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Revision Rhinoplasty

90% Patient Satisfaction based on 266 ratings

After havnig a rhinoplasty, one considers a revision in order to correct any aesthetic or functional issues to the nose.


based on 266 ratings
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Revision Rhinoplasty Reviews (114)

I am still hoping that when the swelling subsides my nose shape will be as intended.


Have had the procedure done twice, because the first wasn't done correctly. This last time just felt that there was not enough interaction between the patient, doctor or staff. Still not pleased with how it looks. Have scarring from the leaches, and I really don't feel comfortable wearing makeup. Also, was told I would only pay for the anesthesia and the surgical center since it was his error. I spent the entire cost again. I believe he did not do my nose the first time alone or else there wouldn't have been problems.


I love Dr. Pearlman. He did a really nice job and made me feel feet comfortable. I look forward to seeing final results...


Dr. Pearlman is extremely thorough, attentive to detail and honestly the perfect revision rhinoplasty surgeon.


During consultations Dr. Mustoe over talked me most of the time. I believe his vision is old fashioned. He gave me what he thought looked good instead of what was requested. If I could go through the process again I would have probably chosen Dr. Sinno.


Results were exactly what I wanted. Great experience.


It was a lot less painful than I thought it was and he gave me exactly the result I wanted. I look amazing now! Awesome after-care and he was so friendly, as were the nurses and everyone else. I felt well-cared-for and recovery was a total breeze. I am so satisfied with how I look, too! Thank you, Dr. Revis!


Dr. Mustoe did a beautiful job fixing a bad rhinoplasty done by a previous surgeon, that did not suit my face at all. Dr. Mustoe was able to create a nose that looks much more natural, proportional and ethnically suited to my face. He was kind, attentive and committed to make me happy with the outcome. I could not have picked a better surgeon, I am very satisfied. Everything went smoothly and Dr. Mustoe and his staff were professional, attentive and caring. I knew what to expect and felt in good hands.


Loved the doctor and his staff. They were very helpful and showed concern at how I felt and if I was in any pain. Would highly recommend the office.


During the consultation Dr. Nassif and his team took their time to listen to my concerns and goals. They were very professional and detailed on the options I would have. I did not feel rushed and walked away with a clear understanding of the pros and cons of the decision I was about to make. Pre-Op, Surgery Day, and Post-Op: The team and Dr. Nassif checked on me consistently and ensured I was healing as expected. I felt I was in good hands. They set me up for success by having a pre-op plan to follow and a post-op plan as well. This definitely had a positive impact on the results. There was never a time where I was confused on next steps or what to expect. They had great documentation to follow along, this way I always knew what to expect. If I did have any concerns they were always available immediately. I am very happy on the outcome and the treatment of Dr. Nassif and his staff. From this point forward, if I need any other procedures I will only go to Dr. Nassif.


Everyone is very nice and helpful. Dr. Sanders listens to your request and takes sincerity in what you want in the end result.


The whole process was very easy, everyone was easy to get in contact with for concerns or questions. The procedure went well, and I felt comfortable throughout the whole process.


I appreciate Dr. Nassif and Dr. Smith for their honesty and their consideration.


Dr. Nassif is an incredible Dr. as are the team members I worked with over the last 2 weeks. Thank you! Thank you! The results on my revision are outstanding.


Dr. Nassif was right on time checked my nose and eyes for my 6 month check up. He was so attentive and answered all my questions.


I was prepared well for what to expect after surgery so when I went through recovery I was not concerned about what I experienced. I was always listened to with respect when I asked a question or had a concern. It is now 3 months and the results speak for themselves. My visits were never rushed. All employees were highly trained and capable. The smiles on their faces and their kindness are the finishing touches to a well run office.


I thought the result of the surgery was as successful as it could possibly be.


[Highly satisfied] Because of how professional and thorough he and his entire staff are. The quality of treatment you receive and how all your questions are answered.


The process was smooth from the beginning. Dr. Nassif was such a professional. I thought he would be a jokester like he is on television, but he takes his job and patient care very seriously. The office is upfront with all of the requirements for surgery. They have their act together. Everyone was so friendly and seemed to enjoy their jobs. Everything was streamlined and in the same building. I think the part that helped me the most was going to the aftercare facility. They were completely prepared to take care of me. I didn't have to worry about anything, which could have been stressful if I were staying in a hotel. It was totally worth it. They had all of my meds, soft food, and wound dressing.


I am happy and grateful for the result of my nose surgery. It’s not perfect but it was not an easy one (revision) and Dr. Pearlman did a good job, in line with what I wanted, which was a natural looking result and improved breathing. The staff has been nice to me, the information was clear and I felt comfortable on the day of the surgery.

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