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Sinus Surgery

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Sinus surgery is done endoscopic and may be done to remove small amounts of bone or other material blocking the sinus openings or to remove growths.

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Sinus Surgery Reviews (15)

The Dr and his staff were very professional, informative and helpful. I do not get the extreme headaches I was getting on a daily basis anymore.


Dr. Escudero is competent, thorough, and compassionate. Breathing and sleeping are easier.


No more nose bleeds. Dr. Escudero is a highly trained ENT surgeon who is fantastic. His people skills are superb. I would recommend him highly.


Don’t have to worrie about untimely nose bleeds. Very professional and understanding of my situation. The procedure help stop the nose more than normal bleeds.


We have been with Dr escudero for a long time and we're never disappointed Can breathe more


The personal care and attention to detail, friendliness of staff at the office and surgical center, complete instructions prior to and after the surgery.Dr Escucero and his staff are the epitome of professionalism and compassionate patient care. I can breathe clearly again!


Ronald treated me like I was his brother. Very comfortable. Breathing is Good! Didn't know how much I missed it.


I was very satisfied with Dr. Escuedero. He had to refer me to a neurosurgeon. Haven't had that appt. yet. Scheduled in September. When I got my CT scan results back on my chartmy husband and I both panicked and called your office after hours. Dr. Escuedero called us right back and put our mind at ease. He is a very caring, kind hearted human being. I would refer the whole world to him.


I stopped snoring, I really was extremely loud and snored throughout the night. I no longer snore. The whole process from start to finish was explained Warts and all" by Dr. Escudero and the fantastic staff which helped me prepare for the surgery with realistic expectations. The staff helped navigate the insurance minefield with great expertise. I am very grateful that I took the recommendation of Dr.Escudero and had the procedure he advised, It has worked 100% and I no longer keep my wife awake every night through my snoring. I also lost over 20 pounds after the recovery."


I have had a lot of sinus problems, including polyps. The surgery has improved my breathing and reduced the number of isinus infections overall. . The level of care and compassion Dr. Escudero and his office provided before, during and after my surgery exceeded all of my expectations. Dr. Escudero always goes above and beyond when it comes to patient care. He is positively the best sugeon I have ever had!


I was just highly satisfied with the outcome. I can breath a whole lot better now.


Everyone involved seemed to me at least gave a darn. Makes alot of difference.Thanks to all of you.


I can breath better than I ever have!! the doctor and the staff were great. the doctor exceeded my expectations of being able to breather better and to help my sleep. snoring is gone and I can sleep much better and will never need my c-pap machine again


I have been able breathe at a higher capacity and overall experience has been increased. Dr. Escudero was a highly skilled surgeon who made me feel comfortable with what procedure was being performed. No complications and results were as expected.


An exceptional medical experience. Very professional, knowledgable and an expert in his field. I have no sinus issues whatsoever.