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Juvéderm® is a hyaluronic acid injectable gel designed for injection into areas of facial tissue where moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds occur to temporarily add volume to the skin, especially around the nose and mouth.

based on 3859 ratings
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Juvederm® Reviews (1009)

The nurse and doctor were very nice and gave great information regarding the service. I love that my under eye doesn't look so sunk in anymore!


totally happy! Dr. O'Daniel is the best!! On two different occasions people told me I looked great and whether I lost weight. Thank you Dr. O"Daniel and great staff.


Lauren was great. Super happy with my results. Experienced injector


Jennifer is informative, professional, and kind. I don't have nice enough things to say about how comfortable she made me feel about the whole procedure. If I ever want to have my lips touched up again, I'll come to her.


I feel like I can always count on Dr. Berardi to give me the exact results I'm looking for. The treatments are painless, and I appreciate the time and patience he puts into every visit to make sure I receive the perfect look. I have even recommended my friends to him! After having lip injections, I look completely natural but yet it's still noticeable.


I felt some of my aging lines were diminished -. Yes


I think it helped somewhat with lines in chin area. I had red spots where injections performed called in and sent pictures by iPhone and no response. Wanted to know if I should put steroid cream or what? No response so ask my GYN


Very professional staff and Dr.Hall has excellent bedside manner. He removed my unattractive mole in seconds and it is healing wonderfully. His PA Brooke did a fantastic job with my Juvaderm. I have lips for the first time in my life! I am much more confident. After over two years of living here I have finally found my East TN surgeon and team! Thank you! Quick procedures, fast recovery.


I was nervous at first with the swelling because mine stuck around for a few weeks but I'm very happy with the results now.


Stacy was fabulous-she made scheduling my appointment very convenient and easy and my appointment went smoother than I even imagined. She made sure I was comfortable and informed and I love my results! I have already scheduled my next appointment with her!


Dr. Larsen was very professional and honest about potential risks of the procedure. He was gentle, and I loved the results


I was highly please with how my lips turned out. Sonya was the one who administered my juvaderm. She was great! I was nervous and she made me feel so comfortable. Everyone in the office was so friendly. I will definitely be a long term patient & recommend all my friends!


I had two different procedures. The first one seemed to go well. The second one - fillers under my eyes did not seem to go as well. I'm going on week 4 and I still have a bruised eye and puffiness. If someone had called me and explained if this was normal, I could understand. But this is my first time so I'm not sure what to expect. Amy did tell me that I would bruise as my skin is fair. I understood that. I didn't understand how long it will last and what my expectations should be.


Very clean and nice-looking office. Very pleasant and helpful staff. Lip injections turned out great.


Every expensive I have with this office is fantastic. Maryanne was very knowledgeable, explained everything to me thoroughly & was very personable.


My lips look fuller & bigger than before I got The procedure done. The staff was amazing.


She was very understanding and did exactly what I was hoping for. I was getting filler removed do to a bad injection. I like that she lifted my cheeks. I may need a bit more and maybe more of the filler removed but it looks so much better then it did.


Tina was so knowledgable abd professional she really listened and made sure I got what I wanted out of the experience


I started out with two great referrals to two different clinics for lip fillers and chose calospa because of the positive attitude and willingness to help over the phone. I believe his name was Michael but I'm sorry if I got your name wrong! He was very informative and helpful. Mary was fantastic checking me in and getting me started with numbing cream. I can see why she is the first to greet you- she's stunning (exemplifies what results you can have with calospa services lol) but she's also just ridiculously sweet that it starts the visit off in a very upbeat way. I brought my laptop with me to study with so I had plenty to do during my wait/numbing time but I can see why others might need a heads up as to how long of a gap there may be between numbing and the actual appointment, especially for a first timer. I've seen Tina twice for lip injections and I cannot say a single negative comment. Her expertise and professionalism is quite obviously the result of years of molding and shaping a top specialist in the industry, but she went above that for me and made personal connections. We talked about my experience with medical school thus far and her son matching for residency- it just felt so natural for me to be there talking to her during the procedure and I did not feel a thing. The cherry on top was getting a medical professional discount at the desk on my way out and I am forever a Calospa client and fan! Thank you for all your great, prompt and friendly services! I will be back.


Dr. Sinno was very helpful, knowledgeable and kind during the procedure. This was my first experience with any lip injections and I got very anxious, Dr. Sinno took his time, gave me chocolate and water to help level me out, and did a great job still completing the procedure successfully for me. I am pleased with the results and would recommend him. I gained the desired results I was seeking out.

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