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Rhinoplasty surgery can improve the size, shape, appearance and proportion of the nose, or correct breathing problems associated with the nose. 

based on 1545 ratings
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Rhinoplasty Reviews (672)

Great staff and loved the final product.


Feeling beautiful is a catalyst to acting beautiful; in an effort to brighten someone’s day. When insecurities are lifted through cosmetic procedures from a skilled surgeon as Dr. Chasan it is an enormous relief of comfort and fulfillment. . Dr. Chasan is genuinely caring; highly skilled; patient; and possesses the utmost integrity which are all attributes a hesitant and fearful patient values in a surgeon. The office is stunningly beautiful which is a reflection of the warm and friendly staff.The results from surgery are better than what was expected- a reflection of Dr. Chasan accuracy; seasoned experience; and steady hand.


Precise information, schedule flexibility, friendly and helpful staff. I'm more confident and secure.


Dr. Beil was so professional and respectful. He made me feel very comfortable and reassured. I am a nervous person and I was surprisingly calm the day of my surgery. My pre-surgery was organized and I had a clear understanding of the procedure and the predicted outcome. The outcome was better than expected...I am so thrilled with my results I never could have dreamed. Would do it all over again in a heart beat.


I was pleased with everyone's friendliness (especially Janet) except for the nurse. I believe her name is Angela. Before surgery, I wrote a list of questions so I would not forgot what to ask her. She looked at me and repeated my question (which she heard incorrectly) like I was dumb when I was asking about scarring. Also, when she was suppose to take off my cast, she completely forgot about me so I waited in the exam room for an hour and was late to my spa appointment. Because of this, she rushed me out as soon as the cast came off and didn't even give me a chance to look at the results. This was the worst part. Going through cosmetic surgery is a serious and emotional thing. I think the nurse should have at least showed me my new nose before shoving me away to the spa. I didn't get to see my nose until I was in the spa room with a mirror. I definitely expected more out of the reveal than that.


25 years of the most gifted and spectacular surgeon on the globe. Saved my life. Although dying at RWJ as as a result of near fatal car crash with a 10% max chance of survival per Dr. Bagner, i believe Dr Nini and staff pulled me through plus being a stubborn 21 year old.Dr Nini has performed 13 surgies on me. Some massive, some less massive. No one else will ever do reconstructive or plastic surgery on me. Also, over time he had acquired an excellent staff. A rare gem.


Everything from the doctor, to his staff, to the facility exceeded my expectations.


The friendly staff makes you feel at ease and Dr. Hall is very knowledgeable and kind. I was nervous about coming in but the whole experience put me at ease . If I need anything in the future I will definitely be back to see Dr. Hall and his wonderful team!


Had a great experience with Dr. Nease and the rest of the staff at SSA. Dr. Nease is very personable and took the time to answer all my questions in two separate consultations. He is a very talented surgeon and I'm very happy with the outcome of my rhinoplasty. I came in for a rhinoplasty consultation to fix my deviated septum. Not only does my nose look better cosmetically, but I can breathe so much better! Absolutely worth having the procedure done.


Very satisfied with the over-all look after surgery and how meticulous Dr. Ashby was with the pre-op, aftercare and performing the surgery. I am very satisfied with the breast size, along with the replacement of my old scares, my new incisions are barely noticeable. Care before, during and after was amazing and I had a team that I felt was genuinely concerned for me and for my desired outcome. even after having an allergic reaction to the antibiotics Dr. Ashby was fully devoted to making sure I was okay and my healing was where it needed to be. Everything about my scares and breasts is exactly how I wanted them.


Dr. Balikian was/is above and beyond any of my expectations. His background, expertise and training are above and beyond. His and his staff's treatment and bed side manners were respectful and caring. The surgery outcome itself was a success. My only real regret is not having done this sooner. Had I known earlier in life how happy I would be by getting a rhinoplasty, I would have done it in a heart beat. I feel PRETTY and am not ashamed to say it. Thank you Dr. Balikian, A THOUSAND TIME, THANK YOU!


Dr. Wolf is a fantastic human being and Dr. He gives you his 100% attention when are with him. Answers all your questions matter how silly they may be. The staff is very friendly and helpful. All the nurses are wonderful. Honestly I love this place!!!


Dr. Fardo was so nice and understanding why I wanted this procedure. He made me feel comfortable and made me visualize realistic expectations. I was happy with that and the results were amazing.


Dr Symbas and staff were present, attentive and caring. He explained exactly what he was going to do and patiently fielded my questions and concerns. He did an extraordinary job considering the problem he had to solve and the limited amount of skin he had to work with. He is a consummate professional!


There were some small complications and the team was very helpful in putting my mind at ease. I am much more confident than before.


The doctor went above and beyond to ensure my well being. Great bedside manners and easy to reach for questions and concerns


Patel made me feel well informed he even brought up bringing my nostrils; I did not even know that was an option! The staff at Visage and the surgery center are kind, good people and I loved the post-op gift once home as well! Patel is very down to earth and very understanding and patient with questions. I am so grateful for the wonderful experience and of course for my new nose!


Love the results of my surgery! Dr. Nein and staff listened thoroughly and answered any questions I had! I’m now more confident with my appearance!


My entire process from start to finish from pre-op to after surgery has been smooth and very easy. The entire staff was very professional and accommodating. Dr. Roberts is very talented in what he does. No one can tell that I had any work done on my nose. I'm looking forward for the healing process to subside which I know takes some time. Dr. Roberts also took time from his busy schedule to chat with my husband and I about some of his favorite restaurants in Austin and San Antonio area.


I felt extremely comfortable with all the staff members and the surgeon was unbelievably accommodating,concise, cautious and caring. Confidence has peaked and I'm no longer afraid to be looked at from any way!!!

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