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Rhinoplasty surgery can improve the size, shape, appearance and proportion of the nose, or correct breathing problems associated with the nose. 

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Rhinoplasty Reviews (963)

If someone were to break your nose and rebuild it, it better be Dr. Paul Nassif. I wouldn't trust anyone else to do so. He had delivered a result even better that I expected. My goal photo that I showed him looked not as good as my result. He really understands your face and cares what you ask him, listens carefully, not even speaking how much time he spends to make sure you have a natural looking result! I'm impressed how dedicated he is as a doctor and how caring he is as a person. So lucky to have him as my doctor. Highly recommend!!!


I would recommend Dr. Wolf to anyone. I was nervous about having nose surgery because I did not want to look like a different person, yet I wanted to get rid of my bump. I did not live in Florida at the time so my first consult with Dr. Wolf was over video call and even then, I felt extremely comfortable booking my surgery date. Dr. Wolf listened to exactly what I was looking for and he gave me his professional input telling me exactly what he could and could not do. The actual surgery was less than an hour and a half long and the recovery period was very quick! Dr. Wolf and his staff made me feel very comfortable and informed throughout the entire process. I am so glad I chose to have nose surgery with Dr. Wolf.


Dr. Wolf is the best at what he does. I really believe he’s mastered rhinoplasty. He’s extremely nice and cares so much about his patient’s experience and happiness. I am pleased with my results and happy that I have a friend and advisor for future facial treatments.


The staff and Dr. were extremely patient with me, and were super helpful before and after my surgery. I felt very cared for. Before my surgery, the staff walked me through what to expect and even waited on me while I was struggling to give a urine sample - I didn’t feel rushed or stressed. They even played my favorite song in the room before I was out and we’re very gentle with me after I woke up!


Dr. Hall exceeded my expectations! My nose tip was very asymmetric after a primary surgery, and Dr. Hall not only corrected the asymmetry but also gave me a beautiful bridge. The surgery was easy and recovery was much easier than I was expecting. The nurses were as kind as they could be. Dr. Hall knew what I wanted and needed before I told him.


Dr. Bartlett is extremely professional, kind and confident. He has an honest yet reassuring way with patients. We felt very well cared for by him and his staff.


Dr. Duncan and her team delivered the natural and beautiful results I was seeking. She understood the feature I was discussing and communicated a plan to refine that feature. Dr. Duncan even encountered unknown damage during surgery within one side of my nasal cartridge and was able to "reconstruct" my nose evenly and beautifully! Her expertise and experience was key to such great results. Dr. Duncan is honest and straightforward. She explains thoroughly what you need to do to have the best results possible. My expectations were not only met but exceeded! I was truly brought to tears in seeing my final result. Thank you Dr. Duncan!


Dr. Romanelli took a lot of care and attention to my concerns. My nose looks Great! I am very happy with my results!!


Dr. Nassif repaired 4 prior rhinoplasties that were beyond disappointing with some of the top plastic surgeons in the U.S. They were not able to give me a nose that went with my face and worse, the 4th procedure left the tip of my nose soft and I hated any photograph taken of me. I now feel confident, and happy. I do not cringe when I have to Facetime or be photographed. His neck lift was more like a facelift. I was carded at the age of 55 for the first time since the last time when I was 29 years old! Dr. Nassif is brilliant at what he does. The very best!


Didn't spend any time with me. No details provided on the surgery or the new looks of the nose.


I have reviewed this doctor’s previous work for rhinoplasty and was very impressed. He takes his time with you during your consult and is very informative regarding your surgery. My expectations were met and I am very happy. I feel more comfortable with my profile and feel prettier.


Great staff, and caring doctor.


Dr. Pearlman is definitely the best of the best & his whole staff are beyond helpful & accommodating. Natural & exactly what I wanted.


Dr. Duncan is the best! She listens to everything you have to say and is able to explain everything in a way that is completely understandable. There was no pain at all afterwards, which was surprising so it was a very good experience.


Appearance is disappointing.


Dr. Wolf and all of his staff were so kind and patient. Highly professional atmosphere and Dr. Wolf has the best bed side manner. He is truly wonderful.


Dr. Smith was great. I had a septoplasty and a rhinoplasty done and I could not be more satisfied with my results. I went in to remove a hump bump and reduce my bulbous nose. I did not want a dramatic change, something minimal that still looked natural and he did exactly that. I feel like a better version of myself. No one noticed a difference which is what I wanted but in photos or I personally could notice the change. The best thing about my experience at the office is that I never felt worried or unsafe.


I love the results! Dr. Mays and the staff were very knowledgeable and kind! [Single best thing is...] The results!! Also, the recovery wasn't nearly as bad as I anticipated.


Professional, responsive, helpful team


I could not be happier with how beautiful my nose turned out. After I broke my nose 15+ years ago, I have struggled with my breathing and I have hated looking in the mirror and seeing how broken and disfigured the shape of my nose was. Now, when I look in the mirror I see the person I always thought I would look like if it was fixed, I feel beautiful! The single best thing was the PERFECT result I received.

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