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Skin Cancer Check

95% Patient Satisfaction based on 363 ratings

As a general rule, dermatolgiest suggest getting yearly skin checks to spot either melanomas or non-melanoma skin cancers (such as basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma), check for any new moles or growths, and look at all existing growths to see if they begin to grow or change in any way.

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Skin Cancer Check Reviews (148)

Appointments occur on time and efficient.


The staff was courteous and professional


I have been a patient of Dr. Martins even before he joined Belcara. My husband and I keep returning because we like his knowledge, is professional demeanor, his kind and caring manner. Belcara is a little out of the way but well worth the drive. [Single best thing is...] The reassurance from Dr. Martins that precancerous lesions are not necessarily cancer


Dr. Martins is very thorough, takes his time, and offers advice.


I'm always very happy with Dr. Martins. I feel confident in his opinions


Dr. Martins has been taking care of my skin needs for many years even at his previous location before joining Belcara. I have had a number of skin cancers, but feel confident that Dr. Martins is keeping a close watch on my skin to catch any growths before they become even more serious. He takes a very professional approach to my skin care, but luckily his demeanor and sense of humor puts a human touch to my medical needs. If there could be such a thing as enjoying a visit to the doctor's office a visit with Dr. Martins is simply that.


Always an excellent experience.


I'm always satisfied with Dr. Martins. He's been my Dermatologist for 23 years. [Single best thing is...] Security knowing I have no cancerous or pre cancerous lesions.


Like and trust Dr. Martins. No skin cancer detected.


Confidence in Erin's professional decision and skill to complete a procedure, talking me through each step and following up with results on a timely manner.


[Single best thing is...] Losing the skin blemishes. Unlike dental appts. which terrify me, dermatology appts. usually leave me cold. Dr. Martins is a good man and knows dermatology, but I have never experienced a dermatology appt., regardless of the physician, that left me feeling comforted by the experience. I always wonder why dermatology patients aren't literally placed on a conveyor belt and run through the appt. acccordingly. In other words, a comment on the dermatology field in general, not on Dr. Martins. SORRY, but you asked.


My provider listened, was responsive, and gave what I deem to be a good recommendation.


The follow up test results came back very fast. The office was on top of communicating with me. The removal spot on my face literally disappeared without a trace. Office staff is always tops and makes every visit without stress


Felt I got thorough information. Felt I am now connected to a dermatologist that I can follow up with in the future.


I have complete confidence in Dr. Martins. He came highly recommended and his professionalism was on full display. My treatment was consistent with what I understand about sun damage and I have been pleased with the results.


[Single best thing is...] Peace of mind that all concerns were dealt with and a relationship with the practice was established. [highly satisfied] For all the reasons posed in the questions/statements.


Went in for initial consultation and Dr Turner suggested if I had time that day he would remove spot and send away for pathology testing, which I did. Received pathology tests following week and removal of stitches. Great outcome.


Yes, everything was professional and appropriate. The quality of care


There was very little wait time. The staff was polite and professional. The doctor explained everything in a way that I could comprehend. Finding a good doctor who could help me with some possible skin cancer lesions on my face.