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95.4% Patient Satisfaction based on 43 ratings

Septoplasty is a surgical procedure that corrects a deviated nasal septum.

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Septoplasty Reviews (28)

Dr. Chung was incredibly thorough and the end results are perfect, especially compared to experiences friends have had with the same procedure but different doctors. He has designed his own recovery protocol which is far less painful and traumatic - no scraping, all soothing. From start to finish, Dr. Chung is state-of-the-art and the overall experience was far less uncomfortable for my daughter than we had been warned about and expected. We loved Dr. Chung's mantra: A wet nose is a healthy nose, is a happy nose.


The rhinoplasty aspect looks great and I’ve gotten many compliments. Dr. Patel was able to fix the problem that occurred after the procedure efficiently. He made me feel very comfortable as I was very nervous about the procedure. Dr. Patel’s bedside manner was incredible. I was very nervous and he put my mind at ease.


[Highly satisfied with] The personal level of care, physician accessibility, professionalism and aftercare.


Office and staff are amazing. The are always working with my unpredictable military schedule to ensure my visit.


I am able to breathe better and my new structure of my nose softens my face profile.


Dr. Patel was very personable in caring for my situations. He listened to my concerns and made sure I felt at ease with how the procedure would be done. The surgery process was fairly quick and easy.


I had no bruising or pain after surgery. Just mild discomfort. I was able to breath better immediately.


I am satisfied with my procedure, however, I am in hopes that doctor Patel will revise some small problem areas and I am sure that once completed I will be extremely pleases with my overall look.


We Love Dr. Mustoe...He has been our Doctor for over 21 years... This time I brought my son to correct his breathing and he did a fabulous job as usual.


Doctor was honest and easy to work with and my nose looks and functions great, no complications.


Dr. Patel, worked with me to get exactly what I needed. He was willing to listen and figure out what was going on with my nose. He was always very accommodating because of the distance and drive time for me to make appointments.


Dr Patel is well regarded in his field which was of utmost concern for me. My wife and I are both healthcare professionals for over thirty years so researching physicians is quite easy for us and Dr Patel seemed to be at the top of his field and my experience with him proved we were correct and, quite frankly, impressed by his abilities as well as his staff. We tend to look for the best candidate for providing our healthcare and are not particularly interested in their personalities however Dr Patel and his staff are extremely warm and friendly. Thanks you for your good work, Dr Patel.


I like the way my nose looks post surgery. I am breathing much better also. The septoplasty helped my nose reshape itself and I remember this is the way it looked prior to my surgery. I am very pleased with the results, and the overall ease in breathing.


Personable and skillful surgeon and staff. In spite of the miscommunication mentioned before, my surgeon approached the procedure with a focus on being less invasive. Unfortunately, I will need a second surgery to reach my desired outcome.


Dr. Escadero was extremely professional, efficient and thorough. The outcome was better than I had expected.


the outcome of the surgery was not what i hoped for. the surgeon and his team were amazing & did everything they could have to provide wonderful care.


It was a very delicate procedure that I knew few were willing to take on. Dr. O'Daniel never once made me feel like he wasn't up to the task to perform the surgery successfully. He and his staff were very professional and thoughtful when it came to answering any of my questions and making me feel comfortable with my decision to have the septoplasty done. The results were incredible. For years I could never fully breathe through my nose, and after the surgery I finally could. I never expected how dramatic of a difference the surgery would make.


My nose is not healing as it should be. Because of that I'm not sure exactly how the surgery went. I was also not told that I would lose my sense of smell for 3 to 6 months, which would've been nice to know.


the support from the doctor after the surgery. Dr. Escudero is fantastic and always available when I needed him. I had some issues after surgery and he took care of them for me. I love that when I go to my appointments he is always on time or early!


my main issue is that I broke my nose 4 times playing sports and had troubles breathing. I didn't realize how bad the issue was until I had this procedure. Dr Hail did a great job and explained everything so that I could understand.