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Cosmetic Surgery:

Reconstructive Surgery

98.6% Patient Satisfaction based on 41 ratings

Reconstructive surgery is performed to treat areas of the body affected aesthetically or functionally by congenital defects, developmental abnormalities, trauma, infection, tumors or disease.

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Reconstructive Surgery Reviews (28)

I'm still alive and improving. It was life saving.


Dr. Salazar and his wonderful staff were very courteous and kind and make me feel comfortable considering I was getting completely naked for the good doctor!! He assured me I would greatly benefit from a complete tummy tuck. Now to save the money...


I was highly satisfied.


Cause of excellent operation that he performed with my upper lips surgery with no notice of the scar were he performed the operation about an inch deep and an inch wide just like he never performed any surgery at all excellent job and I am very happy with the result I will recommend this ???? to anybody ? doc


Loved going to the OP ROOM. Very happy the way things turned out


Dr. Escudero is a great doc, and a nice guy. He takes time with his patients - I have never felt rushed during an appointment. He listens to comments, and answers questions fully. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone! He diagnosed the cancer in my throat (vocal cord). He removed most if not all of it, then set me up for radiation treatments at my cancer care center, six weeks. I have been in remission for almost two years from this cancer, though I do have another cancer (leukemia) that I am still dealing with. My throat is doing well, though I did lose a great deal of my vocal abilities (I sing with a band and play drums). I am alive, though, and can still talk! Thankful for Dr. Escudero.


Miscommunication and frustration over the issues I was having with the wound opening.


Quality of surgical team and hospital staff In more ways than I can state.


Everyone was informative and very nice No amputation required so greatful


When I found out that my toes would be amputated and the surgeon that would take care of the reconstruction was the best I was put at ease. The doctor is really the finest, his knowledge, and personal treatment of his patients is extraordinary. I am the lucky one


Kindness. Skill. Personal attention. Responsive to concerns. Felt like I mattered. Grateful. Hopefully I will live a normal lifespan and do it without further complications from cancer.


Dr. Symbas and his staff were very attentive and caring. Although my surgery was not your typical plastic surgery (improving one's appearance) I would definitely consider Dr. Symbas and his team. Hopefully there is no further need for cancer


I was immensely satisfied with my doctor and staff. Prompt and answers and very efficient.


I saw my plastic surgery team more than any other doctors at the hospital. They were really informative and kept on top of what was going on. Well I felt no pain during the surgery so that's good and I just like the way they paid attention to your needs.


Dr Mehan saved my foot as far as I'm concern! He never gave up and always listen to me and moved forward until he fixed it. His staff & surgeral team were always kind and very formative. I am walking now with less pain from the nurse where I wasn't before.


Dr Hall and staff do a wonderful job. repair looks great


Both surgeons were very interactive and caring. All of the staff was highly professional and caring also. Although I am healing slower than I would like, I feel that if I had gone anywhere else, the outcome would be worse. I had complete confidence and was not concerned prior to surgery about the competence of your practice. I did have the usual fear of surgery and the outcome due to the lack of information until after the MOHS. The only thing I wouldn't have done is fill all of the prescriptions unless needed until after surgery - except for the presurgery antibiotics since I didn't use any of them.


Staff is highly competent and professional from front office to nurses, PAs, assistants, everyone devoted, efficient and friendly! Dr P took a BIG chunk off my face, followup was highly effective and appropriate, after a couple months scar is becoming a small white line, which is exactly what every staff member said it would be.


Dr. Mehan and his staff are very attentive and helpful. Can wear regular shoes again.