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Rhinoplasty surgery can improve the size, shape, appearance and proportion of the nose, or correct breathing problems associated with the nose. 

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Rhinoplasty Reviews (647)

The staff and surgeon were all so nice and helpful in any question I had and throughout the time from pre-consultation to after surgery. I never felt like I was bothersome to them if I called to ask anything. Dr. Escudero, you are wonderful and so is ALL your staff. Thank you all so much for your services.


I love Dr.Ferland! From the first time I met her, she made me feel comfortable, took her time getting to know me, and was extremely caring throughout the entire process.


Dr. Magassy and his staff told me exactly what to expect: I met with his nurses and the anesthesiologist prior to surgery and felt enormously comfortable with them both. I have been a patient of the practice before this and trust Dr. Magassy completely: his vision is clearly communicated and his skill is unmatched, so I already felt comfortable with him. My recovery was remarkable (much better than I expected: not a single bruise when my cast came off). I will only return to this practice for any future procedures. I came initially based upon a recommendation from a friend (who looks like she was born this way), and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone else (that I like).


Everyone was very cordial and placed patient first. Wonderful atmosphere. No hard sell on the elective procedure. Follow-up calls from Dr. O'Daniel and staff.


I cannot say enough how great of a surgeon Dr. Mustoe is, he is truly a perfectionist and it shows in his work. He asked me several different times what I wanted, in case there were changes or additional things I wanted. He took his time during my initial appointment. As much work that I know comes his way he treated me like I was the only customer he had. I completely trust his work and am very confident he is the BEST surgeon out there. I’ve had many consultations with other surgeons, and Iwas sold on him instantly! I will return to him again and again. If you want the best, you need to go to the best, and this doctor is the VERY BEST! My family are believers too and will be coming to him. Hands down, best experience for me! Going through years of fertility treatments and high risk, difficult pregnancies my self esteem changed greatly as my face just changed, I didn’t feel like myself. This has made a great difference for me, and it’s very natural.


I could not be happier with Dr. Parker and his stuff Janet, Angela, Liz and stuff who was with me during my surgery. Dr Parker did a great job , i love my new nose looks so natural. Thank you to all. [patient name] I feel more beautiful and people tell me you look beautiful what have you done... My nose looks so natural they way i wanted


I went into the office to inquire about a rhinoplasty. During my consultation Dr. Escudero was very professional and caring. I am a nurse and researched three different doctors. Dr. Escudero is the one I chose because of how much input he gave and how much he actually listened. I felt he truly cared and had a passion for his work. During our consult for Rhinoplasty Dr. Escudero also recommended a small chin implant to bring facial harmony and balance. I am so glad I listened. The surgery was easy, I didn't have to wait long and was done fairly quickly. I am beyond thrilled with my results, even better than what I had hoped for. I have had to call the office a few times with questions and Shelly has always been super sweet and professional. So happy I went through with this surgey with Dr. Escudero. I only wish I had done it sooner. I have more confidence and no longer have to be insecure about that huge bump on my nose.


Dr. Schwartz was kind, attentive and did a really good job. My daughter feels more confident and less self-conscious.


The results were awesome and my recovery was fast. I ate super healthy. I only used pain meds 3 days. My swelling was almost down by day 4. Dr. Russell knows what he's doing. The mental recovery was harder than the physical because a change in your face can be hard. I wasn't prepared for that. Listen to the doctor. He is a smart guy.


Dr. Russell is amazing and incredibly patient. His work is nothing short of miraculous. Quickness of the actual surgery.


I have a new boost of confidence! My rhinoplasty results have given me a more softer, feminine appearance to my look. . I was very happy with how well I recovered from my surgery and how little swelling and bruising I had. Dr. Chasan made my nose and other procedures he performed look natural and like I was born with them. These were exactly the results I was looking for and I couldn’t be more happy!


The practice has a very high end and polished feel and the staff is exceptionally welcoming and friendly. I liked the ability to see the computerized changes to my nose pre-surgery to make sure my surgeon and I were on the same page. I've always hated the hump on my nose as well as the elongated tip and my surgeon gave me a beautiful profile. My surgeon, Dr. Hall, went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with my results. He truly believes in making his patient happy.


Dr. Lee's staff is very friendly and professional, and they made the visits to his practice pleasant and straightforward. I appreciate their work as much as I appreciate his. Amazing team.Dr. Lee's work speaks for itself. People tell me my nose looks great and I shrug and tell them I wish I could take credit!I think this process went as smoothly as possible in every way. Not that I have much basis for comparison, but really, it was easy and I'm thrilled with the results. I should have done this years ago.I am very happy to recommend Dr. Lee to anyone who's looking for a talented surgeon.


Dr Sherman and his team made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole procedure and were very professional. More confidence and better feel about my overall appearance


Overall I would say Dr Mostoe and staff went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable about choosing this procedure and their expertise to make me feel confident that would be in good hands. I highly recommended them to many of my family and friends.The whole staff feels like family and I feel this is very important to anyone who has to make a decision on choosing a qualified medical team


The best thing about the entire experience was the care that everyone in the office gives you, and the way they treat you with extreme respect. . I was highly satisfied with the entire experience. The pre op, surgery, and post op expectations not only met my expectations, but exceeded them. Great work from the entire staff, especially the surgeon. Now I am very happy with the result, and confident with myself.


I was shocked at how easy it all was. Should have done this years ago.


Everyone was so very nice and professional making sure I was ok before the surgery and after the surgery !!! They really are amazing ! The fact that I have my nose back and it’s much better than before


I never thought that my surgery going to be that fast recovery and very good result and Im satisfied with my experience becouse I got to know Docter Patel he's one akind .

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