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Cosmetic Surgery:

Scar Revision

94% Patient Satisfaction based on 368 ratings

Scar revision surgery can reduce the appearance of scares caused by injury, wounds or from previous surgeries.

based on 368 ratings
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Scar Revision Reviews (192)

Dr. Kelly repaired part of my scar and left it perfect, in 2 months I will repair the other part...he is an excellent doctor. I feel very happy for the results.


No problems; explained procedure clearly, procedure went well. Post procedure exams no problem.


Beautiful job. Invisible stitches. Kind patient manner. Good explanation for what could be done but did not need to be done. I am grateful.


Excellent surgeon with a caring attitude. The staf was friendly and very supportive.


Dr. Ashby worked magic, my results are beautiful, I couldn’t be happier. My only regret is not having the procedure done early. He’s truly an artist, I keep getting compliments on his work.


You and your amazing staff have made me feel more comfortable than any other medical practice I’ve ever been involved with. Thank you. Thank you for your expertise, your compassion, your laughter, your ability to explain each procedure and basically for caring. It shows. Of course I guess the most important thing about a procedure would be the results. You took a messy scar on my face and made it 100% better, thank you....and somehow, you made it fun.


Deep laser burns (from another plastic surgeon) he had burned 2 holes on the right side of my nose and 3 holes on the left side of my nose. I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Barone's procedures in which he cut the holes out and then stitched me up, now my nose looks normal. Dr. Barone also helped my mental status by making me feel comfortable and safe. Thank you Dr. Barron!


I was seen very timely from the time I called to make an appointment. Dr. Grunwald and her staff could not be any nicer. I am very satisfied was the work that was done. [Single best thing is...] How comfortable everyone made me feel.


Great friendly and caring staff. Very pleased with my results. Would absolutely recommend his services.


Dr. Layliev is a patient physician who listens and is interested in all your concerns. He helps to reassure any or all your anxieties in a very knowledgeable way. The results of his work is very positive. I would highly recommend him. The office staff is welcoming, competent and friendly which makes the total experience very pleasant and comfortable.


My scar revision is not yet complete- and the future is unknown- but my human experience with staff has been outstanding. For that I will be forever grateful.


The office was attractive and clean, the staff was very friendly and helpful, and the doctor was on time and very reassuring.


My concerns were addressed professionally and with compassion. Dr. Bajaj did excellent work repairing my scar. I have healed quickly and without complications.


Procedure explained in detail. Efficiency of staff. Post-op instructions explained in detail.


Laser provider extremely knowledgeable on treatment techniques.


My pre-patient appointment was done right before my surgery so I was not well informed of what I should do before my procedure (I.e. stopping meds, no eating etc.).


I had been unhappy with my lines for many years and Dr. Wolf cut them out and made them much less noticeable. [Single best thing is...] I look much better and my chin looks more normal.


I was very self conscious about a large scar on my face. I would not socialize like I used to prior to my injury causing the scar. Now nothing can stop me from going out, socializing and having my picture taken. The best thing about my procedure is having my self confidence back.


Very efficient and knowledgeable staff. Very considerate of my needs as a patient.


The revision looks so much better now after Dr. Mason's revision surgery. He fixed the indention where my old belly button was and made it even with the rest of my abdomen. He also made an effort to pull by current belly button down a bit and it now looks like normal. I am very happy with my results.

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