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Cosmetic Surgery:

Revision Rhinoplasty

90.6% Patient Satisfaction based on 232 ratings

After havnig a rhinoplasty, one considers a revision in order to correct any aesthetic or functional issues to the nose.


based on 232 ratings
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Revision Rhinoplasty Reviews (99)

I was prepared well for what to expect after surgery so when I went through recovery I was not concerned about what I experienced. I was always listened to with respect when I asked a question or had a concern. It is now 3 months and the results speak for themselves. My visits were never rushed. All employees were highly trained and capable. The smiles on their faces and their kindness are the finishing touches to a well run office.


I thought the result of the surgery was as successful as it could possibly be.


[Highly satisfied] Because of how professional and thorough he and his entire staff are. The quality of treatment you receive and how all your questions are answered.


The process was smooth from the beginning. Dr. Nassif was such a professional. I thought he would be a jokester like he is on television, but he takes his job and patient care very seriously. The office is upfront with all of the requirements for surgery. They have their act together. Everyone was so friendly and seemed to enjoy their jobs. Everything was streamlined and in the same building. I think the part that helped me the most was going to the aftercare facility. They were completely prepared to take care of me. I didn't have to worry about anything, which could have been stressful if I were staying in a hotel. It was totally worth it. They had all of my meds, soft food, and wound dressing.


I am happy and grateful for the result of my nose surgery. It’s not perfect but it was not an easy one (revision) and Dr. Pearlman did a good job, in line with what I wanted, which was a natural looking result and improved breathing. The staff has been nice to me, the information was clear and I felt comfortable on the day of the surgery.


Corrections were made to my previous rhinoplasty done elsewhere and am very pleased with the results. One small adjustment to make later this year, but otherwise my breathing is significantly improved and nose looks aesthetically better as well.


The results far exceeded my expectations. Dr. Pearlman is a master at his craft. His office staff was wonderful and accommodating.


The surgery is bringing my nose back to its original look and shape. I AM pleased that this is a strong possibility when my procedure is complete. Great surgeon and staff. I will take survey again when I am finished with treatment.


To help correct nose surgery. Procedure is not complete, but appears good.


My nose became extremely uneven after surgery and he widened it way too much. I preferred my nose the way it was before. The tip is bulbous and large where it was thin before with a nice slope.


Dr. Wolf is amazing! He always make sure his patients are comfortable. His professional demeanor, and friendly greetings gave me all the comfort to put my trust in him. I recommend Dr. Wolf to anyone who is looking for a brilliant, and confident surgeon.


I was dissatisfied with my overall experience since I was told something completely different in my consult to attain a sale. I was told that the procedure would not have to be repeated (fat transfer) if it was done correctly and if I was unsatisfied with my results it would be repeated for free after 3 months. After I voiced my concerns 4 months post op, I was told that it could be repeated in a year at the cost of supplies. I feel that the post op care in this office should be consistent with more compassion and care. I'm disappointed with the efforts and passion that I thought the doctor had. I hope this helps.


Excellent response time to questions and follow up. Very pleased with results. Professional staff. Very happy with results.


Sending my highest praise to all who gave me the chance for a needed surgery that was painless and perfect for me. Thank you to all. Blessings to you, Dr. Paul Nassif. Everything was perfect.


Dr. Nassif is an extremely knowledgeable and skilled doctor with a fantastic bedside manner. Not only is he so attentive to detail but he is completely upfront and honest which can be hard to find in a doctor. Dr. Nassif listened to what I wanted and was so supportive throughout the entire process. It is and has been an incredible and lifechanging experience working with Dr. Nassif. Feeling confident in how I look and knowing that I was in the best hands as possible with Dr. Nassif.


Everyone at BWH Faulkner was so nice and attentive on surgery day and everything happened right on time. Dr. Bartlett and his staff were incredible leading up to surgery and after surgery as well. I always felt comfortable asking questions and received answers quickly. Can't recommend this group and Dr. Bartlett enough! Overall confidence has improved as well as being able to touch my nose without cringing anymore.


I was quoted a particular fee for services by Anna for a certain duration for a second revision w/Nassif. Then I was given an additional bill because the surgery went over, even though the amount I was quoted was within the window of time allotted. I was given a week to pay the balance and was told they are not a bank, so they could not space out that unexpected payment. Also, I felt that I should have not been charged for the revision fee because I had paid approximately $32,000 for the initial revision surgery. I was fine with paying the hospital fee, but not the additional fee Nassif's office charged me and frankly it was a hardship. I don't appreciate unexpected cost.


From my initial consultation to my continued follow up visits Dr. Mustoe has been great to work with. I'm 47 years old and was having a revision rhinoplasty from a nose job I had at 16 which had left me very self conscious in more recent years. He listened careful and was thoughtful in his approach. Could not be more satisfied with the experience. As an international speaker I am in front of groups and often on jumbotrons speaking every week. I had grown very uncomfortable that my nose was severely bent to one side which was even more apparent on camera. This procedure has allowed me to worry about my content instead of fearing my appearance.


Dr. Mustoe and his staff are pleasant, personable, and knowledgeable. The results are even better than I imagined.


Dr. Nassif is a great listener. He is smart, professional and friendly. The entire experience was fantastic. From the pre-op appointments and facial, all of the physicians involved, to the post operative care, everything went so well.

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