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82.6% Patient Satisfaction based on 104 ratings

SculpSure® is a non-invasive laser treatment that removes stubborn body fat from the abdomen and flanks. SculpSure on average takes about 25 minutes without downtime. Over time, these damaged fat cells are naturally absorbed and removed from the body, with results seen as quickly as six weeks and more complete results seen in about 12 weeks

based on 104 ratings
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SculpSure® Reviews (34)

I was satisfied with my outer thighs and flanks. I was very unhappy with the results on my inner thighs and abdomen. When showed the before and after side by side, I was having difficulty telling the difference. I paid a significant amount of money for some real results and this procedure fell very flat for me. It has left me wondering if I should have done a different procedure or gone somewhere else. BUT I did have a great experience with Giovanni and all the staff. No complaints there. I am very very regretful that I paid the extra money to get discounted procedures for the year. I wish I would not have done that. I am currently looking to try and get the rest of the results I want through Groupon because I can't spend another several thousand.


Yes, Khan is a good nurse practitioner. Very capable, and did not cause any bruising or pain. [Single best thing is...] No Pain, and he went over the visible effects of my prior treatment. He is a very good at whatever he does. He is professional as well as calming.


Everything went as smoothly and as quickly as possible. [Single best thing is...] The relaxing environment


At this point in my recovery I do not find that the results are worth the price paid for the procedures.


My first appointment for sculpture was more painful than any of us expected. The staff was gracious about me taking time to reschedule my second series. In fact they divided my remaining sculpture treatments into individual sessions so that I could easily and comfortable handle the experience. I appreciated and tolerated their suggestion so much


The results of my recent procedure are not complete yet. Dr. Gartside went out of her way to be accommodating to me and I appreciated that. I had a single procedure on my back and I was very pleased with results.


I didn't really feel like I got the results I wanted. While I think Dani Is an incredibly sweet girl and I really enjoyed her company, I don't really feel like she was very knowledgeable. I never saw before or after photos to show my progress, but from my own experience it was kind of a waste of money.


Staff very friendly and I was prepared for the procedure. I had SculpSure done in the office. The procedure was very painful but I did tolerate it. I will go back in two months for Second treatment. The doctor and her assistant checked on me throughout treatment and encouraged me through the experience. Left feeling drained.


Dr did not keep the appointment time, no one call me to reschedule it. I traveled 30 min to get there.


Meg was very professional Explained everything as we went along


Not enough time has elapsed to know how well the sculptSure treatment has worked for me but the staff, all of them, have been fantastic. Fast, painless, pleasant staff.


Very satisfied All questions were answered I felt at ease during the process Friendly staff from the moment I walked in the door


I haven't noticed any difference at all. I hope my 2nd scheduled procedure produces some results. Coco is very kind and put me at ease.


Meg was wonderful. She explained the procedure very well during the consultation and was able to answer any questions I had. During the procedure, she explained what she was doing and what I should expect following treatment. She was going on vacation but gave me her cell phone number in case I had any questions or needed to speak with her for any reason. I am hoping for good results but won't know for five more weeks.


Week 2 and I am seeing results!!! FELICIA!!!!She was WONDERFUL! I wanted to give up 13 minutes in and she wouldn't let me. She knew I would be happy if I just finished, and she was correct!!!!


Not a lot of time to do the procedure. The staff was pleasant & helpful. Yes. Because I had no change at all in appearance of the area. I was told in might take a couple of months,so I'm still waiting


I have been a patient of Dr. Fortes for s while and he understands my requests. I have been completely satisfied with the results.


I will not know the results of my procedure until 3 months after it.


Every patient should have some form of interaction with the supervising physician during their visit. Seems more legitimate and trustworthy.


You have a great staff. Meg is exceptional and I would recommend your office to my friends without hesitation. I had two procedures (SculpSure and Ultherapy) that take a number of weeks or months to see results. I will not know my satisfaction with the results for a bit more time. However, both procedures were expertly done by Meg. Meg is the ultimate professional and I am certain that the results wil be excellent because of Meg's experience.

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