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89.8% Patient Satisfaction based on 92 ratings

based on 92 ratings
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Walk-In / Urgent Care Reviews (67)

It was quick efficient.


All staff was very friendly and was seen quickly.


everything was very basically explained. Also good treatment plan.


Jessica diagnosed my back pain and got me scheduled for an MRI within a few hours!!


Rapid care, very helpful with explanation of what was suggested. Friendly, personal.


Doctor had x-ray taken however, said it was a muscle pull, heat/cold no mention of how long or meds to take... pain was severe and 2 days later... still unable to lift leg...called and nurse was to call back, didn't happen... I just wanted to know of any exercise to pursue... etc.. not happy.


Urgent Care was technically closed due to Covid. I was in a lot of uncomfortable pain and drove to urgent care. When they saw I was already a patient, they worked me into Dr. Bissell's schedule quite quickly. I was so thankful! He gave me a cortisone shot and I am pain free. Thank you to the Doc and all the staff at Advanced!! [Single best thing is...] Pain free.


Brian Katz is always very helpful. I trust his judgement. He showed me the x-ray picture and put my mind at ease. I've been seeing him for follow-ups after I had the surgery from Dr. Ruark. He's very knowledgeable. I trust both of their knowledge.


Very professional and knowledgeable young man. I went to sit in my chair, but fell off on my left arm and hip. Xrays were taken of my arm, shoulder and hip and showed no broken bones. The xrays were explained to me and I was told to just continue the physical therapy that I was currently taking. Brian was very courteous and pleasant and told me to return if I had any future concerns.


Takes time to [tend to] my condition. [Single best thing is...] The pa/doctor were very attentive.


great visit, explained everything, great staff


I was seen promptly by a surgeon which was more than I expected from an urgent care visit. I was able to get a clear diagnosis and treatment plan.


Wait time was minimal for X-Ray and being seen. I could hardly walk when I got to the office after 24 hours of ice and Advil pain level was 2. Not sure it is sprain knee still clicks on the outside being careful on stairs. PT tomorrow.


No definitive treatment plan for my broken ankle 3 calls and an email later still a vague treatment plan.


She checked my surgical finger carefully. I had stitches taken out, the day before, and had an issue with oozing where repositioned skin and nail meet. She cleaned it up, checked all along the incision, replaced steri strips and bandaged where it oozed. Marci also was very pleasant.


I love the fact that there is an ortho urgent care. So helpful and convenient. Was seen quickly and set up follow up appointment. [Single best thing is...] The fact that I didn't have to go to an ER and was seen by an ortho specialist.


I had an x-ray that Brian Katz said showed a lucency, so he sent me for an MRI and told me he wanted me to follow up with the arm specialist in the practice. The arm specialist doesn't take my insurance and no one scheduled a follow up for me to get my MRI results. I called yesterday to get my MRI results and am still awaiting a call back...


[Single best thing is...] compassion of the doctor. didn't have to wait long. Doctor was nice


I was there because of pain and discomfort in back, side, leg areas. PA was very considerate to my condition and did an xray to help diagnose the problem. The scheduled an MRI the next day, wonderful! Now armed with the test info. I'm ready to address the pain head on. BUT the appointment with Dr. Kruger is scheduled 3 WEEKS out. No pain meds to ease the discomfort, nothing to alleviate the ache and spasms. The test results are available the next day. But now I must WAIT 3 weeks to review them.


Was told to bring my 16 year old to Massachusetts