would definitely recommend this doctor and return for any other procedure I would like to have done. I lived with a growing fat pad behind my neck from hormones and going through ivf. The weight on my neck was giving me toward head and pain all day and it was very uncomfortable to sleep. Now I can feel a difference when I put my head down on a pillow it dosent cause me pain. I won't have as many migraines do to forward head position. .


Wonderful staff and Dr. Smith is an outstanding plastic surgeon. Looked totally natural that friends thought I never looked better, but didn't realize I had any procedure done, perfect!!! I feel so confident and happy to be in pictures.


A neck lift is a long procedure and even though I wanted to have it done I was apprehensive and a little scared. Dr. Wolf took the time to listen and explain in detail what was involved made me feel relaxed and comfortable with what I can only describe as an unstudied relaxed bedside manner. I think my confidence level is higher. I have s new lease on life and am no longer interested in letting life pass me by!


I just feel more positive about my looks and the way I feel. I felt 10 years younger then my age and now I look good I feel so much better. Thank you so much for everything you did. The staff and doctor was wonderful.


My results were beyond expectations. Dr. Brenman is highly professional and a gifted surgeon. Initially I went to Dr. Brenman for Kybella treatment on my neck, he suggested another procedure which had rapid and longer lasting results. I am so glad I went with his suggestion and my results are beyond all expectations.


The way EVERYONE starting from when you walk in greets you, asks how you are and is genuinely happy to see you and makes you feel comfortable (even when you're still swollen & bruised)! Jill even sat with me to talk while I was waiting for the doc which I really appreciated. No more "waddle"!!!


Dr. Beil and his staff are wonderful - very caring - they make you feel secure with your decision for surgery. Results are very natural looking - no one has questioned my appearance. I like the way I look - it's taken off a few years but I look very natural! No one questioned my post op appearance!


My surgery was done nine months ago, and I already have some areas where my neck is not tight like it used to be right after surgery...


Dr. Branman and his staff were AWESOME! Unfortunately my blood pressure was too high to perform the surgery on the original date of my surgery, however Dr. Branman and his staff were so understanding and kind concerning this issue. The surgery was rescheduled one month later and went perfectly without any issues! I LOVE my results and would repeat the experience again in a heartbeat! Thank you Dr. Branman! I feel like my outer appearance now matches the vitality of my inner self. I am now much more confident about how I look-- which has a direct effect on how I communicate and interact with others.


This is the second time I've had cosmetic surgery with Dr. Beil. I think his surgical and communication skills are excellent. I felt he really listened to me and made me feel very comfortable and confident. If I were to have another cosmetic procedure, I would not hesitate to return to Dr. Beil. Dr. Beil and the office staff do a wonderful job of dealing with patients. They're caring, supportive, and always willing to answer questions in a cheerful manner.


I appreciate Dr Beil and the beautiful neck and face I gained from this. The after care message was a good way to acclimate my body to the changes. They were the healing hands. The professional way that all staff handled my procedure made me feel like I am the only patient receiving this special care. Many hav s n the changes in my face and have asked where and when I got it done. Dr Beil miracle hands have made this almost 62 year old feel like I am in my early 40s. I am coming back for the tummy tuck. Many hat are close friends have been given this special practice that performed the new me look. I am extremely satisfied with the price, the utmost professionalism of staff and doctors and most of all, the service. I would be happy to do it again. I will never forget the healing hands of Beth, the message therapist. Feel good about my self image, the fat that was taken out of my neck, I am able to breath and sleep bette. I was once diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and prescribed c-pap machine. I don't need that anymore. I am able to get a full nite sleep with any incident of coughing or waking up chocking and trying to catch my breath.


D. Maxwell and her staff are awesome. Very friendly and answered all of my questions,.

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