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Septoplasty is a surgical procedure that corrects a deviated nasal septum.

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Septoplasty Reviews (17)

Personable and skillful surgeon and staff. In spite of the miscommunication mentioned before, my surgeon approached the procedure with a focus on being less invasive. Unfortunately, I will need a second surgery to reach my desired outcome.


Dr. Escadero was extremely professional, efficient and thorough. The outcome was better than I had expected.


the outcome of the surgery was not what i hoped for. the surgeon and his team were amazing & did everything they could have to provide wonderful care.


It was a very delicate procedure that I knew few were willing to take on. Dr. O'Daniel never once made me feel like he wasn't up to the task to perform the surgery successfully. He and his staff were very professional and thoughtful when it came to answering any of my questions and making me feel comfortable with my decision to have the septoplasty done. The results were incredible. For years I could never fully breathe through my nose, and after the surgery I finally could. I never expected how dramatic of a difference the surgery would make.


My nose is not healing as it should be. Because of that I'm not sure exactly how the surgery went. I was also not told that I would lose my sense of smell for 3 to 6 months, which would've been nice to know.


the support from the doctor after the surgery. Dr. Escudero is fantastic and always available when I needed him. I had some issues after surgery and he took care of them for me. I love that when I go to my appointments he is always on time or early!


my main issue is that I broke my nose 4 times playing sports and had troubles breathing. I didn't realize how bad the issue was until I had this procedure. Dr Hail did a great job and explained everything so that I could understand.


I feel like Dr. Nassif treated me like a close friend. Very excellent and caring physician. Everything was explained properly


The staff was amazing.. and a lot of fun! This procedure changed my life! In 1983, I had a roll-over car accident that ended up in facial laserations and a severly broken nose (no seatbelt). In 1988, the nose was cosmetically corrected by another local plastic surgeon and the results were wonderful. However, many years later (10+), I started to notice breathing issue when I slept. I was told I had become a significant snorer. As the years progressed, I started to actually wake myself up many times over the course of the night. Eventually, I would sleep 8 hours and wake up feeling exhausted and often with a sore throat from snoring so hard. I would have to take naps almost daily to get over my lingering exhaustion and general lack of energy. It wasn't until I heard a faint whistling sound coming through my left nostril that Iy finally decided it was time to do something about it. Some suggested a C-Pap Machine, but I refuse to use one because I would not consider myself highly overweight.. I am a big guy @ 6'2 234lbs. but I am active and hardly sedinatary. I visited Dr. Singer and knew before he even examined me what he was going to say.... he looked at me and said, [name], you are at least 90% blocked in your left nostril. This is a health issue and needs to be addressed". I booked my appointment that day for a few weeks later.This procedure changed my life. I have tons of energy and have a much happier demeanor. It wasn't the easiest recovery, but I would do it 3 times over and pay double to have it done. I feel like I was given a small drink from the fountain of youth..... I am totally serious! "


I liked the surgeon, he was very kind. Everyone in the office was super. I HAD VERY FEW QUESTIONS AS MOST ALL OF THE INFO I NEEDED WAS PROVIDED TO ME VERY EFFICIENT.


This procedure has changed my everyday life in so many ways. I now sleep better at night and as a result I am not as tired during the day. My husband says I no longer snore at night due to the fact I am no longer a mouth breather". I can exercise longer without feeling like I'm going to suffocate, which used to cause anxiety during my workouts. My trainer at my gym has noticed a change in my attitude and I have more energy and as a result my physical shape has changed for the better. ". I am extremely happy with my ongoing septoplasty recovery. I can't even begin to express what a difference it has made for me. After my second week of returning to my gym and doing minimal exercising I dropped 12 pounds. My trainer at the gym, who is also the owner, remarked he could see a difference in my coloring and felt it was due to getting more oxygen in my body. I realize now how much I was struggling just trying to get into good physical shape. I did not know how much I couldn't breathe before until I see how much I can breathe better now. In addition, I seem to no longer suffer from sinus pressure headaches that I would normally get just before rainstorms, and we've had quite a few in the last month. I just feel so much better than I did before my surgery!


I can breathe better. The Staff was very professional and the surgeon explained everything clearly.I highly recommend him


I'm much more confident Great Doctor and staff, went beyond the call of duty


Professional and courteous staff.


I met a lot of people the day of- surgery site staff, surgeon's staff/assistants, the anesthesiologist and her staff/assistants. Every single person was friendly and professional.


The Staff was so informative, kind and professional. They were so amazing that they actually answered so many of my questions before I had to even ask them! This was my 3rd septum surgery and first septorhinoplasty. With that said it should have been my most difficult recovery and it was by far the easiest of the three!Dr. Karam, is an artist of the subtle change that makes a huge difference (:Thank you!


Dr. was fantastic. Great communicator and surgeon.