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Juvéderm® XC

93% Patient Satisfaction based on 4228 ratings

Juvéderm® XC is a hyaluronic acid injectable gel designed for injection into areas of facial tissue where moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds occur to temporarily add volume to the skin, especially around the nose and mouth.

based on 4228 ratings
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Juvéderm® XC Reviews (1126)

Maryanne always takes the time to thoroughly explain what she's doing. She's both professional and personable. I always get a little nervous pre fillers, but she consistently does a great job, while putting me at ease. After multiple sessions I am seeing juvederm lasting much longer than the initial treatments.


Very clean and friendly. Very satisfied with the results. [Single best thing is...] How natural my lips looked.


The lady was super nice and made sure I didn't have too much discomfort


Courtney was very nice and honest. She definitely knows what she is doing!


Meredith is great. She really takes the time to examine me and make sure she is putting the treatment in the correct spot for my face and what I want. It looks very natural.


Paula is great at what she does. She is also very caring. Immediate results noted.


My lips look amazing & im so satisfied with the results! Courtney & Joanna were so nice & explained everything in great detail! They made me feel so comfortable before, during, & after the procedure!


[Single best thing is...] The natural look of the filler. Dr. O'Daniel is the best in my opinion and I recommend him highly to everyone. His team is highly professional and friendly.


Voluma is fantastic! It gives me the fullness I want in my lips without over doing it. Maryann is very knowledgeable about the product line so that I am able to make an informed decision about my treatment needs.


Kristin helps figure out the best plan of action for the ultimate result. I love working with Kristin she is awesome.


Good results [Single best thing is...] Look better


Kristin is so incredible! There is Absolutely no other way I'd rather start my day! I leave the office on Cloud 9 and stay there until I see again her for touch ups.??????? Kristen truly is an injection artist. She is a goddess!


First timer. Consultation was great. Felt very comfortable with Kristin and she made everything go smooth. She heard me out and can't express enough how comfortable I felt especially since I've never had anything done. Will be back!! [Single best thing is...] Procedure was not painful at all and after felt completely happy


I look better! She was very informative and very professional. The results where amazing


I was highly satisfied with the comfort given to me by Sonya. She took her time and explained everything to me in detail. She also talked to me about what was going into my lips and how to take care for the best results. Her gentleness made the procedure go by quickly without any pain [Single best thing is...] The cupids bow Sonya gave me!


I did a lip filler and i was very happy with the results. I did not get any bruises which i always get before with different doc. And most importantly the filler was perfectly distributed, i had a beautiful symtrical look. Everything went smooth from booking the appointment to the final result. Employees were very friendly and helpful. The final result was perfect! Will definitely visit for my next trip to California.


Brittany is very professional, knows her products and does a wonderful job applying them to get the best results. She has my trust, when she recommends procedures and does the work. It is just enough to make a difference, but not so obvious.


I have confidence in Dr Stephens and his recommendations. I was very satisfied except for the fact that it is difficult for me to get to Bellevue and I'm not entirely satisfied with my results.


[Single best thing is...] Fuller lips. It was fantastic. The results did not turn out as even as I would have hoped. I will be returning to attempt to correct it. But nothing major.


Highly satisfied because their staff made my concerns feel heard and understood. They were extremely sympathetic to me and open and friendly. I will definitely go back! I had zero bruising in my lips so I was very happy about that

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