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Cosmetic Surgery:

Scar Revision

93.8% Patient Satisfaction based on 344 ratings

Scar revision surgery can reduce the appearance of scares caused by injury, wounds or from previous surgeries.

based on 344 ratings
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Scar Revision Reviews (173)

The revision looks so much better now after Dr. Mason's revision surgery. He fixed the indention where my old belly button was and made it even with the rest of my abdomen. He also made an effort to pull by current belly button down a bit and it now looks like normal. I am very happy with my results.


My scar had a little double roll yet and Dr. Leppink smooth it out better [Single best thing is...] Dr. Leppink was very talkative during the procedure and kept me calm.


Dr. Sherrick was very professional and did wonderful surgery. I had issues with mastectomy. His staff was great, especially Robin.


Excellent surgeon, Brahme. Everyone in office is courteous and knowledgeable. [Single best thing is...] I felt I was in the best hands possible.


The quality of the procedure and the delicacy with which it was done. Results were much better than expected.


I felt fully prepared by Dr. Mason and his staff on what to expect during and post surgery. Everything was clear from payment, to surgery date, to post op care. I felt extremely comfortable with the entire staff. I am so thrilled with my results and am healing amazing!


Dr. Sinno is an intelligent and incredibly skilled surgeon. A few months ago he performed skin graft surgery on my face, and knowing how upset and frightened I was, he was such a calming influence and did an amazing job repairing my face. I think however, what impresses me the most with Dr. Sinno, is that he lends the confidence and reassurance that I really need. I've recently had a consultation with Dr. Sinno for a face lift, and I've decided to move forward with it. He patiently addressed all my questions and concerns and I know he again, will do a magnificent job. He also said he will check on me in the evening after my surgery, which is very comforting. I'm really grateful he's my doctor.


Dr. Rachel Streu was so kind during the consultation. She really seemed to know her stuff, and I did a bunch of research on her beforehand. She performed the surgery very well and pretty quickly, and it looks so good and much better than before. She’s also really accommodating and has seen me multiple times for follow ups on questions I had regarding my skin.


It was a very easy procedure. No real pain. Easy recovery and better than expected result.


Dr. Stephens is highly professional and skilled, the best surgeon in Seattle. Exceeded my expectations.


I am satisfied with my results so far, as I'm still in the healing process. What I truly liked was the staff before, during and after my surgery. The nurses were so nice and made everything more comfortable for me. This meant a lot!


The staff was great, and so nice.They answered all my questions and were very helpful with explaining pre and post op expectations and instructions. They even took the time to help me with my FMLA paper work. Dr. Egrari was amazing. He took time to really talk to me and understand what I wanted. He didn’t pressure me in any way, or try and “up sale ” extra procedures. He didn’t rush the apt and walked me through every step and expectation. I would recommend him and his staff to anyone looking to get plastic surgery.


The staff is caring and considerate. They keep you very comfortable and calm during the prep and procedure and are quick to answer all of your questions. Dr. Ashby is very thorough and really takes the time to make sure everything is done correctly. He is also very kind and considerate. I wouldn’t go to anyone else!


He took my case when a few other plastic surgeons wouldn't. He was kind and understood that I wanted the procedure. He helped me achieve the goal of minimizing the appearance of the scar.


Professionalism of staff. Pre and post operative appointments. Fantastic results.


Dr. Mays has great bedside manor, is very fast and does great work.


Dr. Revis really took the time to make the scar revision as flawless as possible.


I have been a patient of Dr. Revis for many years. I had to have Breast Implant revision and scar revision and he is amazing. I highly recommend Dr. Revis


Everyone seems sincerely interested in the best possible outcome. It is very impressive.


Dr. Wolin has taken me on a journey with the best outcome. From the first consult he was very honest, listened and has the best bedside manners. After the procedure he will have many follow-ups. He is a doctor you can trust. Dr. Wolin strives for the best outcome and will continue care, for you to achieve your goal.

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