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Vi Peel

86% Patient Satisfaction based on 131 ratings

VI Peel is said to virtually painless and you get younger more youthful looking skin in 7 days. The VI Peel can treat the following skin issues: sun damange, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone to name a few.

based on 131 ratings
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Vi Peel Reviews (34)

Softer skin. Very comfortable setting, friendly and helpful people


My skin looked refreshed and smooth. I was given great information, honest feedback with warm professional care.


I understand that the VI Peel should be done in a series of 4 sessions for optimal results but after my first experience I was weary about continuing with the treatment plan. The aesthetician used a Clarisonic on my skin prior to applying the VI Peel. I was under the impression that it was standard procedure seeing as though this was my first time receiving the service. I followed the after care instructions as directed. My skin was burnt and would not retain moisture. Ispoke to Jennifer via email regarding my concerns. I sent in photos and came in to the office and was given a moisturizer that did not improve the condition of my skin. I was told that my skin was going through the healing process and that what I was experiencing was normal. My face is scarred as a result of receiving this treatment or the mere fact that my skin was mildly exfoliated by the Clarisonic prior to the application of a chemical peel.


This was the best peel I've had. 3 days later my skin was peeling and revealed better skin than I had before. I really like Pualani and it was relaxing for me as well.


Maci did a great job of explaining the vi peel procedure to me. She made sure I was comfortable and had such a pleasant demeanor. The office was beautiful and the staff was always courteous and professional. My areas of hyperpigmentation and scarring were markedly better.


Your office is perfect, really. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. The staff is super friendly and helpful. I have a lot of insecurities about my skin and I felt no anxiety during my time at your office. I am sold and will be a patient for as long as I live in the area. Thank you! My skin has improved - less acne, more even tone. It will take a few more peels, but I can see improvement already.


very satisfied. Will return for future procedures/facials! improve clarity, texture, and youthfulness of facial skin.


Marlene is great. This is my third peel. Has not produced desired result


All very professional and efficient. I feel I am in good hands there. I love the way the peel makes my skin feel softer and younger.


i expected more noticeable results.


Sharon is awesome! She helped me out with my skincare needs and listening to my end goals. I feel I am on the right track with my skin regimine.


It was exactly what I expected! Great results. It was my first time doing a VI Peel and Sharon went over step by step the before and after effects. I can't wait for my second treatment!!!!


cleanliness of facility, professionalism and neetness of staff. my entire face did not peel


I hoped my skin would be less wrinkled, and I had extreme burning the first night


After only having one treatment I noticed a big difference in the pigmentation I was trying to fix. That usually doesn't happen after doing something only once. I love this office. No complaints ever!


Will have to return for second peel She was great , very friendly pleased with her work .


Satisfy with the vi peel, waiting for the laser treatment to the hands and on my nose.


Kathy is very knowledgeable and always explains the procedures I'm having done. She is both extremely friendly and professional.


Because Marlene always knows what she's during and make your appointment enjoyable!


Always looking for more...

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