Skin Cancer Check

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As a general rule, dermatolgiest suggest getting yearly skin checks to spot either melanomas or non-melanoma skin cancers (such as basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma), check for any new moles or growths, and look at all existing growths to see if they begin to grow or change in any way.

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Skin Cancer Check Reviews (138)

Everything was good! Dr Martin is very professional and knowledgeable able his practice. He truly shows care for his patients.


Carolyn is always personable and engaged and never seems rushed.


Jennifer and staff have been super attentive and thorough! Genuine compassion and understanding my concerns


the biopsy was benine. professional, courteous and efficient.


Dr. Martins is TERRIFIC! I've been a patient of his for several years now. I've noticed, however, that it's much harder to get appointments than it used to be since he joined BelCara. Also -- I was not aware that if a patient arrives more than 5-minutes late, their appointment is cancelled (I arrived six minutes late, was asked to wait in the waiting area for 7-8 minutes, and then told I couldn't be seen because each appointment is only 15-minutes long).


Compared to others who have had procedures at other facilities my scar looks the best. 3 person to look at my scarring. They did not even know where to look


Everyone was so thorough, well organized and caring. God bless! My visits were to remove precancerous growths. It's reassuring to know that a good plan is in place to do further checkups, and take care of further such procedures, if needed.


Quick in and out. Dr. Martins explains everything


Professionals acting and performing as Professionals.


Felt individual care for my wellbeing.


The treatment was professional and skillfully done It removed a possible cancer cell


Dr Potozkin's knowledge and training. Dr Potozkin always gives me truly exceptional patien care


they were negative for skin cancer. I love Dr. Busquets and I believe this is my 3rd or 4th year coming to her. Once I get to see her, I am very happy with her as a dermatologist/care giver. However, first off, I was sent the ability to electronically update my file at 4:45 pm on a Friday and I was unable for the second year in a row to access and update my information and unable to contact anyone as it was the weekend. This should be sent out so that IF I cannot get into the file to update, I can request help vs. having to show up early for my appt to update. Secondly, out of the times I have been there for an appointment, at least 2 have been ridiculously long waits with NO ONE from the staff informing me until I asked. There needs to be better communication between the front and the back, I would have been happy to go run errands and come back an hour later, but for the staff to not even care about MY TIME (Though I will say the only reason I have come back as Dr. Busquets HAS always apologized) and communicate with me is inexcusable. I am a consultant and my time sitting in an appointment is time away from my desk. I happen to know AFTER I went and asked, the nurse did come in and talk to the patients behind me and at least one left angrily. Also, there is no reason the nurse who is needed to expedite seeing patients is the one that had to take time to come back, when there were two women at the front desk that did not look terribly busy. I do feel like being sent to that back waiting room (which there were 6 or 7 of us in there at one time) makes everyone UNAWARE of wait times. NEEDS to be a better system put in place. The only reason I didn' t check DISSATISFIED is because I do think Dr. Busquets is fantastic.


Professionalism, friendly staff, a very pleasant doctors office Dr Potozkin's knowledge, professionalism and personal connection with me


Yes, Dr. Martins is an excellent physician and I feel reassured after each visit


Explained problem Tested for results Negative test results Explained care after Test Professional. Care Test results quick Professional explanation After procedure


Dr. Martins is fabulous. Thorough, yet efficient exam; minor procedure performed without incident. Office is basically paperless, which makes everything much simpler. Skin tag is gone!


Every person - from receptionist to check out was pleasant & professional. I received a call back within the time frame I was told & there is very little wait time in the waiting room.


Caroline was very professional and fast with the appointment. The peace of mind of getting a mole removed.


Dr. Martins did biopsy on my first visit on my back. I expected him to not agree with what I thought it was, but he did - plus he was more than willing to research the treatment for this, which until recently had none. I came back for a full body scan, and results of biopsy. He explained what I could do - professional, empathetic, very knowledgeable doctor. I made appt for return scan for next year. Very satisfied with the staff, location...........and of course my treatment. Never had a full body scan for cancer - it was about time. I am glad I met Dr. Martins and have someone to follow me now, and to go to for any skin problems.